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List of Poems and Writings

The file consists of a 6-page typewritten list of Minnie Hallowell Bowen's literary works, divided into categories: sonnets, baby songs, individual poems to friends, war, translations, patriotic, and published chap-books. There is also an untitled section listing poems and lyrics in alphabetical order. New titles of poems were added to the list by hand afterward.

Hallowell family history

The file contains primary source information on the history of the Hallowell family, primarily in Quebec and the United States, from around 1752 to the early 2000s. It consists largely of family trees, biographical sketches, information on past family residences and correspondence.


The file contains primary source information on the friends and family connected to the Bowens and Hallowells, mostly around Sherbrooke, from 1866 to 1956. It consists of photographs, which include the following subjects: Edward Charles Bowen (a.k.a. Ned) and his wife Ruperta Morkill; Dr. Frederick J. Austin and his wife Henrietta (a.k.a. Etta) Clark; group photo of Cecil H. Bowen, Miss. Herbert, Carrie Clark, Mrs. Herbert, Lin Bowen, Frank Meek, Minnie Bowen, Acton Davies, F.W.W. Bowen, Horace Herbert, a doctor's wife and a reverend having a picnic at Pilley's Island, Newfoundland (1892); Canon H.R. Bigg (1940); the members of St. Peter's Anglican Church Choir (1940); group photo of Dr. Austin, John Hallowell, Tom Tuck, Stephen Edgell, Dr. E. Worthington, F.A. Bowen, Ned Clark, Albert Symmes, Ned Bowen, and E.P. Felton ([187-?]); Mrs. Johnston (1900); Donald Lyon (1932); Mrs. G. F. Bowen; W.A. Hale (1884); Stephen Edgell ([188-?]; Robert Eardley-Wilmot (1931); Charles Meredyth Carew Hallowell (1915); Jessie Bowen Hunt ([188-?]); Frederick William Wyatt Bowen ([188-?]); Ruby Hunt ([192-?]); Lt-Col. H. Fraser in military uniform ([191-?]); Eliza Bowen ([187-?]); Bert Lyon (1928); group photograph at Ruth and Bert Lyon's 25th anniversary party (1956); Minnie with Carrie Clark and Ethel Austin, ([189-?]); Hazen Drury, (1899); W.J. Hunt ([189-?]); Alice Bowen ([190-?]); G.F. Bowen (1866); Barbara Eardley-Wilmot and Jack Carr's marriage (1942); Minnie Hale ([188-?]); Harry Grundy ([192-?]; Margaret Eleanor Giovetti ([192-?]; Thelma Doff ([192-?]); Cecily Eardley-Wilmot (1936); Mrs. Balfour and Ruth Bishop Hunt ([191-?]); Rebecca Willard ([187-?]); a series of photographs of Lloyd Bowen, Harry Grundy and Harold Saunders skiiing (1924); Pauline Gustafson ([192-?]); Agnes Middleton (1940); Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Minnie Bowen infront of a street car ([192-?]); Morris Drury ([191-?]); Barbara and Cecily Eardley-Wilmot, ([1917-1918?]); Constance Bigg ([192-?]); Edward Adams Jr. (1924); a number of photographs of Bob, Sylvia, Barbara, Rose, Charlie, and Cecily Eardley-Wilmot (1941); Kay Middlebro (1943); a group photograph of William J. Hunt, Doris Barclay, C.H. Bowen, Will Barclay, Florence Hunt and Ruby Hunt at the St. Francis Golf Links ([192-?]); a photograph of the Grade XI Sherbrooke High School 1922-1923 class, including V.D. Bouchard, H.E. Saunders; E.B. Loomis, R.W. Haight, D.L. Darey, A.S. Harvey, H. Krakowsky, B.D. Lyon, H.G. Hatcher, S.J. Gain, A.C. Farnham, S.J. McGowan, E.C. Jones, L.I. Rosenbloom, B.E. Hodge, E.E. Paige, V.D. May, H.E. Roberston, R.E. Genge, V.N. Bush, M.O. MacKenzie, J.A. Oughtred, M.E. Austin; a group photograph of the grandchildren of Edward and Alice Lyon: Helen, Donald, Bertram, Mary, William and Beverley (1941); a photograph of the Sherbrooke High School basketball team from 1923-1924; a photograph of the Sherbrooke High School Cadet Corps (1923); Marcelle Blanchette ([193-?]); W.S. Barclay (1924); members of the Sherbrooke ski club (1924); Henry Dockerall ([194-?]); Ossie Charlewood ([1936]); Bob Cooper ([1936]); a group photograph of Ethel Bowen, Florence Bowen, Mrs. Adams, F.A. Bowen, Catherine Adams, Alice Adams and Mrs. Adams ([191-?]) a group photograph at Fletcher's Flat in Sherbrooke showing A. Elkins, Mrs. Holland, Ethel Austin, Fred. L. Bowen, Lucy Holland, W. Paton, ? Lloyd, Albert Symmes, Ruby Hunt, Lottie Lloyd, Jessie Bowen Hunt, Belle Symmes, Carrie Clark, G.F. Bowen, Dr. F. Austin, Mrs. Austin, M. Hallowell, N. Brooks, Rose Brooks, Florence & Nita Hunt, C.H. Bowen, Percy Lomas ([ca. 1884]); a group photograph of Florence Bowen, Florence Hunt, Anna Morris, Cecil Bowen, Kate Ibbotson Smith, E. Fraser, Mrs. Hallowell, Minnie Hallowell, Mrs. J. Edgell, G.F. Bowen, Fanny Heneker, Ethel Bowen, Ruby Hunt, ? Brooks, Mrs. A. Symmes, Rose Brooks, Mrs. E. Clark, Jessie Bowen Hunt, Mrs. Thornloe, Mrs. Lloyd, Carrie Clark, Arthur Fraser, Justice E. Brooks, Kate Edgell, Belle Symmes Hobson, Nita Hunt, Geoffrey Edgell, (1890); a group photograph of Jessie, Frank, Cecil, G.F., and Fred. Bowen ([189-?]); Meredyth Hallowell and Minnie Hallowell Bowen, ([1894]); and a group photograph taken in Magog showing Ned Bowen, Mrs. Ned Hale, Frances Hale, E.C. Hale, Minnie Hale, Mrs. W. Hale (Bly), Fanny Hale, Lillian Bowen, Lin Bowen, Florence Hunt, Alice Bowen, Sylvia Bowen, Jessie Bowen Hunt, Will Hale, Sarita Bowen, Mrs. Frank (Ellie) Bowen, F.A. Bowen, W.J. Hunt, F.W.W. Bowen, Florence Bowen, Lucy Hale Machin, Girlie-Leonard Bowen's child, and C. Hale (1890); and George Algoma.

