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The item contains information on Georges Frederick Bowen's professionnal life. It is a letter offering to bargain with another proprietor to solve a mistake made by the Municipality of Weedon, sent by the British American Land Company, represented by L.B. Langford.

National Topographic series, Dudswell

National Topographic series map of Dudswell (original information dating from around 1952) overlaid with information about possibilities for soil use derived from the Aménagement rural et le Développement agricole (ARDA) Québec Inventaire des terres du Canada (ITC), as of September 1969.

Government of Canada, Army Survey Establishment

Two cars with occupants, license plates from New Hampshire (delivered in 1909).

Item is a photograph of six people pictured in two cars. The cars are parked on a road with trees in the background. There are four people visible in the car on the left, and two people visible in the car on the right. The woman in the car on the right is Georgiana Lemay, Noël Lemay's sister. The cars both carry New Hampshire license plates, one of which was issued in 1909. The location of the photograph is unknown, though the New Hampshire license plates may indicate New Hampshire as the location.

Lemay, Noël, 1890-1967

Brompton Pulp and Paper Co. Inc. office in Garthby

This is a picture of the Brompton Pulp and Paper office in Garthby (now Beaulac-Garthby). The building is on one level and relatively small. The walls are covered with wooden slats. The soffit is decorated with two rows of small vertical elements called "dentils". The upper corners where the walls meet are decorated with "triglyphs" and "drops" at their base. The façade has a gallery whose roof covers the entire width of the building. The gallery opens on the left and on the right. The roof of the gallery is supported by four columns equally distributed from left to right. The two columns at the left and right ends are square and topped with a simple abacus. The two columns in the center are round and curved, the lower part being more domed than the upper part; they are surmounted by four Ionic-style volutes. The façade of the gallery is covered with horizontal boards. A panel equivalent to about 15% of the width of the gallery is fixed in the center of its façade. The year of construction of this building, 1920, is indicated by raised numerals. A sign on the front edge of the roof covers 90% of its width. It reads "BROMPTOM PULP & PAPER CO. in capital letters.

Lemay, Noël, 1890-1967


The file contains primary source information on Cecil H. Bowen's involvement in mining from 1888 to 1910 in Newfoundland, Brazil and the Eastern Townships. It consists of correspondence, prospectuses, accounts, sample analyses, geological reports, and accounts related to the Standard Pyrites Company, which operated a limestone and slate mine in Newfoundland in the 1890s and 1900s. It also includes the rules and regulations of the Pilley's Island (Newfoundland) Board of Health, of which C.H. Bowen was Chairman, correspondence and a travel visa regarding the operation of the Barcellos Gold Mines Ltd. in Brazil from 1889 to 1892 and correspondence and a map related to Cecil's mining rights in the Eastern Townships, particularly in the area of South Ham.
The Pyrites Company was a mining venture Cecil H. Bowen pursued with his brother, Francis (aka Frank) Arthur Bowen.

Personal Life

The series contains primary source information on Alberta Everett's personal life from about 1944 to 1990. It consists of her autograph book; her Grade 10 Certificate of General Proficiency; and 11 photographs of Alberta alone or with classmates and friends.

Hay wagon and hay rake

In this photograph, we see a hay wagon pulled by two horses. The wagon is full and a man, Roland Vincent, is seated in the pile of hay in the wagon and drives the two horses pulling the wagon. Another man is walking alongside the wagon. In the left foreground, we see a hay rack that was probably used before, pulled by a horse.
On the back of the photograph, this note: "Roland Vincent sur le voyage de foin. Bishopton".

Vachon family (Garthby)

Small buggy driven by a child and pulled by a goat

We see a small buggy, pulled by a goat. One child is seated in the buggy and driving it. A man stands in the background of the buggy with a little girl in front of him. Gaspard Lemay, Noël Lemay's oldest son, is standing to the left of the man. Valmore, Noël Lemay's second child, stands in front of the goat and holds it by its horns. In the background is a 1910's automobile (partial rear view). The other man and the two other children are unidentified.

