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Collection Alphat Duquette

  • CA SHC C028
  • Collection
  • [195-?]

Collection illustrates some of the organizations in Coaticook from around the 1950s. It consists of photographs showing an unidentified group at the Meadon baseball stadium, an initiation for the Knights of Columbus (Chevaliers de Colomb), and of the Amicale à Sacré-Coeur de Coaticook.

Gordon Kohl and Isobel Bancroft collection

  • CA ETRC P040
  • Fonds
  • [18-?]-[1981?]; predominant 1950-1970

The collection contains source material on the Fenian raids of the 19th century; the re-enactment of these raids in 1959; and the history of the Eastern Townships in general (especially Shefford, Sherbrooke, and Stanstead Counties). It consists of documentary materials of various kinds, including press clippings, correspondence, research notes, reports, maps, and booklets. The collection is comprised of the following series: Fenian raid of 1870 ([1931?]-[1981?]), Historical Societies ([1958?]-1970), History of the Eastern Townships ([1959?]-[1971?]), Artefacts ([18-?]-1962), and Miscellaneous Documents ([1960?]-[1976?]). Photostats from the National Archives of Canada of reports written in 1870 by the military officers at Eccles Hill and of the Map of the Counties of Shefford, Iberville, Brome, Missisquoi, and Rouville by H.F. Walling are part of the collection.

Kohl, Gordon, 1919-2001

Women's Canadian Club of the Eastern Townships fonds

  • CA ETRC P165
  • Fonds
  • [195-?]-2014

The fonds contains source material on the activities of the Women's Canadian Club of the Eastern Townships from around the 1949 to 2014. It consists mainly of histories, minutes, by-laws, reports, correspondence, notices to members, member lists, financial statements, donations, information on speakers, photographs, programmes and publicity. The fonds is comprised of the following series: Administration (1949-2014), Financial Resources (1970-2014), Membership (1967-2014), Speakers (1973-2014), Photographs (1997, [200-?]), Activities (1972-2014), National Meeting of Canadian Clubs (1984), Association of Canadian Clubs (1986-2007).

Women's Canadian Club of the Eastern Townships

Collection Raoul Laurence

  • CA SHC C012
  • Collection
  • [between 1950 and 1953]

Collection illustrates some of the activities of Dr. Raoul Laurence during his time as mayor from 1950 to 1953. It consists of photographs including Raoul Laurence performing various mayoral duties, and includes, among others, a banquet hosted by the Emerald Guild of Coaticook, a retirement party for J.-W. Thériault, the launch of the Lions Club's White Cane campaign, and a special train tour by the Canadian National.

Laurence, Dr. Raoul

Collection Robert Charron

  • CA SHC C006
  • Collection
  • [195-?]

Collection contains photographs from around the 1950s. Among the identified photographs are a group of school children from St. Barthelémy in Ayer's Cliff and Marguerite Mongeau at the time of her communion. Among the unidentified photographs are a studio portrait from a double wedding and a theatre production.

Doris Snowdon fonds

  • CA ETRC P138
  • Fonds
  • [195-?]-[2002?]

The fonds contains biographical source material on Doris Snowdon's life as an artist and on her family genealogy. It consists of a biographical brochure, an article on the Maffre's genealogy, 3 paintings (reproductions) and 6 sketches. The fonds is comprised of the following files: Biography ([196-?]-2001), Maffres' Genealogy ([2002?]), and Artistic Works ([195-?]-[196-]).

Snowdon, Doris, 1897-1996

Royce Gale fonds

  • CA ETRC P230
  • Fonds
  • 1950-1968

The fonds contains primary source information on the professional life of Royce Gale in Sherbrooke from 1950 to 1968. It consists of photographs of some of the classes taught by Royce Gale and of drama performances at the Sherbrooke High School, as well as a newspaper article on the naming Eastern Townships School Board administrators in 1968.

Gale, Royce L.

Fonds Coaticook St. John Ambulance

  • F035
  • Fonds
  • [195-?]-1986

Fonds presents the activities and history of the St. John Ambulance Coaticook division from the 1950s to about the 1980s. It consists of press clippings, photographs that largely portray training activities and competitions, and a souvenir programme for the 35th anniversary of the Coaticook Division.

St. John Ambulance Brigade. Coaticook Division.

Collection Le Progrès de Coaticook

  • CA SHC C040
  • Collection
  • 1950-2017

The collection presents the history of people who made the news and of events underlined between 1950 and 2017 in Coaticook and its region through its local weekly newpaper Le Progrès de Coaticook. It consists of original newspapers and some reproductions, photographs, contact-sheets, and negatives of the newspaper. The collection is composed of the following series : Newspapers, Photos, Contact-sheets, and Negatives.

