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Professional life

This file contains primary source material on the professional life of Barbara Wark in Sherbrooke between 1952 and 1999. It consists primarily of a scrapbook from Barbara's nursing training and later career, as well as a telephone directory, newspaper clippings, and identification cards from Barbara's time as a reporter.

Interview with Teddy Green

Item is an interview of Edward "Teddy" Green about his experience working at the Eustis copper mines by W. Gillies Ross in October 1965. Included in the interview are the subjects of mining accidents, working conditions, mining methods, use of communication in the mines, entertainment and leisure, WWI and marriage, and Black people from North Carolina working in the mines.

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P.M. Robins on a Motocyce

Item is a photograph of P.M. Robins on an Indian motocycle in front of the Sherbrooke Loan & Mortage Compagny possibly in 1915.

Poste de télévision

La pièce témoigne de la vie professionnelle de Paul Desruisseaux. Il s'agit d'une lettre de Duplessis à propos de la création d'un poste de télévision à Sherbrooke.

Théâtre Piggery

La pièce témoigne de l'histoire du Théâtre Piggery. Elle représente l'extérieur du Théâtre Piggery.


La pièce témoigne des activités professionnelles de Georges Frederick Bowen. Il s'agit d'une lettre offrant de négocier avec un autre propriétaire pour régler une erreur faite par la Municipalité de Weedon.

Eustis miners

The item is a photograph of a group of miners from the Eustis mines from around 1900, pictured with tools and lunch pails.


The file contains primary source information on the personal life, family, and community involvement of Morris (a.k.a. Mott) C. Derick in Noyan from 1867 to 1924. It consists of correspondence from friends and family, as well as letters composed by M.C. Derick. Included among the postcard correspondence are two addressed to Morris' wife, Elizabeth Beerwort. It also contains a ticket for the Harvest Home Festival for Noyan and Clarenceville from 1867 and a membership card for the Farmers Club of Noyan.

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