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Boright family fonds
CA BCHS BCHS416 · Fonds · [185?]-1985

The fonds contains primary and secondary source information regarding the Boright family. The fonds consists of Boright family papers and an interesting collection of photographs, some of them dating back to the 1850's.

Frosst family fonds
CA BCHS BCHS583 · Fonds · [185?-189?]

The fonds consists of primary and secondary source documents relating to the Frosst family.

McLaughlin Family Fonds
CA BCHS BCHS757 · Fonds · [185?]-1978

The fonds contains primary and secondary source information regarding the McLaughlin families, who came to live in West Bolton and Knowlton, all descendants of James McLaughlin and Elizabeth Andrew, coming from Argyll, Scotland.

Hon. Sydney A. Fisher Fonds
CA BCHS BCHS259 · Fonds · [186?]-1991

The fonds consists of primary and secondary source documents relating to the Hon. Sydney Arthur Fisher, who became member of Parliament from 1896 to 1911 for the Brome County, and Minister of Agriculture. He lived in a beautiful house beside Brome Lake, named Alva House.

Draper family fonds
CA BCHS BCHS533 · Fonds · [186?]-1946

The fonds consists of primary and secondary source documents about the Draper family, particulary in relation with John Colburn Draper and his wife Harriet Alma Downs, and their son Dennis Colborne Draper, who became brigadier-general during WWI.

Mizener family fonds
CA BCHS BCHS790 · Fonds · [186?]-1976

The fonds contains primary and secondary source information regarding the Mizener family, including Karl A. Mizener.

Bates family fonds
CA BCHS BCHS388 · Fonds · [186?]-1969

The fonds consists of primary and secondary source documents relating to the Bates family of Sutton. The photographs are included in four photo albums. They include Bates, Robinson, Page and Mandigo family members. The albums were donated by Hazel Bates, daughter of Hiram Bates and Helen Robinson.

Greene family fonds
CA BCHS BCHS614 · Fonds · [187?-191?]

The fonds consists of primary and secondary source documents relating to the Greene family of South Bolton.

Iron Hill Village Fonds
CA BCHS BCHS4045 · Fonds · [187?-189?]

The fonds consists of primary and secondary source documents relating to the Iron Hill village, including photographs of people and scenes from the village.

Hawley family fonds
CA BCHS BCHS641 · Fonds · [187?]-[1980?]

The fonds consists of primary and secondary source documents relating to the Hawley family. It includes textual records, a photo album and an oversized book about the Hawley family history, published in 1890, that incorporates handwritten genealogical information.

Tarbell-Kimball family fonds
CA BCHS BCHS979 · Fonds · [187?-193?]

The fonds contains primary and secondary source information regarding the Tarbell family, mostly relating to the Tarbell-Kimball and Tarbell-Farmer couples. It includes personal documents and an impressive collection of photographs taken in and out of traditional studio portraits.

Tarbell-Kimball Family
Erskine family fonds
CA BCHS BCHS554 · Fonds · [187?]-1899

The fonds consists of primary and secondary source documents and photographs of the Erskine family, particularly in relation with Kenneth Erskine, who was a bank manager in Knowlton from 1910 to around 1930.

Albert Andrew Munster fonds
CA BU MG117 · Fonds · [193-]-[195-]
  • "Albert & Natalie Munster 16 mm Home Movies": a 16 mm. home movie (transferred onto DVD), a detailed index is included, scenes of growing up in the Eastern Townships, particularly Sherbrooke and Lennoxville, during the 1930's into the mid-1950's. Family members filmed in these home movies: Albert and Natalie Munster. Their children: Nancy, Jim and Harry Nancy's children:
    Mark, as a baby. Harry's children: Elizabeth, Andrew and Cynthia.
  • correspondence
  • newspaper clippings
  • miscellaneous printed material
  • photographs
Munster, Albert Andrew
W.H. Eldridge Fonds
CA BCHS BCHS040 · Fonds · 194?-194?

The fonds contains two copies of a genealogy of the Eldred or Eldridge family (12 pages), written by W.H. Eldridge, clothing manufacturer of Eldridge Clothing Co., Twin Falls, Idaho, and subsequently (1936) City Clerk of the City of Twin Falls, who spent twenty five years in collecting data on the Eldred-Eldridge Family.

Pettes family fonds
CA BCHS BCHS290 · Fonds · 1783-[194?]

This fonds consists of primary and secondary source materials relating to the Pettes family, including family photographs.

Pettes Family
CA BCHS BCHS234 · Fonds · 1940-[195?]

The fonds consists of primary source documents relating to the Scott Family of East Dunham, also known as Scottsmore, particularly the family of Frank Scott and Donna Scott.

Scott Family
J.J. Parker Collection
CA SHS JJP · Collection · 1895-[195-?]

The collection contains information on the people, landscapes and architecture of Stanstead County and northern Vermont. It consists of photographs.

