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Frosst family fonds
CA BCHS BCHS583 · Fonds · [185?-189?]

The fonds consists of primary and secondary source documents relating to the Frosst family.

Iron Hill Village Fonds
CA BCHS BCHS4045 · Fonds · [187?-189?]

The fonds consists of primary and secondary source documents relating to the Iron Hill village, including photographs of people and scenes from the village.

Greene family fonds
CA BCHS BCHS614 · Fonds · [187?-191?]

The fonds consists of primary and secondary source documents relating to the Greene family of South Bolton.

Tarbell-Kimball family fonds
CA BCHS BCHS979 · Fonds · [187?-193?]

The fonds contains primary and secondary source information regarding the Tarbell family, mostly relating to the Tarbell-Kimball and Tarbell-Farmer couples. It includes personal documents and an impressive collection of photographs taken in and out of traditional studio portraits.

Tarbell-Kimball Family
W.H. Eldridge Fonds
CA BCHS BCHS040 · Fonds · 194?-194?

The fonds contains two copies of a genealogy of the Eldred or Eldridge family (12 pages), written by W.H. Eldridge, clothing manufacturer of Eldridge Clothing Co., Twin Falls, Idaho, and subsequently (1936) City Clerk of the City of Twin Falls, who spent twenty five years in collecting data on the Eldred-Eldridge Family.

Albert Andrew Munster fonds
CA BU MG117 · Fonds · [193-]-[195-]
  • "Albert & Natalie Munster 16 mm Home Movies": a 16 mm. home movie (transferred onto DVD), a detailed index is included, scenes of growing up in the Eastern Townships, particularly Sherbrooke and Lennoxville, during the 1930's into the mid-1950's. Family members filmed in these home movies: Albert and Natalie Munster. Their children: Nancy, Jim and Harry Nancy's children:
    Mark, as a baby. Harry's children: Elizabeth, Andrew and Cynthia.
  • correspondence
  • newspaper clippings
  • miscellaneous printed material
  • photographs
Munster, Albert Andrew
Sidney Jellicoe fonds
CA BU MG017 · Fonds · [196-]-[197-]

Manuscripts, drafts, lecture notes and associated materials related to scholarly research on the Septuagint by Professor Sidney Jellicoe. The fonds also includes lecture notes, bibliographical research notes, offprints, and early/founding records of the International Organization for Septuagint and Cognate Studies (IOSCS). The IOSCS is a nonprofit, learned society formed to promote international research in and study of the Septuagint and related texts. Recent accrual in 2023: The Eschatology of the Psalter. A Thesis submitted for the Degree of B.D. By Sidney Jellicoe. May, 1944.

Jellicoe, Sidney
Pettes family fonds
CA BCHS BCHS290 · Fonds · 1783-[194?]

This fonds consists of primary and secondary source materials relating to the Pettes family, including family photographs.

Pettes Family
CA BCHS BCHS134 · Fonds · 1730-1786

The fonds consists of primary and secondary souce information about Colonel Samuel Wells and his descendants. It includes documents relating to the estate of Samuel Wells, and personal documents about Oliver Wells, son of Samuel Wells and Hannah Sheldon; Samuel Wells, son of Oliver Wells and Lucy Whipple; and Whipple Wells, married to Hannah Gale, daughter of Samuel Gale and Rebeccah Wells.

Wells, Col. Samuel
Hezekiah Taylor fonds
CA BCHS BCHS127 · Fonds · 1789/05/07

The fonds consists of a Deed from Hezekiah Taylor to Chandler and Willard, dated May 7, 1789, at Newfane.

Taylor, Hezekiah
Eaton Township fonds
CA BCHS BCHS156 · Fonds · 1792/04/30, 1792/06/20

The fonds consists of a copy of a Petition of Josiah Sawyer and Associated for the Township of Eaton, with list of Applicants, dated April 30, 1792 at Quebec and an order for survey and report signed by Samuel Holland, Surveyor General, that it has been completed, dated June 20, 1792 at Quebec.

Eaton Township
Account Books collection
CA BCHS BCHS196 · Collection · ca. 1754-1793

The fonds contains four account books of general merchants at Newfane, Vt., for the years 1754 to 1793 inclusive, twenty-five books kept by general merchants at Brome, Knowlton, Stukely, Stanbridge, Bolton and Shipton, for which in most cases the name of the merchant is not recorded but the years are from 1815 to 1890, with 1820-1825 and 1883-1884 missing, and one account book of Dr. Stephen Sewell Foster for the years 1846-1850, who settled at Frost village in 1821, one of the earliest physicians in the Eastern Townships.

Henry Cuyler fonds
CA BCHS BCHS028 · Fonds · 1795/06/22

The fonds consists of a lease of farm to Simeon Snow dated June 22, 1795 at Charlotte Co., N.Y.

