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Land, settlement and immigration

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Land, settlement and immigration

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Minnie Hallowell Bowen fonds

  • CA ETRC 2-1-P006
  • Fonds
  • [1752?]-[200-?]

The fonds contains source material mainly related to Minnie Hallowell Bowen's literary writings, community and political implicatons, and personal life at the turn of the 20th century. Many of her poems relate to local events, to the world wars, and to Canadian and British politics. The fonds also provides information on the activities of Minnie's family members, including but not limited to: her husband Cecil H. Bowen, her son Lloyd H. Bowen, her daughter Rose Meredyth Bowen, Henry Bowen, Edward Bowen, Eleazar Clark, George Frederick Bowen, John Hallowell, William Bowen, Frank A. Bowen, Frederick Chamberlin Bowen, and Edward Hugh Bowen. The documents show their involvement mainly in the development of railways, in the mining industry, in the Armed Forces and Militia, in politics, in scouting, in church activities, and in social clubs and associations. Some documents are about the Fenian Raids, the Knights of Columbus, and the history of Sherbrooke.

The fonds consists of mainly manuscripts, correspondence, photocopies of press clippings, articles, publications, photographs, diaries, prospectuses, and drawings. It is comprised of the following series: Literary Works and Other Writings (1883-1941), Involvement in the Canadian Flag Issue ([1887?]-1946), Personal Life ([1863-1865]-1943), Lloyd H. Bowen (1865, 1902-1995), Cecil H. Bowen ([1866?]-1935, 1986), Other Family Members (1801-1940), and History of Sherbrooke ([1836?]-1967), Family History ([1752?-200-?]), Obituaries and Other Clippings (1836-1943, 1964-1997), Other Photographs and Graphic Material (1840-1956), Miscellaneous ([1835-1904?]).

Bowen, Minnie

Professional life

This file contains primary source material on the professional life of Barbara Wark in Sherbrooke between 1952 and 1960. It consists primarily of a telephone directory, newspaper clippings, and identification cards from Barbara's time as a reporter.

Histories of other parishes and towns

The file contains source material on histories of parishes, churches and towns, which are not included into other files. It consists of a history of chapel Bethlehem and father Jerome in Ditton, a history of the town Victoria, Clifton and East Angus, a record of Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix parish from 1919 to 1923, biographical sketches of parish Sainte-Marguerite-de-Lingwick, Saint-Raymond-de-Pennafort, Sainte-Martin-de-Martinville, Sainte-Famille-de-Newport and Saint-Mathias and a history of land grant in Ascot and Orford.

George Frederick Bowen

The file contains primary source information on George F. Bowen's life from 1855 to 1927. It consists of a list of George Frederick Bowen's military appointments in 1867 and 1868; George Frederick Bowen's degree from the University of Bishop's College dated 1855 and related letter from 1856; and a deed of sale and three maps regarding G.F. Bowen's land in the Township of South Ham, Wolfe County. It also includes photocopies of a theatre programme for a performance at "Poor Pillicoddy" and "Irish Tiger" in 1857 and newspaper clippings consisting of a tribute to George Frederick Bowen by George E. Brown in 1898 and an article on the colours of the 53rd Sherbrooke Regiment from 1927, photographs, as well as biographical notes on G.F. Bowen's life. Among the photographs are two featuring Eliza (Jessie) Wyatt and one featuring members of the St. Francis District court from the 1850s, featuring G.F. Bowen as well as Eleazar Clark and John Hallowell.

Bowen, George Frederick

A.J.H. Richardson fonds

  • CA ETRC 2-1-P223
  • Fonds
  • 1937

The fonds contains information on the research interests of A.J.H. (aka Jack) Richardson on the Eastern Townships in 1937. It consists of one letter from Jack Richardson to doctoral advisor regarding a possible PhD dissertation topic and list of available archival (primary) sources on land settlement and geography in the Eastern Townships.

Richardson, Arthur John Hampson

Property and land

File presents information on property and land transactions in Coaticook from 1913 to 2014. It consists of register of land searches and certificates (1913-1961), a catalogue of properties for sale by Nunns & Moulton ([194-?]), and copies of acts relating to the property of the Frères des Écoles Chrétienne in Compton ([copied 2014]).

Cartographic documents

Series consists of maps of Coaticook and an the surrounding areas of the Eastern Townships from the 1830s to the 1880s. It consists of the following maps: “Map showing the different railways by which the Eastern Townships can be reached” (J.H. Buffords, ca. 1880), “Map of the Eastern Townships of Lower Canada” (Dean & Mundy, ca. 1835), and sections of the “Map of the District of St. Francis, Canada East” (Putnam & Gray, 1863).

Aeneas McMaster fonds

  • CA ETRC P094
  • Fonds
  • 1873-1888

The fonds contains source material mainly on railway development and settlement in Clinton, Hampden, Ditton, and Marston townships in Compton County and around Lake Megantic from 1873 to 1888 and on the role of the Glasgow Canadian Land and Trust Company, managed at the time by Aeneas McMaster. The fonds consists of letters sent to McMaster from 1873 to 1888 by businessmen and shopkeepers, municipal councillors or mayors, employees of the Glasgow Canadian Land and Trust Company, men in search of work, and settlers and includes a proposal for building a mill; letters signed by McMaster; and a few other documents. The fonds is comprised of the following series: Railway Companies (1876-1888), Settlement (1873-1876), Municipal Affairs (1873-1881), Miscellaneous Documents (1875-1881) and Correspondance (1876-1882).

McMaster, Aeneas


The file contains primary source information on property belonging to the Naylor family in Missisquoi County from 1862 to 1921. It consists of a land deed and a retrocession from Albert Chapman to Henry Naylor for land in St. Georges de Clarenceville as well as a copy of a letter pertaining to Benjamin V. Naylor's lease and transfer of land on Ile-aux-Noix to the Department of Militia and Defense and the Department of the Interior.

Municipal Affairs

The file contains source material on the municipal affairs with which Aeneas McMaster was involved. It includes information on the status of employment at the time and settlement. It consists of correspondence from various people mainly regarding employment, business, and land. It contains correspondence from the following people:
Baker, Honorable George B.
Bailey, C.A.
Bailey, G.M.
Hanright, A.C.
Hunt & Stokes
MacKenzie, Rev. M. (Murdoch)
McAuley, Donald
McDonald, Angus
McDonald, John
McIver, George
McIver, J.F.
McIver, Lewis
McKinnon/MacKinnon, Alexander
McLean, Angus
McLeod, Allan
McLeod, George
McMinn, ?
McRae, D.
Morrison, Donald R.
Parker, C.H.
Patton, Charles
Ramage, J.D.
Robertson, George
Ross, A.
Sawyer, William
Taché, E.
Whyte, James
Wilford, R.H.
Young, John
Young, J.R.


The series contains source material on the colonization of the Eastern Townships from 1873 to 1876. It consists of correspondence from George McLeod regarding business.