Hawley Family Fonds
MHS MHS014 · Fonds · 1804-[196-?]

The fonds contains primary and secondary source information regarding the Hawley family, including family genealoy, correspondence and Deeds.

Hawley Family
Sidney Jellicoe fonds
CA BU MG017 · Fonds · [196-]-[197-]

Manuscripts, drafts, lecture notes and associated materials related to scholarly research on the Septuagint by Professor Sidney Jellicoe. The fonds also includes lecture notes, bibliographical research notes, offprints, and early/founding records of the International Organization for Septuagint and Cognate Studies (IOSCS). The IOSCS is a nonprofit, learned society formed to promote international research in and study of the Septuagint and related texts. Recent accrual in 2023: The Eschatology of the Psalter. A Thesis submitted for the Degree of B.D. By Sidney Jellicoe. May, 1944.

Jellicoe, Sidney
Barbara Verity fonds
CA ETRC P237 · Fonds · [18 - -], [197-?]-2012

The fonds contains information on various articles and projects realized by Barbara Verity from [197-?] to 2008. It consists primarily of newspaper articles written by Verity, joined with photographic negatives that she took; of posters regarding the life and voyages of David Thompson and her research on covered bridges. The fonds is comprised of the following series: Articles ([197-?]-1992); Poster Project (2008); Researches (1987-1989); Reels ([1977?]), CDs (2008), and Photographs ([1937 and 1947, reproduced], [197-?]-[199-?]).

Verity, Barbara
Call family fonds
CA BCHS BCHS452 · Fonds · 1902-[198?]

The fonds contains primary and secondary source information regarding the Call family, including documents and photographs.

Dorothy Dutton fonds
CA ETRC P143 · Fonds · [1607? (copied)]-2001?, predominant [19--]-1998

The fonds contains source material on Dorothy Dutton's writing activities - published and unpublished literary works - and a press clipping file arranged by subjects. The main subjects are: Canadian history, Eastern Townships history, education, religion, war, environment, politic, and economy. It consists mainly of research files, manuscripts, typescripts, and press clippings. The fonds is comprised of the following series: Fiction ([19--]-1998), Bible Stories ([19--]-[198-?]), Non-fiction (1938-1970), Press Clippings ([1607? copied]-1998), Research Notes ([19--]-1995), Correspondence (1942-1997), Dissemination Activities (1978-1997), Martha Maxwell's Typescripts ([19--]), Paintings and Drawings ([19--]), Awards ([19--]) and Projects ([19--]).

Dutton, Dorothy, 1901-2003
Annie Fergusson fonds
CA ETRC P089 · Fonds · 1671-1953; predominant 1790-1917

The fonds contains source material on Annie Fergusson's family history, her grandfather Captain Josiah Brown having settled in Windsor in 1805. The documents trace the history of property and financial transactions and lawsuits involving various members of the Brown family who lived in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and later Windsor. The time span covered is the late 17th century to the early 20th century. Most of the records, however, relate to Captain Josiah Brown. The fonds is also of some value as a source of information on the settlement of Windsor, Stoke, and Shipton; and on the Reverend James Fergusson, a minister in Richmond and Windsor in the late 19th century. The fonds consists mainly of sales agreements, correspondence, wills, accounting records, promissory notes, estate inventories, summonses, legal documents, lists of titles, and biographical and genealogical notes. It is comprised of the following series: Charles Browne (1671), Gershom Browne (1682), John Browne (1721), Abigail Browne ([17-?]), Samuel Brown (1736), Lieut. Josiah Brown (1741-1769), Capt. Josiah Brown (1785-1814), Joseph and Josiah Brown Jr. (1807-1849), Emily Brown (1839,1848), Shepard Joseph Brown ([186-?]-1908), Rev. James and Annie Fergusson (1859-1953), and Miscellaneous Documents ([17-]-1902).

Fergusson, Annie, b. 1868
CA CAMAR FP076 · Fonds · 1679 - 2003

Ce fonds fournit de l'information sur la fondation et l'histoire de la paroisse. Il nous renseigne sur son territoire, sur l'érection de chemins de croix et sur la construction de l'église. Ce fonds témoigne également de son organisation administrative et financière ainsi que des relations avec les paroisses voisines. Il se compose du décret d'érection canonique, d'un cahier de délibérations du conseil de fabrique, de correspondance, de documents financiers, de contrats relatifs aux terrains, de devis de construction, de plans, de documents relatifs au cimetière ainsi que des inventaires de biens. Il contient aussi les nominations et les professions de foi des curés, une liste de familles, les procès-verbaux des visites pastorales, des autorisations et des permissions pour l'érection de chemins de croix et pour diverses bénédictions de même que des documents relatifs aux associations et aux mouvements spirituels. Le chercheur consultera avec profit les cahiers d'annonces et prônes, l'album souvenir du centenaire de la paroisse, les coupures de presse, les photographies ainsi que les documents historiques concernant la paroisse. Trois insignes de la congrégation des Dames de Sainte-Anne complètent ce fonds.

