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Mountains 0
Rivers 0
Geographic features 635
Majorettes 0
Concerts 0
Singers 0
Bands 0
Choirs 0
Dancers 0
Cultural institutions

Use for: Museums, Art schools, Heritage sites, Libraries, Theatres

Music 0
Musicians 0
Arts visuals 0
Arts and culture
  • The subject term Arts and culture should be used with any descriptions related to visual arts, performing arts, literature, artists, (musicians, actors, visual artists, dancers, writers, architects photographers, etc.), artistic and cultural institutions suchs as foundations, museums, art schools, heritages sites, libraries and archives, art or culture related business or organizations such as book stores, cultural events such as fairs, parades, lecures, festivals, presentations any research or projects rate to arts or culture and professional art and cultural organizations.
Maple syrup industry

Use for: Maple syrup producers

Agricultural organizations 0
Irrigation 0
Public markets

Use for: Farmer's markets

Agricultural exhibitions

Use for: Fairs

Gardening 0
Horticulture 0

Use for: Ranches

Agriculture (1)

Use for: Agribusiness

  • The subject term agriculture should be used with descriptions that relate to agriculture and agricultural related activities. These include but are not limited to irrigation, agricultural fairs, farmer's markets, Irrigation districts, agribusiness (processing, marketing, and shipping), agricultural lobby and professional groups, farming and ranching, horticulture, and gardening.

Use for: Restaurants

Magasins à rayons 0
Fabric (Business and commerce) 0
Clothing (Business and commerce) 0
Hardware stores 0
Pharmacies 0
Printers and stationary 0
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