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117th CEF (E.T. Battalion), probably taken at the Bury Armoury,

117th CEF (E.T. Battalion), probably taken at the Bury Armoury, 1916. Pictured: First row (seated), 2nd from left: Probyn. Second row, 4th from left: Warde. Third row, from left: 2nd- Sammy Mitchell, 4th- Harley F. Waid, 7th-Charlie Franklin, 10th- J.F. Vaughan. Fourth row: Adams, Hanson, Wood, and Wells. Also pictured: J. Kelley, B. Smith, A. Sylvester, G. Cavell, W. Bovin, C. Reyman, R. Sheldon, J. King, A.E. Thayer, R.F. Brien, T. O'Brien, C. Sanchal, N. Buzzell, J. Turton, T. Goulding, G. McDonald, R. Mitchell, L. Rollings, G. Gilbert, K. Burbank, G. Burbank, and K. Pessington.

Militaires inconnus

La pièce est une photographie de trois jeunes militaires et un homme inconnus vers les années 1910. Peut-être George Bigby, Francis Rankin, James McNaughton et William (Bill) Blight.

Battle of Hong Kong

The file consists of a letter by James Barnett about the battle at St. Stephens College Hospital in Stanley, in Hong Kong, during World War II, dated 1941 and an issue of the Montreal Standard that includes a profile the Heroes of Hong Kong, dated 1942. The documents provide information on the siege laid by Japanese troops to St. Stephens College Hospital where the Royal Rifles of Canada were established as well as published photographs of the Royal Rifles. Included among the officers shown in the photographs are: W. B. C. LeBoutillier, J. C. Gavey, E. E. Denison, M. A. Parker, C. A. Young, F. T. Atkinson, W. J. Home, J. H. Price, T. G. MacAulay, D. C. M., H. L. Lamb, W. A. Bishop, C. Baillarge, J. Barnett, K. R. Strang, P. L. MacDougall, W. A. B. Royal, F. G. Power, C. A. Blaver, W. E. Tulk, S. M. Banfill, W. F. Clarke, H. C. Laxson, R. F. Thorn, C. E. Price, F. D. Ross, J. S. McHarg, W. S. Fry, F. H. Royal, Ian Breakey, C. D. Johnston, F. N. Lyster, E. N. Denison, A. R. S. Woodside, R. E. Simons, J. F. Ross and G. M. Williams.

Canadian Grenadier Guards

The file consists of a photocopy of a book entitled Photographic Record and Souvenir of the Canadian Guards Overseas Battalion Eighty Seven. The file contains the nominal roll of the officers of the First Regiment Canadian Grenadier Guards after its reorganization, and provides information on their records of service.

117th Eastern Townships Battalion

The file consists of a General Order headed "Secret"; a mimeographed embarcation order letter dated 26 July 1918; a Christmas card dated 1935; a mimeographed newsletter "The Sizler, Official organ of the 117th Battalion", Vol.1, No.1, dated 10 December 1917; a printed menu headed "117th Shun", undated; a document headed Nominal Roll Officers, non-commissioned officers and men, issued with militia orders of 1917; a photocopy of one page of the newspaper Sherbrooke Daily Record, headed "50 years ago 117th ETBA sailed for England" and dated 13 August 1965; and copies of a letter and photographs regarding a reunion of the Eastern Townships Overseas Battalion Association from 1965. The file provides information on many Eastern Townships soldiers and on the activities and programmes of the 117th Battalion.

Eastern Townships Honour Roll index

The file contains a transcription and indexation of the Eastern Townships Honour Roll for soldiers serving in World War II (WWII) that appeared in the Sherbrooke Daily Record on 27 February 1943, along with the addition of service numbers and dates of death where the information was available, prepared by Allan Rowell.

Volunteer Militia

The subseries contains primary source information on the volunteer militia units in the Eastern Townships from 1888 to 1895. It consists of a log book used during the military camps held at different locations in the Townships, which includes lists of those responsible for specific duties during the camp as well as notes on activities.

2019-015 Accession

The file contains three photographs: group of boys with rifles, 1916 (featuring Rollie Elliot, Chet Kearry, Riggins, Arthur Pope, Elmer Cleveland, Stuart Morrill, ? Blake, Elmer Stockwell, Stuart Only, Eddie Smith, Dan Tounes, Harry Pugh, Stuart Messenger, Henry Smith, Ivan Adams, Leslie Porter, Stuart Hamilton, Arthur Messenger, Russ McKee, Duncan McCallum, Brooks Hamilton, Henry Carson, Bertie Barlow, Herbie Robinson, Ralph MacBain, Serg. ?); Edmund/Ted and Stewart Messenger, [195-?]; and Edmund/Ted Messenger in military uniform (left) possibly with W.A. Bishop, ca. 1915/1916.

117th Battalion reunion

The item is a photograph from a reunion of the 117th Battalion at the Chateau Frontenac in Sherbrooke on 14 August 1965. Among those pictured in the photograph are James McCallum (front row, second from left ), Ed Kingsland (front row, centre), E.P. Hall (front row, third from right), and Fred Evans (back row, far left).

Arthur H.H. Bieber collection

  • CA ETRC P041
  • Fonds
  • [189-?]-1978

The collection contains source material on the history of the Bieber family and material on the Eastern Townships, Canada, England and the two world wars. It consists of four albums of postcards and seven scrapbooks containing press clippings, correspondence, photographs, booklets, greeting cards and recipes. Included among the scrapbooks is one complied by Arthur Bieber during his World War II (WWII) military service. Most of the postcards are from Europe, only a few relate to the Eastern Townships. Many were sent or received by Arthur H.H. Bieber and therefore constitute items of correspondence. The clippings in the scrapbooks are mainly related to the Eastern Townships, with some on other topics. The collection is comprised of the following series: Scrapbooks ([1914?]-1978), Postcards Albums ([190-?]-[194-?]), and Photographs ([189-?]-194-?]).

Bieber, Arthur H.H.

Minnie Hallowell Bowen fonds

  • CA ETRC P006
  • Fonds
  • [1752?]-[200-?]

The fonds contains source material mainly related to Minnie Hallowell Bowen's literary writings, community and political implicatons, and personal life at the turn of the 20th century. Many of her poems relate to local events, to the world wars, and to Canadian and British politics. The fonds also provides information on the activities of Minnie's family members, including but not limited to: her husband Cecil H. Bowen, her son Lloyd H. Bowen, her daughter Rose Meredyth Bowen, Henry Bowen, Edward Bowen, Eleazar Clark, George Frederick Bowen, John Hallowell, William Bowen, Frank A. Bowen, Frederick Chamberlin Bowen, and Edward Hugh Bowen. The documents show their involvement mainly in the development of railways, in the mining industry, in the Armed Forces and Militia, in politics, in scouting, in church activities, and in social clubs and associations. Some documents are about the Fenian Raids, the Knights of Columbus, and the history of Sherbrooke.

The fonds consists of mainly manuscripts, correspondence, photocopies of press clippings, articles, publications, photographs, diaries, prospectuses, and drawings. It is comprised of the following series: Literary Works and Other Writings (1883-1941), Involvement in the Canadian Flag Issue ([1887?]-1946), Personal Life ([1863-1865]-1943), Lloyd H. Bowen (1865, 1902-1995), Cecil H. Bowen ([1866?]-1935, 1986), Other Family Members (1801-1940), and History of Sherbrooke ([1836?]-1967), Family History ([1752?-200-?]), Obituaries and Other Clippings (1836-1943, 1964-1997), Other Photographs and Graphic Material (1840-1956), Miscellaneous ([1835-1904?]).

Bowen, Minnie

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