Edson Family Fonds

  • MHS MHS071
  • Fonds
  • 1950-1972

The fonds contains primary and secondary source information regarding the Edson family. The fonds contains the following series: Correspondence (1950-1957); Correspondence, (1959).

Edson Family

Alex J. Morrison fonds

  • CA BU MG074
  • Fonds
  • 1950

Photographs featured in the Bishop's University yearbook of 1950

Morrison, Alex J.

Fonds Fabrique Saint-Pie X de Magog

  • CA CAMAR FP036
  • Fonds
  • 1949 - 2013

Ce fonds nous renseigne sur la fondation, l'histoire et le patrimoine de la paroisse ainsi que sur sa fermeture. Il informe également de la gestion administrative et financière de la paroisse ainsi que de la construction et la vente de l'église et du presbytère. Le fonds se compose de correspondance, procès-verbaux, documents financiers, listes, rapports, plans, devis et contrats. Le chercheur consultera avec profit les notes historiques, les photographies et le livret publié à l'occasion de la bénédiction de l'église. Des coupures de presse, des documents relatifs aux pasteurs et aux syndics, une fiche d'inventaire de l'église, une requête et un décret complètent ce fonds.


Philip Harry Scowen fonds

  • CA BU MG092
  • Fonds
  • 1949-1986

Fonds (First accession) includes: Correspondence attesting to the many contributions, financial and otherwise, of Philip H. Scowen; 6 photographs, including Convocation, W.B. Scott (inscribed by Scott to Philip Scowen, 1961), sod-turning 1949; Citation for Philip Harry Scowen - conferment of DCL, May 27, 1961; newspaper clippings; 3 issues of The Campus (1949-1951); items of clothing including 4 ties and a purple and white frosh cap; 4 large Bishop's cheering signs (black paint on white cloth), including one which reads "Bishop's Conference Champs 54-55-56"; a white hard-hat featuring the Bishop's crest and Philip Scowen's name.

Second accession includes:

Dr. Philip Harry Scowen:
Sherbrooke Record, 1968
DCL recipient at Bishop's, 1961
50 years old, 1956
44 years old, 1950
32 years old, 1938 (photo by Notman)

Mrs. Eulah Ammis Reed Scowen:
Robin Watt portrait, 1962
50 years old, 1950

Philip Herbert Scowen:
40 years old, 1977
Bishop's University graduation 1959
undated photo by Nakash, close to Bishop's graduation
1958 May. Official opening of Queen Elizabeth Hotel with Guy Lombardo and Royal Canadians. Group photo: Philip Herbert Scowen, Judy Lebaron, Paul Turner, and one other unidentified person.
wedding photos, dancing: Mary Anne Winterer and Philip Herbert Scowen, male guests 1956
Trinity College School, 1953
15 years old, 1952
10 years old, Selwyn House School Boy Scouts photo, 1947
5 years old, 1942

*descriptive captions taken from style of the donor as attached to photographs

Philip Herbert Scowen:
President of Athletics, 1959
Bishop's minor award, 1958
Westmount High School, 1955-1956
Bishop's University diploma B.A. 1959

Scowen, Philip Harry, 1906-1989

Brome County Cooperative Medical Service

  • CA BCHS BCHS1094
  • Fonds
  • 1949-1991

The fonds consists of primary and secondary source administrative records relating to the Brome County Cooperative Medical Service. This includes minute books from 1949 to 1986, correspondence, financial records, reports and medical claim forms [FULL RESTRICTION ON THIS FOLDER].

Fonds Desserte Saint-Bernard de Brill (Brome)

  • CA CAMAR FP073b
  • Fonds
  • 1949 - 1960

Ce fonds témoigne de l'histoire de la paroisse et de sa gestion financière. Il se compose de documents financiers, de documents relatifs aux assurances et d'un cahier d'annonces et prônes.


Sutton Farm Forum Association

  • CA BCHS BCHS1092
  • Fonds
  • 1949-1955

The fonds consists of primary source documents relating to the Sutton Farm Forum Association, a non-profit organization aimed to propose forum meetings and conferences about the agricultural world, for the farm owners of the Sutton region. The first board of directors included Maurice D. Hastings, Chairman; Lynn Reid, Vice-Chairman; G. F. Knights, Secretary-Treasurer; and Herbert McElroy, Secretary Assistant.

Fond Desserte Notre-Dame de la Plage de Magog

  • CA CAMAR FP009a
  • Fonds
  • 1948 - 1999

Ce fonds nous renseigne sur l'offre d'un terrain pour l'établissement d'un lieu de culte, sur la gestion financière et sur le patrimoine de la desserte. Il se compose de correspondance, de documents financiers, d'une fiche d'inventaire de la chapelle et de photographies.


