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Covered Bridges of the Eastern Townships documentary

Item is a documentary project researched and produced by Barbara Verity and narrated by Joyce Cochrane on covered bridges in the Eastern Townships, produced around 1977. Included in the documentary are images of the covered bridges at Fitch Bay (Narrows), Milby, Capelton, Coaticook (Drouin), Stanbridge East (Monaghan), Melbourne (Creek/Gibson), Highwater (Province Hill/de la Frontière), Gould (Fisher Hill/McVetty-McKenzie), Ste-Catherine-de-Hatley (Rexford), Cowansville (Freeport), Notre-Dame-de-Stanbridge (Pike River/des Rivières), and Island Brook (McDermott).

Transfer from James Liddell

The item contains information on the Reynolds’ family professional life. It is a document by which claims are relinquished by James Liddell in favor of Elijah Stewart Reynolds.

Account books

The series contains primary source material on account books dating from 1848 to [1989?]. It consists of six books; most are account ledgers, the Mansonville House book is a guest register. The series is comprised of the following files; Cleveland, Carmichael & Co. (1853-1885), Foster & Co. (1848-[185-?]), William J. Derick (1878-1891), James Quig & James Carbonneau ([1906?]-[1989?]), Unidentified ([1863?]-[1889?]), Clarenceville Protestant School Commissioners (1916-1935), and Mansonville House (1876-1919).

Other families

The series contains primary source material on families that had a connection to the Dericks. It consists of research notes, newspaper clippings, family registers, correspondence, legal documents, scrapbooks, The series is comprised of the following subseries; Andrews, J.R (1883-[18--?]), Beerwort (1891-[198-?]), Brisbin, James Thomas (1848), Christie, Gabriel ([19--?]), Cochrane, Frank ([19--?]), Colton ([197-?]-[199-?]), Cutting (1928, [198-?]-[1993?]), Eaton, Wyatt ([197-?]-[199-?]), Flagg ([1834?]-[1993?]), Friott ([19--?]), Greer ([197-?]), George ([1828?]-[2003?]), George, B.C (1979), Hawley ([1789]-[19--?]), Holt ([19--?]), Hunt ([1991?]), Hunter ([19--?]), Huntington ([19--?]), Hulbert ([1978?]-[199-?]), Hurd (1968-1972), Huxley (1995), Johnson ([1972?]-[199-?]), Kemp, James (1832-[19--?]), Lambie ([19--?]), Livingston, Darcy Gary (1970-[198-?]), Longeway (1838, 1974-[198-?]), Luke ([19--?]), Lyon, C.G ([196-?]), MacCallum ([19--?]), MacDowell, Thain Wendell (1816-[2002?]), MacFie ([19--?]), Mitchell (1993), Mock ([198-?]-[199-?]), Naylor (1862-1992), O'Connor ([19--?]), O'Hea, Timothy ([1988?]), Odell ([1844?]-[19--?]), Patterson, Richard (1960-[198-?]), Robinson ([196-?]), Rowe-Hewson ([1918?]-[198-?]), Ruiter (1782-1799, [198-?]-[199-?]), Ryan ([19--?]), Saxe ([19--?]), Scott ([197-?]), Shand ([1971?]-[197-?]), Snider ([19--?]), Stewart, Rev. Charles James ([19--?]), Stevens ([199-?]), Stone (1975), Struthers ([195-?]-[199-?]), Taylor, Rev. Ernest ([1938?]-[19--?]), Townsend ([18--?]-[19--?]), Van Vliet (1889-1993), Vaughan (1770[reproduction]-1993), Williams (1854-[19--?]), and Young ([198-?]-[199-?]), Mayo (1824), Eyby (1830-1804), Trepannier (1815-1939), Caldwell (1801), Gustavsson (1904), Other people (1794-1949), Genealogical research binders ([196-?]-[199-?], and Genealogical correspondence (1965-1972).


The sub-series contains secondary and primary source material on the Vaughan family of Missisquoi County and Selkirk, Manitoba from 1778 to 1993. It consists mainly of photocopies of original correspondence, photographs, and certificates; research notes and correspondence; and family trees. The sub-series is comprised of the following files: Family Research (1785 [photocopied 1968]-1993), Amos H. Vaughan (1784 [photocopied]-[1965?]), Gershom Vaughan ([197-?]), Josephus Vaughan (1778 [photocopied]-1988), Lynds S. Vaughan (1865 [photocopied]-[198-?]), Reuben H. Vaughan (1839-[198-?]), and Benjamin Vaughan (1778[photocopied]-1853[photocopied]).

Reuben H. Vaughan

The file contains secondary and primary source information on the personal and professional life and military career Reuben H. Vaughan in Missisquoi County from 1839 to the 1980s. It consists of a certificate of appointment as ensign to the 3rd Battalion of Rouville; a memorandum; a court ruling; biographies; information on his tombstone; photocopies of receipts, shipping documents and biographical information; and a diary and transcripts.

Children of Benjamin V. Naylor

Item is a photograph of a group of the children of Benjamin V. Naylor, probably including Elizabeth (Bessie), George, Grace, Herbert, and Donald, likely taken around 1896. Photographer: Pinsonneault (St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que.).