Lemay, Noël, 1890-1967

Garthby rail station.

Garthby station, its cement platform overlooking the tracks. The architecture of the station is typical of the stations built at that time. On the facade facing us is a sign with the inscription "Garthby".
In the foreground, on the cement platform, a cart of the type pulled by hand and a milk can placed on it. To the right of the station, a buggy to carry passengers; a horse is harnessed to it.
On the front of the station overlooking the tracks are two benches with a wrought iron side structure. A luggage rack with two wheels at the front is leaning against the wall. On a small gallery accessed by three steps are some milk cans.
To the left and a little bit in the background and moving away towards the background, we see the main railroad and two secondary branches, one on the left and the other on the right. On each of these sidings is parked a freight car.

Lemay, Noël, 1890-1967

St-Jacques street in Garthby

Garthby, St-Jacques Street, looking west from the intersection with St-François Street, about 1918. Remarkable photograph as for the details that we find there: the car, the wooden sidewalks, the architecture of the buildings, the clothes of the passers-by. Taking in account the clothes people are wearing, picture was probably taken on a Sunday, after mass.
The car is a Ford T 1916 or 1917 (identified by the shape of the rear window, the shape of the radiator at the front and the shape and type of the headlights).

Lemay, Noël, 1890-1967

Rue St-François, Garthby.

This a photograph of the rue St-François, in Garthby, looking north. In the foreground, on the left, the Beaulac hotel. On each side of the street, poles supporting electrical and telephone wires. The bottom of the poles are painted white to be more visible at night. On the first post on the right is an indication of the road number in the center of a maple leaf. The number is 1. In the middle ground, on the right, there is a white oval sign with the name of an oil company: "Imperial". We see in the entrance of this service station the back part of a car.

Lemay, Noël, 1890-1967

"Central square" in Garthby

On this photograph, we see to the right a vintage truck, parked on street side, facing left. On the side of the truck box, we can read "ELZ. COTE & "; the rest is outbound. On the left, the Beaulac hotel. In the middle, a man seen from behind, hands crossed behind and partially hidden by a fence in the foreground. In the lower left part is engraved by hand on the photo: "Garthby, Que. «Carré central» " and the initials of the photographer "NJL" for Noël Joseph Lemay.

Lemay, Noël, 1890-1967

Shipyard in Garthby Station ( now Beaulac-Garthby).

The main subject of this photo is the Garthby shipyard (now Beaulac-Garthby).
In the center left of the photo, a barge (a tugboat) under construction.
In the left background, the village sawmill. In the middle foreground, piles of boards. In the middle right, the village skating rink and on the far right, the train station.
In the background, on the right and in the distance, the house of the Vachon family.
In the foreground, on the left, inscriptions engraved on the negative: "Garthby, Que. Construction of barges at the shipyards". And on the right, still in the foreground at the bottom, the initials "NJL" for Noël Joseph Lemay.

Lemay, Noël, 1890-1967

Village of Garthby Station.

This photo shows a view of the village of Garthby Station. The village is built on a hillside.
The photo was taken from the roof of one of the two boat storage buildings located on the shore of Aylmer Lake, looking north-northeast.
The road in the foreground is dirt and almost all the houses are covered with unpainted boards. In the center are two larger buildings: the school and the church.
In the foreground, from left to right, the main railroad track and two yard tracks, one on each side of the main track.
In the midground, on the right, the village sawmill and across the railroad, many wood piles.

Lemay, Noël, 1890-1967

Garthby, seen from the back

Partial view of the village of Garthby. The photo was taken from the back of the village, looking east. It shows the northern part of the village.

In the foreground, plots of land rather uncultivated, except for a plot in the center left which seems to be a large garden.

The houses that we see there are distributed in the middle of the plan from the left to the right. Completely on the right, the church.

In the background, you can see most of Ward Bay of Aylmer Lake and the Longue Pointe, also known as Maple Point.

Lemay, Noël, 1890-1967

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