Lists of colonists

The file contains primarily source information on the colonists who settled on land through the Eastern Townships Protestant Colonization Association in Lawrence Colony and Island Brook Road (Newport Township) from 1945 to 1962. It consists of lists of names and lot locations for those occupying lands in Newport Township, as well as a list of colonists with deeds (1961) and a list of the children and their ages in the colony (1961). It also consists of a lot map with names.

Move to Montreal

The file contains primary source material on Matrix magazine's move from Champlain Regional College - Lennoxville to John Abbott College in Sainte-Anne-de-Belluvue (Montreal, QC) in 1988. It consists of correspondence between Matrix editor Philip Lanthier and prospective future editors, one notice of a meeting regarding the fate of Matrix, two letters from Lanthier to the CRC-Lennoxville Campus Director Gerry Cutting informing him of the impending move, one proposal for the future of Matrix, one letter from new editor Linda Leith to Luc Jutras of the Canadian Council's Writing and Publications Section, one completed Application for Aid to Periodicals with supporting appendices, one letter from Lanthier to Jutras, one Metrolitho inc. receipt for Lanthier, one report on the New Editorial Board, and one budget justification for 1989.

Margaret Bremner

The file contains primary source material related to the submission of Margaret Bremner's works of art to Matrix magazine (published in Lennoxville, QC) from sometime around 1985 to 1986. It consists of one postcard addressed to Matrix from Bremner, one photocopy of the envelope in which some of the drawings were donated, labeled "ART WORK, BREMNER, PURCHASED JAN 15 /86", and 8 pen-and-ink sketches by the artist.

Lefebvre family

Item is a photograph of Adéline, Normand, Francella, and David Lefebvre in Coaticook from about 1921.


The file contains information on the history of Elmwood Cemetery Inc. in Sherbrooke from 1978 to 1990. It consists of histories of the cemetery, documents relating to the organization of Elmwood’s 100th anniversary in 1990, and a photograph.


The series contains source material on the activities of the administration of the Piggery Theatre from 1964 to 1990. It contains the following series: Constituent and Historical Documents ([1964?]-1990), Board of Directors (1964-1990), Administrative Planning (1980), Committees ([196-?]-1990), and Legal Affairs (1964-1987).

The Piggery

The item contains information on the Piggery Theatre history. It depicts the Piggery outside.


The item contains information on Georges Frederick Bowen's professionnal life. It is a letter offering to bargain with another proprietor to solve a mistake made by the Municipality of Weedon, sent by the British American Land Company, represented by L.B. Langford.

Nelson Cleveland

The series contains primary source material on the life of Nelson Cleveland. It consists of a certificate of appointment to Captain in the Second Battalion of the Sherbrooke Militia.

Cleveland, Nelson

Celts of Compton County

The series contains information on the history of the celts in Compton County compiled approximately 1979. It includes information on the Celtic Research Group, the Isle of Lewis, resources for the research of the Celts of Lewis, the settlement of the Celts of Lewis to the Eastern Townships, and the future out-migration of these Celts. It contains a copy of the four volume work entitled, "Celts of Compton County" assembled by the Celtic Research Group.

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