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Wolfe, County of
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The item contains information on Georges Frederick Bowen's professionnal life. It is a letter offering to bargain with another proprietor to solve a mistake made by the Municipality of Weedon, sent by the British American Land Company, represented by L.B. Langford.

Pierre Vachon and Agnès Gosselin family

Family of Pierre Vachon (1853-1930) and Agnès Gosselin [1855-1942].
In the back, from left to right: Philomon, Clodomir, Laura, Roméo, Ludivine, Omer and Eméril.
In front, from left to right: Marie-Louise, Stanislas, Henri, Hercule and Marie-Anne.
In the center, Agnès Gosselin and Pierre Vachon.

The photo was taken on the front porch of the family's home.

Vachon family (Garthby)

Horse teadmill.

Inscriptions on the back of the photo:
"Garthby west (sic) 1909 October.
Horse power used for sawing firewood. The work was done at Auguste Grenier's house. The house is in good condition, built by G. Father Félix around 1860.
From left to right: Lédonia Grenier, Auguste Grenier, Adolphe Coulombe, Géraldus Grenier, Hercule Vachon."
G father = Grand Father

Vachon family (Garthby)

Two cars with occupants, license plates from New Hampshire (delivered in 1909).

Item is a photograph of six people pictured in two cars. The cars are parked on a road with trees in the background. There are four people visible in the car on the left, and two people visible in the car on the right. The woman in the car on the right is Georgiana Lemay, Noël Lemay's sister. The cars both carry New Hampshire license plates, one of which was issued in 1909. The location of the photograph is unknown, though the New Hampshire license plates may indicate New Hampshire as the location.

Lemay, Noël, 1890-1967

Baseball team, Garthby, ca. 1910

Garthby baseball team and a Ford 1908 Model T.
The men are standing around the car or sitting in the car. One man holds a baseball glove and two others each hold a baseball bat. Some men are wearing jackets and ties.
Noël Lemay is sitting in the back of the car. He wears a mustache and goatee, drawed on the original photo.

Lemay, Noël, 1890-1967

Portrait of members of Noël Lemay's family.

This picture shows one of Noël Lemay's brothers, his sisters and a sister-in-law.
In the back, from left to right: John Lemay, Donalda Lemay (Mrs. Carleton), Georgine Lemay and Mary Lemay (Mrs. Lapointe).
In front of John: Aimée Lemay (Mme Mercier).
In front, Victoria Desrochers (widow of Victor Lemay, Noël's brother) and Camille Lemay (Mme Valade).
In the center, between Victoria and Camille: Lydia Lemay (Mrs. Vincent).
They are wearing very nice clothes. The ladies' dresses are particularly elaborate. The Lemay sisters were talented seamstresses.

Lemay, Noël, 1890-1967


The file contains primary source information on Cecil H. Bowen's involvement in mining from 1888 to 1910 in Newfoundland, Brazil and the Eastern Townships. It consists of correspondence, prospectuses, accounts, sample analyses, geological reports, and accounts related to the Standard Pyrites Company, which operated a limestone and slate mine in Newfoundland in the 1890s and 1900s. It also includes the rules and regulations of the Pilley's Island (Newfoundland) Board of Health, of which C.H. Bowen was Chairman, correspondence and a travel visa regarding the operation of the Barcellos Gold Mines Ltd. in Brazil from 1889 to 1892 and correspondence and a map related to Cecil's mining rights in the Eastern Townships, particularly in the area of South Ham.
The Pyrites Company was a mining venture Cecil H. Bowen pursued with his brother, Francis (aka Frank) Arthur Bowen.

Wolfe County

The subseries contains information on the geography and architecture of Wolfe County from 1908 to 1911. It consists of postcards from Dudswell Junction, Marbleton and Ste. Adolphe.

The house of Cléophas Grégoire and some people on the balcony.

On this picture, the house of Cléophas Grégoire and some people. From left to right: Léonida Bernier, Réjeanne Grégoire, Adrienne Grégoire, Marie-Anne Grégoire, Ernestine Bernier, Valérie Bernier, Adjutor Grégoire, Marie Marcoux with a child sitting on top of her (second wife of Cléophas Grégoire), Cléophas Grégoire and Amanda Lizotte (wife of Louis Tessier).

Vachon family (Garthby)

Church and presbytery of Garthby

On this picture, the church and the presbytery of Garthby, photographed from St-Jacques street. The photographer is standing a little below on St-Jacques street which slopes down to the bottom of the village. The gaze is directed towards the north. The two buildings are seen from bottom to top, the presbytery on the left and the church on the right.
In the center, at the bottom of the photo, the inscriptions engraved on the negative of the photo: "Garthby, Que." underneath "Eglise et Presbytere" (sic), and at the bottom right, the initials "NJL" for Noël Joseph Lemay.

Lemay, Noël, 1890-1967

A pontoon on Aylmer Lake

In this picture, we see a large two-story pontoon — possibly the floating cottage of the Smith family. The first floor is closed and the second floor is partially open. The rear two thirds of the pontoon consists of a gallery topped by a roof. The front part of the second floor is partially closed. Some people can be seen there. At the front, a small bridge. A rowboat is moored along the pontoon; it is covered on almost all its length by a roof.

Lemay, Noël, 1890-1967

Shipyard in Garthby Station ( now Beaulac-Garthby).

The main subject of this photo is the Garthby shipyard (now Beaulac-Garthby).
In the center left of the photo, a barge (a tugboat) under construction.
In the left background, the village sawmill. In the middle foreground, piles of boards. In the middle right, the village skating rink and on the far right, the train station.
In the background, on the right and in the distance, the house of the Vachon family.
In the foreground, on the left, inscriptions engraved on the negative: "Garthby, Que. Construction of barges at the shipyards". And on the right, still in the foreground at the bottom, the initials "NJL" for Noël Joseph Lemay.

Lemay, Noël, 1890-1967

Floating winches on Aylmer Lake.

The photo was taken from a floating raft in front of the village of Garthby Station. The view is looking west.

In the foreground, on the left, is a barge equipped with railings. This barge transported wood that was used to fuel the boilers of the tugs' steam engines.
In the mid-ground, on the right, two floating platforms on which large wooden winches are installed.
In the background, a part of the village of Garthby, with the church in the center. Along the lake, a steam train drifting north.
At bottom of the photo, on the left, an inscription engraved on the negative of the photo: "Garthby, QUE.", and in the middle, the initials "NJL" for Noël Joseph Lemay.

Lemay, Noël, 1890-1967

The village of Garthby, lower part.

This photograph shows a partial view of the lower part of Garthby.
The view is looking north. The photo was taken from the roof of one of the two boathouses, the northernmost one.

In the foreground, and moving away into the background, the railroad tracks can be seen. In addition to the main track, there are two sidings that were also used to sort the cars. On each of these sidings, a freight car is parked. In the foreground, on the right, the sawmill. Still on the right, a little further on, a rather imposing barge (about 35 feet long). Behind this barge, two warehouses of the Brompton Pulp and Paper Company. In the middle of the picture, to the left of the railroad tracks, the train station. Still on the left, behind the station and going up towards the background, other houses and buildings.

Lemay, Noël, 1890-1967

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