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File presents information on the employees and work hours of Belding-Corticelli in Coaticook in 1953 and 1972. It consists of a list of permit and a list of foremen and department heads.

Security certificates, Canadian Celanese

The item is a photograph of the recipients of security certificates at the Canadian Celanese in Coaticook in 1968. Pictured in the photograph are: Paul Pelletier, John Shay, Jacques Dassylva, Leo Dupont, Eugène Devost, Fernand Lebel, Alphonse Fournier, and Armand Roy.

Reunion of employees of the Coaticook Celanese

Series illustrates the organization of the reunion of former employees of the Canadian Celanese de Coaticook in 2005. It consists of correspondence, a guest book, a pin with the Celanese logo, rental agreements, and financial statements. The series consists of the following files: Organization, Rental agreements, and Financial Resources.


Series presents product information from Belding-Corticelli in Coaticook from 1968 to about the 1980s. It consists of correspondence regarding textile imports, and 10 braid design diagrams and samples.


Series illustrates production procedures at the Canadian Celanese in Coaticook from 1973 to 1978. It consists of an instruction manual for textile machine setters, setting instructions for Draper looms, lists of abbrevations for production defects, and documents on a firefighter training day.

Potash production

File presents information on the production of potash. It consists of research articles.


Series illustrates the employees and methods of production of Belding-Corticelli from 1938 to 2001. It consists of two photographs of employees on the occasion of Belding-Corticelli's diamond jubilee in 1938, a photograph of the Child Street plant, and numerous photographs of employees at work in the factory from 1983 to 2001. Among those pictured in the photographs are: Thérèse Breault, Guy Dupont, Jacques Bouchet, and Émile Viens.

Municipal relations

File presents the relationship between Belding-Corticelli and the Town of Coaticook from 1945 to 1974. It consists of correspondence regarding damage caused to the plant's building during explosive blasts during dam operations, town referendums concerning taxes and municipal works and noise complaints from residents against the plant, as well as a speech made by a Belding-Corticelli manager to Coaticook's mayor and councillors.

Municipal arena

File presents Belding-Corticelli's contribution to the construction of a muncipal area in Coaticook from 1967 to 1971. It consists largely of correspondence between Belding-Corticelli and the Town of Coaticook but also includes a few budgets and newspaper clippings. The file is also a source of some informtion on the sale of the Border Arena in Rock Island.

Le Syndicat des salariés de Celanese de Coaticook

Series illustrates the labour relations between the Syndicat des salariés de Celanese de Coaticook and the Canadian Celanese of Coaticook from 1956 to 2000. It consists largely of collective agreements, credit union annual reports, and press clippings. The series is composed of the following files: Collective agreements, Credit union, Other documents, and Scrapbooks.

Industry and commerce

File contains images of businesses and industries in Coaticook from 1934 to about the 1950s. It consists of photographs of the the employees of Penman’s, the employees of Belding-Corticelli, and a photograph of the interior of an unidentified factory.

Immoveable property

File presents information on the properties owned by Belding-Corticelli in Coaticook from 1957 to 1984. It consists of a correspondence regarding the possible sale of the Cutting Street plant and land rented from the Town of Coaticook, as well as lot descriptions and a plan.

Hydroelectrical dam

Series illustrates the building of the hydroelectrical power dam in Coaticook from 1926 to 1927. It consists of photographs and postcards showing the process of the construction of the hydro power dam (built by Nelson River Construction Company) and turbines, as well as the old Belding and Hopkins' dams.

Hydroelectric power plant

File presents Belding-Corticelli's opinion on the matter of the sale of the Town of Coaticook's hydroelectric power plant to Southern Canada Power in 1952. It consists of correspondence between the Coaticook office and the head office in Montreal.

Human resources

Series presents information on the personnel and human resources pertaining to Canadian Celanese in Coaticook from 1957 to 1983. It consists of time sheets, evaluation grids, a memo, and employee lists. The series is composed of the following files: Time sheets and Personnel.


Series illustrates the history of the activities, employees, and production at the Canadian Celanese in Coaticook from he 1940s to the 1980s. It consists of photographs (largely reproduced) and scrapbooks. The series is composed of the following files: Photo albums (reproductions), Photo albums (originals), Other photographs, and General documents.


Series presents some of the history of Belding-Corticelli in Coaticook from 1951 to 1995. It consists of a letter and book on the history of Belding-Corticelli from 1951, a humourous review of the Belding-Corticelli company and its operations probably produced in the 1980s, and two letters with a photograph regarding a Corticelli Spool Silk lapboard preserved in a London museum collection dated 1995.

Commerce and industries

File presents information on the economic history of the Coaticook region from 1875 to 2014. It consists of an account book for James Williamson for R.C. Baldwin’s store (1875), a poster for J.H. Knapp’s ambulance and funeral service ([192-?]), an article “Scientific fish culture in Quebec since 1945” by Louis-Roch Séguin (1957), an article “Étude d’un important projet pour la promotion touristique de la Station Piscicole du Lac Lyster” (1957), a brochure “Eastern Townships Fish Hatchery/Station piscicole des Cantons de l’Est” (1958), a brochure for Camping Piskiart at Lake Lyster (1960s), a promotional poster for Michael Élias & Co. (ca. 1964), an article “Trout rearing with the minimum of fresh make-up water possible/Élévage de truites avec le minimum d’eau fraîche de compensation possible” by Louis-Roch Séguin, Benoit Dion and Raymond Charbonneau (1978), and a cabinetry catalogue from Cabico (2014).

Collection Huguette Savard Lachance

  • CA SHC C030
  • Collection
  • [191-?]-1964

Collection illustrates community life in Coaticook from the 1910s to 1964. It consists of photographs of children, youth, families, an automobile accident, buildings, sports activities, industries, and religious events (some are identified but the majority are unidentified).

Collection Cécile Lemieux

  • CA SHC C008
  • Collection
  • 1938-1993

Collection reflects some of the industries of Coaticook from 1938 to 1993. It consists of photographs of the interiors of Belding-Corticelli, the Canadian Celanese, and Waterville TG, as well as what appear to be groups of employees.

Closure of the Celanese

Series illustrates the process of the closure of the Canadian Celanese in Coaticook and the transfer of employees to the Waterville Celanese from 1984 to 2005. It consists of employee lists, correspondence, minutes, reports, notes and scrapbooks. The series is composed of the following files; Employee lists, Correspondence, Committee for the reclassification of the Celanese workforce, Notebooks (Michel Guimond), and Scrapbooks.

Child Street plant retaining wall

File presents Belding-Corticelli's interest in the replacement of the Child Street retaining wall in Coaticook from 1955 to 1969. It consists of correspondence between Belding-Coricelli's managers, expressing concern over the state of the retaining wall, and the muncipality, as well as newspaper clippings.

Canadian Celanese, Coaticook

Item is a photograph of a group touring the interior of the Canadian Celanese in Coaticook in 1965. Pictured are (L-R) Emile Milette, Suzanne Carbonneau, unknown, unknown, Suzanne Filion

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