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Subjects term Scope note Archival description count Authority record count
Architectural elements 14 0
Community life

Use for: Community activities, Community support, Community spirit, Community events, Charitable organizations, Fraternal organizations

  • The subject term Community life should be used with descriptions that relate to community events or organizations, promotions of communities, groups working for the development and/or maintenance of events, services and facilities for community, community spirit and community promotion, fraternal organization, and community activities and events. Communities can exist in towns, municipalities, villages, or neighbourhoods and can be culturally. religiously, camp, or school based.
133 0
Civil protection 0 0
Flora and fauna 2 0
Environment (3) 36 0
Boats 3 0
Transportation and utilities (11) 557 0
Cycling and bike paths

Use for: Bike paths, Bicycles

0 0
Sports, recreation and leisure (13) 481 0
Optometrists 0 0
Health and social services (11)

Use for: Illness

93 0
Cemeteries 0 0
Ceremonies (religious)

Use for: Processions, Cortèges

0 0
Religion (8) 791 0
Youth organizations

Use for: Cadets, Girl Guides, Boy Scouts, Oeuvre des Terrains de Jeux

0 0
Organizations and associations (11) 188 0
Plastics 0 0
Chemical industry 0 0
Paper and packing industry

Use for: Packaging industry

0 0
Industries (12) 375 0
Government (5) 44 0
Death 0 0
Events and celebrations (15)
  • This subject terms should be used for descriptions that relate to weddings, funerals, baptisms, protests and demonstrations, parties including, but not limited to, graduations, anniversaries, centenaries, festivals, fairs, exhibitions, etc., as well as organizations and agencies dedicated to the organization of such events.
349 0
Daycares 0 0
Education (8) 427 0

Use for: Escapes (criminal), Thefts

0 0
Law and justice (7)

Use for: Litigation, Arbitration, Settlements, Criminals, Justice of the Peace

  • The subject term Law and justice should be used with descriptions that relate to structure and activities of law and justice in the province, law enforcement, administrative and support organizations, community service programs, legislation, professional organization and law and justice professionals.
43 0
Telephone 0 0
Printing 0 0
Communications (12)

Use for: Broadcasters, Documentaries, Symbols, Logos, Cable, Publishing

  • The subject term Communications should be used with descriptions that relate to communication professionals and activities including, but not limited to, journalists, broadcasters, documentary film makers, commercial photographers, newspapers magazines, newsletters, radio , television, telephone, cable, documentary film, internet, advertising, printing, publishing, journalism, symbols, logos, flags and communication based professional organizations.
25 0
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