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CA ETRC P219-002-01-001 · Dossier · [1983?]
Fait partie de Andrew R. McMaster fonds

The file contains primary source information on the family history of Andrew R. McMaster (former Liberal MP for Brome, QC) from around 1983. It consists of a manuscript compiled by Helen McMaster Paulin (one of Andrew R. McMaster's daughters) recording the history of the McMaster family from the late-eighteenth century to 1983. Included in this family history are two family trees, as well as information on the personal life of Andrew and his wife, Florence Walker.

“En Toute Simplicité”
CA ETRC P249-004-17-002 · Dossier · 1999
Fait partie de Club de patinage artistique d'East Angus fonds

The subseries contains records relating to the Review on Ice, "En Toute Simplicité”, organized by the club in 1999. It consists of a ticket, a letter from the Hockey Association of East Angus, and a booklet containing details of the event.

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“No” Campaign and the Celebration
CA ETRC P240-001-002 · Dossier · 1980
Fait partie de Allen Martin fonds

The file contains source material on the "No" campaign in the Quebec referendum and the celebration of the successful campaign in the county of Megantic-Compton in 1980. It consists mainly of the correspondence and documents regarding the referendum, and invitations to the celebration of the successful campaign and speeches on it in Bury in 1980.

“Old” Sherbrooke, 1842
CA ETRC P999-053-D001-021 · Pièce · [193-?]
Fait partie de Eastern Townships Resource Centre Postcard collection

The item is a postcard showing a reproduced photograph showing the Magog River gorge in Sherbrooke and the industrial building that once stood on the “island” in the middle of the river, probably photographed around the 1890s, reproduced around 1930.

CA ETRC P249-004-11 · Sous-série · 1988-1992
Fait partie de Club de patinage artistique d'East Angus fonds

The subseries contains information relating to the "Programme Court et Interpretation Suzanne Cathcart" Regional Competitions hosted by the "Club de Patinage Artistique d'East Angus" from 1988 to 1992. It mainly consists of booklets containing details about the competitions, as well as final results. The subseries is comprised of the following files: 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, and 1992.

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CA ETRC P222-007-03 · Sous-série · 1978
Fait partie de Megantic-Compton Cemetery and Church Association fonds

The file contains primary source information on the Protestant cemeteries in Compton County as of 1978. It consists of one document compiling information on several cemeteries located in Compton County, prepared by Waymer S. Laberee and Duncan McLeod for the Compton County Historical and Museum Society in 1978. This document was likely used for reference in the 1990s as the Megantic-Compton Cemetery and Church Association prepared their cemetery listings.

CA ETRC UC023-006-01-001 · Dossier · 1984-1988
Fait partie de United Church of Canada. Quebec and Sherbrooke Presbytery fonds

The file contains primary source material on "The Church in Mission in Quebec" Project of the Quebec-Sherbrooke Presbytery from 1984 to 1988. It consists of a study guide for the project, an aid for understanding the statistics, a draft copy of the project, newsletters from the Dialogue Centre, a report of Dialogue Centre activities, Dialogue Centre job descriptions, Dialogue Centre financial statements, meeting minutes, and proposals, all of which pertain to the "Church in Mission in Quebec" Project.