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Views of Coaticook

File contains views of the town of Coaticook from about the 1940s. It consists of photographs views of buildings and streets in Coaticook, including the Cameron store, properties belonging to Davila Poulin, Pierre Rodrigue, Émile Faucher, and Antonio Tremblay, and Gendreau, St-Jacques, and St-Marc Streets. Photographs include some views of farming scenes.

Professional life

File presents information on Scott Dresser's professional life as a mechanic and plumber in Coaticook from 1909 to 1964. It consists of account books, an agreement for tools between Scott Dresser and Edouard Meunier, correspondence, and a membership card and certificate for Corportation of Plumbing and Heating Contractors of Quebec.

Niedner employees, Coaticook

Item is a photograph of the employees of Niedner Inc. in Coaticook in 1949-1950. Among those pictured are: Ruth McCutcheon, Irene Olivier, George Olivier, Solome Bissonette, Jules Olivier, Cora Allard, Marcel Boivin, George Laming, Arthur Houle, Lucien Olivier, Lorraine Lemoine, and George Murray.

Half Way Hotel, Hereford

Item is a photograph postcard of the interior of the Half Way Hotel in Hereford from about 1910, showing Pierre Couturier standing behind the bar.

Half Way Hotel, Hereford

Item is a photograph postcard of employees of the Half Way Hotel, probably including Pierre Couturier, in Hereford from around the 1910s.

George McDuffee

Series presents information on the business dealings and property of George McDuffee from 1859 to 1879. It consists of correspondence regarding the business relationship between George McDuffee and John S. Wark in 1859 and a home insurance policy from 1879. George McDuffee owned the house at 97 St-Paul Est Street, which was later purchased by the Dresser family.

Fonds Service Louis Adam

  • CA SHC F036
  • Fonds
  • 1962

Fonds presents the operations of Service Louis Adam, a gas station and garage, in Coaticook in 1962. It consists of receipts, cancelled cheques, and cash register transaction records. Service Louis Adam was also known as Service Champlain and Garage Louis Adam.

Adam, Louis

Fonds Lefebvre family

  • CA SHC F010
  • Fonds
  • [191-?]-1986

Fonds illustrates the activities of the Lefebvre family in Coaticook from 1910 to 1986. It consists of photographs, newspaper clippings, advertisements, posters, and a copy of a baptismal record. The fonds is composed of the following series: Photographs and Textual Records.

Lefebvre, family

Fonds Chambre de commerce des jeunes de Coaticook

  • CA SHC F017
  • Fonds
  • 1944-1964

Fonds presents the activities and finances of the Chambre de commerce des jeunes de Coaticook from 1944 to 1964. It consists of minutes, invoices and correspondence demonstrating some of the activities of the organization, a financial statement, and a directory for the Fédération des Chambres de commerces des jeunes de la province de Québec. The fonds is composed of the following files: Minutes, Correspondence, Finances, and Directory.

Chambre de commerce des jeunes de Coaticook

Commerce and industries

File presents information on the economic history of the Coaticook region from 1875 to 2014. It consists of an account book for James Williamson for R.C. Baldwin’s store (1875), a poster for J.H. Knapp’s ambulance and funeral service ([192-?]), an article “Scientific fish culture in Quebec since 1945” by Louis-Roch Séguin (1957), an article “Étude d’un important projet pour la promotion touristique de la Station Piscicole du Lac Lyster” (1957), a brochure “Eastern Townships Fish Hatchery/Station piscicole des Cantons de l’Est” (1958), a brochure for Camping Piskiart at Lake Lyster (1960s), a promotional poster for Michael Élias & Co. (ca. 1964), an article “Trout rearing with the minimum of fresh make-up water possible/Élévage de truites avec le minimum d’eau fraîche de compensation possible” by Louis-Roch Séguin, Benoit Dion and Raymond Charbonneau (1978), a commemorative photo album and medallion celebrating Niedner's 100 years in Coaticook (2014), and a cabinetry catalogue from Cabico (2014).

Collection Susan Beaton

  • CA SHC C003
  • Collection
  • 1816-1899

Collection primarily contains information on the businesses and families of Barnston and Coaticook from 1816 to 1899. It consists of receipts, invoices, correspondence, historical research, an account ledger, land deeds, a marriage contract, a permit, and birthday books.

Collection Magella Baillargeon

  • CA SHC C022
  • Collection
  • 1894-1900, 1961-1962

Collection presents information on the production activities of the Penman's factory in Coaticook from 1894 to 1900. It consists of an inventory ledger, which was probably used to record the quantity of cotton thread and dye colours used in production. The ledger is also a source of information on the finances of Lucien and Magella Beaulieu from 1961 to 1962.