CA ETRC P998 · Collection · [17--?]-[1995?], 2010-2023

The collection contains source material on various topics related to the Eastern Townships in the eighteenth to twenty-first centuries such as portraits, landscapes, buildings, education, religion, culture, economy, military and sports. It consists of photographs, paintings and postcards.

Eastern Townships Resource Centre Graphic Material (Sherbrooke, Que.)
David Wells fonds
CA BCHS BCHS135 · Fonds · 1726 - 1800

The fonds consists of primary source documents relating to the estate of the late David Wells, of Greenfield, New England. Ephraim Nash, executor of the estate, was married to David's niece, Hannah Wells.

Wells, David
CA BCHS BCHS134 · Fonds · 1730-1786

The fonds consists of primary and secondary souce information about Colonel Samuel Wells and his descendants. It includes documents relating to the estate of Samuel Wells, and personal documents about Oliver Wells, son of Samuel Wells and Hannah Sheldon; Samuel Wells, son of Oliver Wells and Lucy Whipple; and Whipple Wells, married to Hannah Gale, daughter of Samuel Gale and Rebeccah Wells.

Wells, Col. Samuel
CA ETRC P135 · Collection · ([179-?]-[2007?])

The collection contains source material on the personal life of Henrietta Kathleen Warren Milne, as well as her involvement with the Memphremagog Library, the Pinecroft retirement home, her further community involvement, and she and her family's finances. It also contains information regarding the historian Leonard Auger, Dr. Austin Bowen, and Henrietta Kathleen's family and friends, including some geneological information. It ranges from approximately 1700 to 2004 and covers mainly the Magog area with some coverage of the wider Eastern Townships. It consists mainly of correspondence, historical and constituent documents, minutes, notes, financial papers, clippings, and photographs. The collection is comprised of the following series: Memphremagog Library ([196-?]-1995, 2001), Pinecroft Residence (1967-1994), Further Community Involvement ([194-?]-1992), Historical Documents (1796-1988), Personal Life ([19--?]-[2004?]), Leonard Auger Material ([17--?]-1985), Dr. George Austin Bowen (1894-1943), Graphic Materials ([18--?]-[2002?]), Family History ([1776-1780?], [1829?], [184-?]-[1994?]), Other Family and Friends ([1915-1999?]), Business and Finances ([1930-1982?]).

Milne, Henrietta Kathleen Warren, 1911-2001
Minnie Hallowell Bowen fonds
CA ETRC P006 · Fonds · [1752?]-[200-?]

The fonds contains source material mainly related to Minnie Hallowell Bowen's literary writings, community and political implicatons, and personal life at the turn of the 20th century. Many of her poems relate to local events, to the World Wars, and to Canadian and British politics. The fonds also provides information on the activities of Minnie's family members, including but not limited to: her husband Cecil H. Bowen, her son Lloyd H. Bowen, her daughter Rose Meredyth Bowen, Henry Bowen, Edward Bowen, Eleazar Clark, George Frederick Bowen, John Hallowell, William Bowen, Frank A. Bowen, Frederick Chamberlin Bowen, and Edward Hugh Bowen. The documents show their involvement mainly in the development of railways, in the mining industry, in the Armed Forces and Militia, in politics, in scouting, in church activities, and in social clubs and associations. Some documents are about the Fenian Raids, the Knights of Columbus, and the history of Sherbrooke.

The fonds consists of mainly manuscripts, correspondence, photocopies of press clippings, articles, publications, photographs, diaries, prospectuses, and drawings. It is comprised of the following series: Literary Works and Other Writings (1883-1941), Involvement in the Canadian Flag Issue ([1887?]-1946), Personal Life ([1863-1865]-1943), Lloyd H. Bowen (1865, 1902-1995), Cecil H. Bowen ([1866?]-1935, 1986), Other Family Members (1801-1940), and History of Sherbrooke ([1836?]-1967), Family History ([1752?-200-?]), Obituaries and Other Clippings (1836-1943, 1964-1997), Other Photographs and Graphic Material (1840-1956), Miscellaneous ([1835-1904?]).

Bowen, Minnie Hallowell, 1861-1942
Account Books collection
CA BCHS BCHS196 · Collection · ca. 1754-1793

The fonds contains four account books of general merchants at Newfane, Vt., for the years 1754 to 1793 inclusive, twenty-five books kept by general merchants at Brome, Knowlton, Stukely, Stanbridge, Bolton and Shipton, for which in most cases the name of the merchant is not recorded but the years are from 1815 to 1890, with 1820-1825 and 1883-1884 missing, and one account book of Dr. Stephen Sewell Foster for the years 1846-1850, who settled at Frost village in 1821, one of the earliest physicians in the Eastern Townships.