The subseries contains primary and secondary source information on the personal, professional, and military lives of the Naylor family in Missisquoi County and in Manitoba from 1862 to 1992. It consists primarily of correspondence, photographs, biographical notes, family tree research, newspaper clippings, and land deeds pertaining to various members of the Naylor family. The subseries is comprised of the following files: Family research (1911[copied]-1990), Business affairs ([187-?]-[1975]), Property (1862-1921[photocopied]), Agnes A. Naylor (1911-1930), Benjamin V. Naylor (1874-1919), Donald B. Naylor (1914-1992), Elizabeth Bessie Naylor ([190-?]-1960), George B. Naylor (1901-1985), Grace A. Naylor (1902-1959), Herbert V. Naylor (1913-1917, 1987), Rev. William H. Naylor (1910-1990), Other Naylor Photographs ([186-?]-1929), and Boats and Shipping ([187-?]-[191-?]).

Seraph Thomas Morgan

Item is a portrait photograph of Seraph Alice Thomas, wife of Edward Morgan, holding a quill pen and with ink well, probably taken around the 1920s. Photographer: Larocque (Bedford, Quebec)

Young people

The item is a photograph of Homer Derick, Beatrice Beerwort, Laura McFie, Howard Derick, Marion Hawley, Frank Robinson, Ruth Hislop, and Aubrey L. Hunter in Clarenceville from about 1905.

Group photographs

The file contains primary source information on the Derick family from Missisquoi County from about the 1880s to the 1990s. It consists of photographs depicting a party with CNR employees (including Herbert Derick); a curling team; Ray Derick and sons (Bob, Gerald, Herbert); A.H. Derick's store; Ernest E. Derick; Melvin C. Derick, Morris C. Derick; Ernest E. Derick and family; Truman B. Derick and family; Newbury E. Derick and family; a group of students (including George Derick and Howard Derick); Truman G. Derick and family; Rodney Derick and family; A.H. Derick with baby Frank, L.H. Derick and F. Derick; Calvin and Floyd Derick with Bessie Hislop and Juanita Collins; and Ella and Eunice Derick.

Clarenceville Academy

The file contains information on Clarenceville Academy from 1890 to 1949. It consists of poster advertisement reproduced from 1844, an information pamphlet for elementary and advanced elementary diplomas from 1905, and a minute book for the Trustees of Clarenceville Academy from 1890 to 1949.

Clarenceville Rangers

The file contains information on the Clarenceville Rangers from 1838 to 1839. It consists of reproductions of an appointment certificate for A.H. Vaughan to captain of the Rangers and a letter, and a statement of ammunition.

21st Battalion Richelieu Light Infantry

The file contains information on the 21st Richelieu Light Infantry from 1839 to 1992. It consists of reproductions of a pay sheet, an acquittance roll, and the address given by Mrs. Stewart at the presentation of a flag to the battalion and the reply of Capt. Charles S. Rowe. It also includes a paper written by Herbert Derick on the flag of the 21st Battalion and three photos of the flag.

60th Battalion Missisquoi

The file contains information on the 60th Battalion Missisquoi from 1866 to 1986. It consists of notes by and correspondence to Herbert Derick, subscription books to honour ("testimonial")Lt- Col. Charles Rowe and Capt. J.H. Hawley, reproductions of service rolls and correspondence, and the appoinment of a band committee. The photographs depict the battalion in camp at Pigeon Hill in 1870.

1st Battalion Militia of the Townships

The file contains information on the 1st Battlalion Militia of the Eastern Townships from 1837 to 1991. It consists of reproductions of militia lists, an appointment certficate, service roll, an article on the Battle of Lacolle Mill by Herbert Derick, and a declartion of loyalty to the Crown in the context of the 1837 Rebellions.

6th Duke of Connaught Hussars

The file contains information the 6th Duke of Connaught Royal Canadian Hussars of Montreal from 1872 to 1987. It consists of (largely reproductions) a history, militia lists, acquittance rolls for militia camps, and service rolls, in particular for the Missisquoi Troop of Calvary, as well as notes and correspondence by Herbert Derick. Among the photographs is an image of the 6th Duke of Connaught Hussars at camp house in 1899; the officers at brush up course, Royal School of Calvary at Stanley Barracks in 1910; and members of Squadron A, 6th Duke of Connaught at the Farnham Camp in 1912.

St. Thomas Anglican Church

The sub-series contains primary source information on the establishment, construction, and activities of the St. Thomas Anglican Church in Clarenceville from 1815 to 1915. It consists of lists of subscribers, receipts and contracts for construction and repairs, and a programme for the centennial anniversary of the church. In particular, the Mayo, Billings, Derick/Derck, and Vaughan families were implicated in the church's founding.

Other people

The sub-series contains primary source information on various people from the area of Missisquoi County from 1794 to 1949. It consists of land transactions, correspondence, and a business card. Among the people represented in the file are: M.A. Hungerford, Mildred E. Hardy, G.G. Stewart, John Slater, Antoine Laberge, Henry Sheldon, Joshua Hammond, Henry Hoose, Henry Emerick, Duncan Dewar, David Tryon, Maria Hudson, Robert Wright, Ernest Dawson, Sidney N. Smith, and Hannah (née Smith?) Richardson.

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