Collection Lucie Gaudreau

  • CA SHC C010
  • Collection
  • 1890, [192-?]-1982

Collection presents some of the commercial history of Coaticook and St-Edwidge-de-Clifton from 1890 to 1982. It consists of a plan for the complexe polyvalent (Albert l’Heureux and Mgr Durand schools) dated 1968 and photographs showing the following:

  1. Ste-Edwige general store and Roland Favreau, ca. 1970
  2. Robitaille Automobiles Coaticook Inc. (previously Garage Bachand Dionne), ca. 1960
  3. Coaticook parade, two men on horses in front of Garage Bachand Dionne, ca. 1940
  4. Bachand store employees, ca. 1955
  5. 8 photos, Canadian Celanese employees, 1974-1978
  6. Joseph Audet Jr., grocery store, Child Street, 1890
  7. Line of Canada `67 trucks
  8. Sports ’72 trailer truck, Department of Health and Well-being
  9. Salle des Érables, 1973
  10. Labourers, Grand Trunk train cars in background, probably around 1920.
  11. Group of unidentified employees outside at Domaine Howard in Sherbrooke, 1981-1982

Collection Jim Belknap

  • CA SHC C002
  • Collection
  • 1851-1934

Collection presents information on business and commerce in the Coaticook area from 1851 to 1934. It consists of photocopies of invoices and newspaper clippings.

Collection James Allard

  • CA SHC C018
  • Collection
  • [191-?]-1973

Collection illustrates business and buildings in Coaticook and Hereford from about the 1910s to 1973. It consists of photographs and postcard photographs of employees of Niedner Inc., including Bill Niedner, George Laming, Cora Allard, and Mrs. Hamilton; fires in Coaticook in 1922 and 1949; and the Hotel de Ville and Academy in Coaticook and the Half Way Hotel in Hereford.

Collection Huguette Savard Lachance

  • CA SHC C030
  • Collection
  • [191-?]-1964

Collection illustrates community life in Coaticook from the 1910s to 1964. It consists of photographs of children, youth, families, an automobile accident, buildings, sports activities, industries, and religious events (some are identified but the majority are unidentified).

Collection Henri Carbonneau

  • CA SHC C005
  • Collection
  • 1923-1973

Collection contains information on the social history of Coaticook from 1923 to 1937. It consists of photographs, including photos of the employees of D.S. Bachand, a parade float by the Cercle Lacordaire Association Anti-acoolique, the Caron et Fils hockey team, a few women's religious groups, the 50th anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Couillard, and a photograph of Henri Carbonneau and Yvette D'Auteuil.

Collection Clément de Laat

  • CA SHC C027
  • Collection
  • [194-?], 1978

Collection contains a photograph of the first Festival du lait de Coaticook in 1978 and a business card for Dixville Taxi Omer Goyette.


Series illustrates businesses in Coaticook from about the 1910s to 2001. It consists largely of photographs, as well as newspaper clippings, correspondence, and shareholder information. The series contains the following:

  1. Share record book, Impressions et Publications Limité
  2. Three photos of Paul Vaillancourt : At the service of Frontenac Breweries Ltd, Stanstead Cartage Ltd., Coaticook, 1926
  3. 4 negatives : M. Lapointe store, St-Edmond Street, 1942
  4. Coop, Albert St-Pierre, 1954
  5. Shareholders, Imprimerie Garceau Ltée, 1947-1951
  6. Caisse populaire de Compton, 1974 et 1983
  7. 11 photos of Agrico (employees), Gauthier-Tremblay and a photo of the factory, 1970 to 1976
  8. Photo of Belding Corticelli Ltd, Coaticook, Québec. Diamond Jubilee, 1878-1938
  9. Letter, dated 1984, addressed to Roger Jean-Marie with a liste of names (80 identified people) in the photo of 60th anniversary « Belding-Corticelli Limited », 1938
  10. 1 photo : Penman’s, [194-?]
  11. 1 photo : Cement company, Couillard Ltd, Coaticook
  12. 1 photo : Félix S. Walker, 1914-1918, rue Gendreau, Massey-Harris dealer
  13. 2 photos : Camion Alfred Marcoux Transport, corner of Wellington and Main
  14. 1 photo : Former post office and customs buildings
  15. 1 photo : Post office and CIBC/Eastern Township's Bank
  16. 1 photo : Dépanneur (rue St-Edmond)
  17. 1 photo : Audet-Lapointe, grocer, (corner of St-Paul and St-Jean-Baptiste)
  18. 1 photo : Entrepôt Marcoux Transport, Coaticook (St-Jacques Street)
  19. 1 photo : Entrepôt Alfred Marcoux, 1930, Main Street
  20. 1 photo : Laiterie Coaticook Ltd., [196-?]
  21. 2 photos : Entrepôts Marcoux in Granby and Montréal, [196-?]
  22. 1 photo : 25th anniversary, Jean Lincourt Insurance
  23. 1 photo : employees in St-Malo, 1929

Bell Telephone Christmas party, Coaticook

Item is a photograph reproduction of the employee Christmas party of Bell Telephone in Coaticook in 1949 or 1950. Pictured in the photograph are Lucille Meunier (5th from right), Marie Blanche (2nd from right), Madeleine Brulotte (1st on left), Lorraine Brulotte, Jeanne Bédard (black dress, in front), Leatrice Dresser (kneeling at left), and unknown Fortin (light-coloured dress).

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