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Shipton, canton de

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Shipton, canton de

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collection William G. Clark

  • CA ETRC P031
  • Collection
  • 1890-2003

La collection témoigne de l’histoire de la région d’Asbestos et du développement de l’industrie de l’amiante aux 19e et 20e siècles ; elle fournit aussi des informations sur la Johns-Manville Corporation. La collection comprend les séries suivantes : Le Citoyen ; Cahiers historiques (1971-1980), Périodiques (Le producteur d’amiante and Johns-Manville News Pictorial), (1948-1976), Photographies ([1897?]-1981), et Documents divers (1940-1971).

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Bell Telephone Company of Canada

The subseries file contains primary source information on the Bell Telephone Company of Canada in Sherbrooke in 1944. It consists of one telephone directory for Sherbrooke and vicinity, dated June 1944. It also includes information for Lennoxville, Asbestos, Ayer's Cliff, Bishopton, Black Lake, Bury, Coaticook, Compton, Cookshire, Danville, Disraeli, East Angus, East Broughton, East Hereford, Garthby, Inverness, La Patrie, Laurierville, Leeds, Lyster, Magog, Marbleton, Megantic, North Hatley, Plessisville, Richmond, Rock Island, St. Ferdinand de Halifax, St. Malo, Sawyerville, Scotstown, Thetford Mines, Victoriaville, Waterville, and Windsor.

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Jeffrey Mines, Asbestos, QC

Item is a photograph of Jeffrey Mines asbestos pit in Asbestos around the 1910s.

The caption reads: "Looking NORTH through the central portion of the open pit. Year 1928 The old Factory in the background, also the A.A.A.A. playgrounds, baseball, football etc. The grandstand on the initi (sic) right. Beyond playgrounds are houses on Poirier Street."

Jeffrey Mine workers in Asbestos

Item is a photograph showing miners at the Jeffrey Mines in Asbestos around 1905.

The caption reads: This is how stripping was done about 1905 and until 1914. Horses hauled dumpcarts which were loaded by hand, to the dump. Sometimes the drivers, mostly young boys employed by the contractor, would back the cart too close to the edge of the dump and when the latch was released and the load did not slide out easily, everything went, load of earth, dumpcart, and the poor old horse. In most cases that was the end of the horse. The harness was stripped off and the horse shot and buried by suceeding loads of earth. Incidentally the "Dirt Dump" was along side of the Danville road just a short distance below the "Square"

In this picture it is possible to see three separate pits. The small cabins on the edge of the pit were for the signal boys. The hoist operator could not see into the pit or even see the platform where the derrick boxes were dumped into the ore cars. so boys were placed where they could be seen by the hoist operator and the men in the pit. They used paddles about the size of a Ping-pong paddle or bat. These were brightly painted, mostly white with a ex red centre like a large target, bull's eye. With these they transmitted signals from the pit crew to the hoistman. There were two boxes to a hoist. While one was being hoisted and emptied the pit gang were loading the second. When they had loaded and hoisted 100 boxes their day was finished. Starting at 6,30 A.M. to 12.00 noon, one hour for lunch, restart 1.00.P.M. until the 100 box was dumped which was anywhere from 1.30 to 3.00 P.M. These same boxes were used to lower and raise the men into and cut of the pit."

Asbestos pit

Item is a photograph showing part of the pit at the mines in Asbestos around 1910.

Men installing new machinery

The caption reads "This picture taken when these men were installing the new machinery in the New Machine Shop, 1913. This shop was used until 1942 when another move was make to a new building on the St George Road. This third machine shop was vacated last year and demolished in this spring 1980."
Front: Clifford Gale, Albert Carneau, Johnny Morris, James Coyle Jr., David Roy. Rear: Bob Williams and Gordon Clark, foreman.

Skating Rink

Pictured here is the skating rink on the corner of St. Aime Street and St. George Street.

The verso reads, "Village of Asbestos as seen from main office / Skating rink in the foreground / Corner of St. Aime and St. George Streets."

Aerial view of the installation

Pictured here is an aerial view of the Johns-Manville installation in Asbestos. The caption reads, " Showing Tailings till in area where ore was drawn through 'Block Caving' in underground mine. Mill #3 Centre foreground.

Aerial view of the mining installations

Aerial view of the different mills used by Canadian Johns-Manville.

The caption reads, "THE C.J.M. CO.LTD. MILIS

As seen from the air.

In the upper right hand corner is the Machine Shop #2 which was vacated in 1942. Nearby are the Main Stores and stores sheds. A little less than top centre is the Shawinigan Water and Power Sub Station. Below that, nearer to the camera is Mill #3 Dryer, Mill #3 and Mill #3 Fibre Storage Shed. Closer to the camera are several large buildings. That in the centre of the picture is Mill 4A. The smaller one at the left is Mill 4 B at the right of these are Mill 4A & 4B Dryers, Plant C Screen Rooms and Plant C Crusher Building."

Group of machinists

Pictured here is a group of machinists
Front: Florian Champoux, Alpherie Jutras, George H. Burns
2nd row: Albert Beliveau, Edourd Spenard
3rd row (standing) Lucien Marchand, Philippe Proulx, Roderick MacKenzie, Verron Carson, gerard Delisle, Harold Lockwood and Joseph R. Houle.

