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  • Term to be used for military units, personnel, and events from the period prior to 1914.

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Pre-1914 (Military)

Pre-1914 (Military)

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Pre-1914 (Military)

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Pre-1914 (Military)

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26th Stanstead Dragoons

The file contains information about the 26th Stanstead Dragoons. It consists of a copy of "Camp Stories: Hatley Squadron, 26th Stanstead Dragoons", possibly written by Major William Melrose, a copy of "The Stanstead Calvary: History, Legend, Story" by Major William Melrose published in 1914, and correspondence to Herbert Derick in 1993.

Military Camp Sherbrooke P.Q.

The item is a postcard showing soldiers on horseback during a militia camp in Sherbrooke from 1907. Message on verso to Emma Harran (Moe's River) from L.F.S. Postcard printed by Pinnsoneault Fr�res.

4th Battalion Huntingdon

The file contains a typed, undated list of names and rank for those who served with the 4th Battalion (Military District No. 6) of Huntingdon.

Clarenceville Rangers

The file contains information on the Clarenceville Rangers from 1838 to 1839. It consists of reproductions of an appointment certificate for A.H. Vaughan to captain of the Rangers and a letter, and a statement of ammunition.

Officers of the Main Guard

The item is a photograph postcard showing soldiers of the "Main Guard", possibly in Coaticook, ca. 1910, with tents visible in the background and one officer is holding a bugle. Message on verso to Ruth Dyson (Montreal, QC) from Roy [unknown], who identified himself as a Corporal in the photograph. Photographer: J.E. Larivi�re (Coaticook, Que.)

Danville Rifle Company

The file contains information on the Danville Rifle Company. It consists of a history as remembered by T. Perkins (aka "Perk") Cleveland and correspondence received by Herbert Derick.

Frontier Light Infantry

The file contains information on the Frontier Light Infantry in southern Quebec and northern New England. It consists of papers collected by Pliny Moore and reproduced for Herbert Derick, muster rolls, correspondence, and research summaries by Herbert Derick.

Commisartiat, St. John's

The file contains information on the Commissariat at Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. It consists of reproductions of correspondence with the commissariat, largely regarding militia rations and other provisions, as well as correspondence with Herbert Derick.

55th Megantic Battalion

The file consists of a photograph of two privates of the 55th Megantic Battalion, taken in Point L�vis, Quebec: Tom Johnston (left) and Jim Beattie.

13th Scottish Light Dragoons

The file contains information on the 13th Scottish Light Dragoons. It consists of documents pertaining to Herbert Derick's research on the cap badges of Dragoons and two photographs of members of the Dragoons from the early 1900s.

21st Battalion Richelieu Light Infantry

The file contains information on the 21st Richelieu Light Infantry from 1839 to 1992. It consists of reproductions of a pay sheet, an acquittance roll, and the address given by Mrs. Stewart at the presentation of a flag to the battalion and the reply of Capt. Charles S. Rowe. It also includes a paper written by Herbert Derick on the flag of the 21st Battalion and three photos of the flag.

60th Battalion Missisquoi

The file contains information on the 60th Battalion Missisquoi from 1866 to 1986. It consists of notes by and correspondence to Herbert Derick, subscription books to honour ("testimonial")Lt- Col. Charles Rowe and Capt. J.H. Hawley, reproductions of service rolls and correspondence, and the appoinment of a band committee. The photographs depict the battalion in camp at Pigeon Hill in 1870.

1st Battalion Militia of the Townships

The file contains information on the 1st Battlalion Militia of the Eastern Townships from 1837 to 1991. It consists of reproductions of militia lists, an appointment certficate, service roll, an article on the Battle of Lacolle Mill by Herbert Derick, and a declartion of loyalty to the Crown in the context of the 1837 Rebellions.

6th Duke of Connaught Hussars

The file contains information the 6th Duke of Connaught Royal Canadian Hussars of Montreal from 1872 to 1987. It consists of (largely reproductions) a history, militia lists, acquittance rolls for militia camps, and service rolls, in particular for the Missisquoi Troop of Calvary, as well as notes and correspondence by Herbert Derick. Among the photographs is an image of the 6th Duke of Connaught Hussars at camp house in 1899; the officers at brush up course, Royal School of Calvary at Stanley Barracks in 1910; and members of Squadron A, 6th Duke of Connaught at the Farnham Camp in 1912.

3rd Battalion Rouville Militia

The file contains information on the 3rd Battalion Rouville Militia from 1831 to 1838. It consists of (original and reproductions) annual returns for the 3rd Battalion and correspondence.

R.R.C.I St-Johns

Item is a photograph of the R.R.C.I St-John taking a group picture in fornt of a building. Each one of them has a sword.

Depositing of Colors

Item is a photograph of a group officers and ex-officers present at the at the depositing of the colors of the late 54th Regiment in the chancels of St. Anne Church, Richmond, Monday, September 5th, 1904.

Military Horses Drinking Water

Item is a photograph of military horses lined in a row, drinking water from the St. Francis River near Sherbrooke, thought to be the 13th Scottish Light Dragoons (Waterloo), with Lieutenant Mathias on the white horse.

Volunteer Militia

The subseries contains primary source information on the volunteer militia units in the Eastern Townships from 1888 to 1895. It consists of a logbook used during the military camps held at different locations in the Townships, which includes lists of those responsible for specific duties during the camp as well as notes on activities.

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