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Subjects term Scope note Results
Cleaners 0
Furniture and appliances (Business and commerce) 0
General stores 0
Ice-houses 0

Use for: Motels

Shopping centres 0
Flower shops 0
Convenience stores 0
Hair salons

Use for: Barbers

Jewellers 0
Automobiles (Business and Commerce)

Use for: Fuel

Banks 0
Food 0
Canada. 117th Battalion (Eastern Townships)

Use for: 117th Battalion

Canada. 13th Scottish Light Dragoons.

Use for: 13th Scottish Light Dragoons

Canada. Royal Canadian Air Force

Use for: R.C.A.F., Royal Canadian Air Force

World War, 1939-1945

Use for: World War II

World War, 1914-1918 (2)

Use for: World War I, Great War, the

Canada. Canadian Army. 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles

Use for: 5th CMR

Volunteer militia units (1) 6
Pre-1914 (military) (2)
  • Term to be used for military units, personnel, and events from the period prior to 1914.
Post-1945 (military)
  • Term to be used for military units, personnel, and events from the period following 1945.
Military (9) 184
Women 498
Family and personal life 583
Children and youth 472
Environment 36
Cultural groups

Use for: Ethnic groups

  • The subject term cultural group should be used with descriptions that relate to individual or groups working towards the preservation of a particular cultural groups or culture community, activities or events promoting the life and values of cultural group(s), movements, initiative, legislation that promotes the existence and participation of diverse ethnic, racial, religious or social groups within larger communities.
First Nations

Use for: Aboriginal, Band councils, Treaties, Abenaki, Iroquois, Aboriginal Peoples, Indigenous peoples, Indians, Métis, Inuit

  • The subject term First nations should be used with descriptions that relate to individuals and communities of first nations ancestry; records pertaining to and/or created by First nations individual, families, bands or agencies, government agencies and treaties, First nations organizations, business, schools, education and issues relating to First nations peoples or history.
Business and commerce

Use for: Companies, Corporations, Businesses, Commerce, Banks, Mercantile activity, Retail businesses, Restaurants

  • The subject term business and commerce should be used with descriptions that relate to commercial and mercantile activity involving the exchange of the commodities, services of financial resources, retail business, services business, banking, individual business owners and operators, business related association and chambers of commerce.
  • DO NOT USE for not-for-profit enterprises
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