Canadian Johns-Manville snow plow

Item is a photograph of a snow plow owned by Canadian Johns-Manville at Asbestos in 1929 or 1930.

The caption reads: This Float consisted of a Cyclone Collector, Elbows and ки Ductwork and an aspirating Fan all built by the sheet metal workers Alphonse Poirier, foroman. Alfred Lefebvre, Bob Grimard (truck driver) Nova Blais,

Alphonse Poirier, Joseph Lalancette, Shovel repair foreman Edmond Bergeron, (oxy-acetylene burner) with his bottles of gases and his torch. The boy holding the "Cup" is Bertrand Poirier, son of Alphonse. The two young boys are unknown. The two other men on the truck are also not known."

King Street, Asbestos, QC

Item is a postcard showing King Street in Asbestos around the 1910s by photograph V. Dubois. A handwritten caption reads "1924-25 Looking E [east] from centre of 'Square.' Sunday A.M. People going into Post Office." There are people visible on the sidewalks and two motor vehicles.

Laurier Street, Asbestos, QC

Item is a postcard showing a view of Laurier Street in Asbestos around the 1910s. A handwritten caption reads "Looking S.E. [southeast] from centre of 'the Square.'"

Char de la fête du Canada, Asbestos, QC

La pièce est une photographie du char du défilé du Canadian Johns-Manville, Asbestos (actuellement Val-des-Sources), Fête du Canada, 1929, montrant : Alfred Lefebvre, Bob Grimard, Nova Blais, Alphonse Poirier, Joseph Lalancette (à droite, appuyé sur le char), Edmond Bergeron et Bertrand Poirier, ainsi que le studio de photographie Dubois à l'arrière-plan.

Employees of Asbestos and Asbestic Company Ltd.

Item is a photograph of employees of the Asbestos and Asbestic Company Ltd., Asbestos, 1904. Included in the photo are: (front, L-R): Gordon Clark, Ted Walsh, Regis Leprise, George Smith, Tom Lefebvre, Unknown, Unknown, Harry Williams (General Superintendent). (second row, L-R): M. Lizotte, David Roy, Unknown, Pierre Champagne, Omar Champoux, James Clark (foreman), Lizotte, Unknown, Johnny Morris, Wilbrod Boisclair. Back: Ed Boucher.

Asbestos hockey team

Item is photograph of the Asbestos Hockey Team, Asbestos hockey team, ca. 1912. Front row, L-R: Joseph McCabe, Gordon Clark, Archie Fales. Second row, L-R: Unknown, Jack MacLeod, Unknown, Charlie Stata, Harry Gifford, Harry Wilson, Unknown, Louis Dunsmore.

Asbestos, PQ -Where we live and work

This graphical element is from the October 1950 edition of the Johns-Manville News Pictorial, which contained an article about Asbestos, Quebec, where Johns-Manville operated the asbestos mine.

Spreading manure manually

Item is a photograph of a sledge pulled by a team of horses, likely including members of the Baker family at the Edwin G. Baker farm on Haslett Road at Danville, on their way to manually spread manure in winter, taken in 1914 or 1915.

Club de patinage artistique d'East Angus fonds

  • CA ETRC P249
  • Fonds
  • [197-?]-2002

The fonds contains records relating to the history, administration, finances, committees, membership, tests, members & coaches, events, special activities, and property of the Club de Patinage Artistique d'East Angus from 1973 to 2002. The fonds contains lists of members, members’ files, skating test records, competition results, financial records, posters and programmes, minutes, souvenir albums, publicity, business reords, reports, by-laws, and correspondence. The fonds is comprised of the following series: Administration (1974-2001), Members (1974-2002), Coaches (1984-2002), Events and Special Activities (1975-2000), Committees (1974-2000), Miscellaneous ([197-?]-2000), Buildings and Property (1973-2000) and Skate Canada (1976-1997)

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The file contains records relating to the P.C.P. Competition attended by the club in 1994. It consists of a booklet that contains the final results of the competition.

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P.C.P. Competitions

The subseries contains information relating to the "Programme Canadien de Patinage" (P.C.P.) Competitions attended by the "Club de Patinage Artistique d'East Angus" from 1992 to 1994. It mainly consists of booklets containing details of the event as well as final results of the competition. The subseries is comprised of the following files: 1992, 1993, and 1994.

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Events and Special Activities

The series contains information on the events and special activities hosted and attended by the "Club de Patinage Artistique d'East Angus" from 1975 to 2000. It consists of records created and/or accumulated during the club's processes of planning, organizing, hosting, and attending events. The series is comprised of the following subseries: Suzanne Cathcart Competitions (1993-1999), Shows (1975-1998), Grand-Patine-thon (1990, 1996), Championships (1984, 1996), Lac-Mégantic Invitation Competitions (1985-1995), Local Competitions (1980-1995), Denis Beaudoin Competitions (1981-1984), Interpretation Competitions (1981-1987), "Programme Court" Competitions (1983-1987), "Jeux de Quebec" (1975-1995), "Programme Court & Interpretation Suzanne Cathcart" Competitions (1988-1992), Compulsory Elements and Freestyle Regional Competitions (1982-1983), Estrie Invitation Competitions (1986-1992), P.C.P. Competitions (1992-1994), Spaghetti Dinners (1998), Regional Elimination Provincial Championships (1979-1980), Reviews on Ice (1999-2000), and Anniversaries (1993).

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