Cuyler, Henry
John Gould fonds
CA BCHS BCHS055 · Fonds · 1796-03-03 [copy]

The fonds consists of a copy of a letter from Samuel Willard regarding land affairs dated March 3, 1796.

Gould, John
Hemmingford Township fonds
CA BCHS BCHS159 · Fonds · 1797/10/18

The fonds consists of names of persons who have signed obligations to Mr. James Woolrich for their shares of land in the Township of Hemmingford, with ten names, dated October 18, 1797.

Hemmingford Township
Col. Jonathan Smith fonds
CA BCHS BCHS117 · Fonds · 1798/05/07

The fonds consists of a copy of a letter from Samuel Willard regarding the separation of Jonathan Smith, Jr., and his wife, sister of Samuel Willard, dated May 7, 1798 at Sheldon.

Smith, Col. Jonathan
Isaac Ogden fonds
CA BCHS BCHS094 · Fonds · [copy] 1800-10-15

The fonds consists of a copy of a letter from Samuel Willard re patents for the Townships of Stanstead and Stukely dated October 15, 1800 at Stukely.

Ogden, Isaac
Gilbert Hyatt fonds
CA BCHS BCHS070 · Fonds · 1800/09/20, 1800/12/17

The fonds consists of an account and receipt to Samuel Willard of £3-12-0 dated September 20, 1800 at Ascott and an order from Ebenezer Dorman to Gilbert Hyatt dated December 17, 1800 at Ascott.

Hyatt, Gilbert
David Wells fonds
CA BCHS BCHS135 · Fonds · 1726 - 1800

The fonds consists of primary source documents relating to the estate of the late David Wells, of Greenfield, New England. Ephraim Nash, executor of the estate, was married to David's niece, Hannah Wells.

Wells, David
Elisha Baker fonds
CA BCHS BCHS011 · Fonds · 1801/02/23

The fonds consists of an account of goods and receipt for £375-9-2, between Deacon Elisha Baker and Nathaniel Smith, dated February 23, 1801.

Baker, Elisha
Hawley Family Fonds
MHS MHS014 · Fonds · 1804-[196-?]

The fonds contains primary and secondary source information regarding the Hawley family, including family genealoy, correspondence and Deeds.

Hawley Family
Artimas Stevens fonds
CA BCHS BCHS119 · Fonds · 1808/12/03

The fonds consists of an agreement by Joseph Morse to build a barn dated December 3, 1808 at Stukely.

Stevens, Artimas
Ezekial Lewis fonds
CA BCHS BCHS081 · Fonds · 1810/07/03

The fonds consists of a Deed from Frederick Kellogg to Ezekial Lewis, Lot. No. 19, Range 4, Township of Shefford, dated July 3, 1810 at Shefford.

Lewis, Ezekial
David Heath fonds
CA BCHS BCHS064 · Fonds · 1812/10/27

The fonds consists of a commission as Ensign in Second Battalion Militia of the Townships dated October 27, 1812 at the Castle of St. Lewis.

Heath, David
George Harris fonds
CA BCHS BCHS062 · Fonds · 1815/08/08

The fonds consists of a warrant creating George Harris, Baron of Seringapatam and Mysore in the East Indies, and of Belmont in the County of Kent (Great Britain), on parchment, dated August 8, 1815 at Westminster.

Harris, George
Hatley Township fonds
CA BCHS BCHS158 · Fonds · 1797-1816

The fonds contains primary and secondary source information regarding the Township of Hatley, including a letter of attorney and a Deed.

Hatley Township
George Cook Fonds
MHS MHS060 · Fonds · 1819

The fonds consists of a Deed of Sale by John Reynolds to Sarah Hooker and her husband George Cook.

Cook, George
L.R.C. Delery Fonds
MHS MHS030 · Fonds · [copy] 1820

The fonds consists of a copy of a Proces Verbal to Seigniories of Noyan & Foucault regarding the road around Missisquoi Bay.

Delery, L.R.C.
Farnham Township fonds
CA BCHS BCHS157 · Fonds · 1799-1822

The fonds consists of a Deed to Ephraim Nash of six lots by Abraham Cuyler as well as a notarial record of the division of the lots between the several Associated dated July 15, 1799, an order regarding the Militia in the Township of Farnham, signed by John Johnson, dated January 28, 1813, a Milita Roll, a copy of a letter from J. Elmsley regarding lots for Heth Baldwin and a field book for the survey of Farnham, from July 1 to August 29, 1796, in the hand-writing of Ephraim Nash and a smaller book from August 23 to September 16, 1796, all notes being in shorthand.

Farnham Township
Henry Boright Fonds
MHS MHS011 · Fonds · 1821-1823

The fonds contains primary source information regarding Henry Boright, including Deeds of Sale. The fonds contains the following series: Legal Documents (1821, 1823).

Boright, Henry