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Canada. 117th Battalion (Eastern Townships)

Use for: 117th Battalion

Events and celebrations

Use for: Parades, Festivals, Exhibitions, Fairs, Concerts, Ceremonies, Royal visits, Protestations, Funerals, Baptisms, Centenaries, Parties, Anniversaries, Weddings, Holidays (provincial and/or national), Sugaring offs parties

  • This subject terms should be used for descriptions that relate to weddings, funerals, baptisms, protests and demonstrations, parties including, but not limited to, graduations, anniversaries, centenaries, festivals, fairs, exhibitions, etc., as well as organizations and agencies dedicated to the organization of such events.
Canada. 13th Scottish Light Dragoons.

Use for: 13th Scottish Light Dragoons

Canada. Royal Canadian Air Force

Use for: R.C.A.F., Royal Canadian Air Force

World War, 1939-1945

Use for: World War II

Canada. Canadian Army. 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles

Use for: 5th CMR

World War, 1914-1918 (2)

Use for: World War I, Great War, the

Volunteer militia units (1) 2
Pre-1914 (military) (2)
  • Term to be used for military units, personnel, and events from the period prior to 1914.
Post-1945 (military)
  • Term to be used for military units, personnel, and events from the period following 1945.
Military (9) 173
Geographic features

Use for: Rivers, Mountains, Landscapes, Lakes


Use for: Municipal government, Provincial government, Federal government, Government buildings


Use for: Politicians, Campaigns, Political parties, Political theory, Political science


Use for: Factories

Natural Resources

Use for: Forests, Mining, Water, Minerals, Oil, Gas, Hydroelectric energy, Solar energy, Thermal energy, Soil, Dams


Use for: Journalism, Broadcasters, Documentaries, Commercial photographers, Symbols, Logos, Newspapers, Radio, Television, Cable, Internet, Advertising, Printing, Publishing, Postal service, Post offices, Postal employees

  • The subject term Communications should be used with descriptions that relate to communication professionals and activities including, but not limited to, journalists, broadcasters, documentary film makers, commercial photographers, newspapers magazines, newsletters, radio , television, telephone, cable, documentary film, internet, advertising, printing, publishing, journalism, symbols, logos, flags and communication based professional organizations.
Health and social services

Use for: Illness, Doctors, Surgeons, Dentists, Nurses, Hospitals, Clinics, Paramedics, Fire and emergency services, Pharmacists, Senior care, Counselors, Social workers, Social services, Therapists


Use for: Students, Teachers, Professors, Schools, High schools, Elementary schools, Colleges, Universities, Kindergarten, School boards


Use for: Floods, Fires, Storms, Railway accidents, Car accidents, Epidemics

Buildings and structures

Use for: Bridges, Churches, Construction, Building management, Statues, Sanctuaries, Monuments, Factories, Hotels, Apartment buildings, Lighthouses

  • The subject term Buildings and structures should be used with descriptions that are related to monuments, statues, shirts, residences, factories, churches, community centres, arenas, jails, hotels, commercial buildings, construction, trestles, building managements and bridges. DO NOT USE when records pertain to functions or activities carried out in/on a building or structure, unless the building and function and function are directly related (ex. hotels - provide accommodation)
Women 438
Family and personal life 459
Religion 631
Sports, recreation and leisure 441
Organizations 176
Children and youth 371
Environment 34
Cultural groups

Use for: Ethnic groups

  • The subject term cultural group should be used with descriptions that relate to individual or groups working towards the preservation of a particular cultural groups or culture community, activities or events promoting the life and values of cultural group(s), movements, initiative, legislation that promotes the existence and participation of diverse ethnic, racial, religious or social groups within larger communities.
Transportation and utilities 442
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