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Stanstead County Women's Institute fonds
CA SHS P005 · Fonds · (1923-2015)

This fonds contains information on the Stanstead County Women's Institute in Stanstead County from 1923-2000) It consist of Programs, Scrapbooks and Photo Albums.

Way's Mills Women's Institute fonds
CA SHS P004 · Fonds · (1914-1955)

The fond contains information for the Way's Mills Women's institute from 1914-1955. It consist of Minutes, Financial records,Treasures reports, programs and correspondence.

North Hatley Women's Institute fonds
CA SHS P003 · Fonds · (1919-1965)

This fond contains files from the North Hatley Women's Institute from 1919 to 1965. History and Minute books.

Ayer's Cliff Women's Institute fonds
CA SHS P002 · Fonds · (March 1942-1968)

This fonds contains information on the Ayer's Cliff Women's Institute in Ayer's Cliff from March 1942 to 1968. It consist of Minute books. This fonds contains 3 minute books in the following series.

Stanstead North Women's Institute Fonds
CA SHS P001 · Fonds · 1929-2005

The fonds contains information on the Stanstead North Women's Institute in Stanstead East from 1929 to 2005. It consist of Minutes, guest books, financial records, newspaper clippings, membership list. This Fonds is composed of the following series: History, Minutes, Annual Reports, Treasurer's Reports, Financial Reports, Property, Programs, Correspondence, Guest Books, Membership List, Newspaper Clippings, Scrapbooks.

J.J. Parker Collection
CA SHS JJP · Collection · 1895-[195-?]

The collection contains information on the people, landscapes and architecture of Stanstead County and northern Vermont. It consists of photographs.