Fonds Desserte Saint-Antoine-Daniel du Lac Wallace

  • CA CAMAR FP027a
  • Fonds
  • 1948 - 1973

Ce fonds nous renseigne sur la fondation et l'histoire de la desserte. Il témoigne également de l'érection d'un chemin de croix et de la fréquence de célébrations des messes. De plus, le fonds nous informe sur la gestion administrative, l'achat et la vente de biens mobiliers et immobiliers. Le fonds se compose de correspondance, de documents financiers, de rapports, d'une note, d'un contrat et de plans.


Fonds Fabrique Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde d'East Angus

  • CA CAMAR FP078
  • Fonds
  • 1948 - 2008

Ce fonds nous renseigne sur un projet d'urbanisme de la ville d'East Angus, sur la gestion financière, le patrimoine et le territoire de la paroisse, ainsi que sur la construction de l'église et du presbytère. Le fonds se compose de plans, de tracts, de documents financiers ainsi que d'une demande et décret d'érection de la congrégation des Dames de Sainte-Anne. Une fiche d'inventaire de l'église et des photographies complètent ce fonds.


John Alan Jowitt fonds

  • CA BU MG088
  • Fonds
  • 1948-1952

Fonds includes:

  • Constitution for Canterbury Clubs, with suggested by-laws and student program, annotated. "The aim of the Canterbury Club is to serve the Mission of Christianity in higher education by fostering among the students of this institution a better undertsanding of the Faith and Practice of the Episcopal Church and loyalty to its corporate life Pro Christo per Ecclesiam", etc.
    • examination questionnaires
    • newspaper clippings (includes Montreal Star account of an a tragic traffic accident which took the life of Graham Knight, 20, a "prominent Bishop's student" being a member of the football team and editor of The Mitre. Dated August 26, 1949)
    • The Athletic Dinner, 1948. Program and menu.
    • receipt: $2.00 for the Bishop's University Extension Fund. March 3, 1948;
    • small "Bishop's Football" pin;
    • an unidentified felt badge;

Jowitt, John Alan

Louise May Hoddinott fonds

  • CA BU MG013
  • Fonds
  • 1948

Single item fonds consists of the Last Will of Miss Louise Hoddinott of Eaton Corner, leaving to Bishop's College School and University, half of her property. Dated April 5th, 1948.

Hoddinott, Louise May

Fonds Desserte Notre-Dame-du-Divin-Amour

  • CA CAMAR FP079a
  • Fonds
  • [vers 1947] - 2000

Ce fonds nous renseigne sur la fondation, l'histoire et le patrimoine de la desserte. Il témoigne aussi de l'érection d'un chemin de croix et de la bénédiction de la chapelle et d'une cloche. Le fonds nous informe également sur la gestion administrative et financière de la desserte ainsi que sur l'achat, la vente, la construction, la rénovation ou l'entretien de ses ressources immobilières et mobilières. Il se compose d'une requête, d'un décret, de correspondance, procès-verbaux, documents financiers, contrats et coupures de presse. Le chercheur consultera avec profit les cahiers d’annonces et prônes et la brochure sur l'histoire de la mission. Des textes, des images, des plans, des photographies, une fiche d'inventaire de la chapelle et un dépliant complètent ce fonds.


Collection Lydia May

  • CA SHC C023
  • Collection
  • 1946-2000

Collection contains information on the Dixville, Crooker, and Marsh Cemetery Association from 1946 to 1981 and on the Coaticook Area Senior Citizens Sunshine 50+ Club from 1975 to 2000. It consists primarily of a receipts and disbursements ledger, minutes, correspondance, press clippings, and correspondence. The collection is composed of the following files: Dixville, Crooker, and Marsh Cemetery Association; Minutes, Coaticook Area Senior Citizens Sunshine Club; and Correspondence and programmes, Coaticook Area Senior Citizens Sunshine Club.

Fonds Desserte Notre-Dame-des-Mères de Sherbrooke

  • CA CAMAR FP048a
  • Fonds
  • 1946 - 1992

Le fonds nous renseigne sur l'ouverture de la desserte, la construction de la chapelle et la gestion financière. Il fournit également de l'information sur l'achat et l'expropriation de terrains. Il se compose de documents financiers, requêtes, correspondance, factures et rapports. On y retrouve aussi le procès-verbal de la bénédiction de la chapelle et une liste d'objets de culte.


Margaret Amelia Banks fonds

  • CA BU MG100
  • Fonds
  • 1946-1949

Scrapbook containing photographs, newspaper clippings, and personal mementoes of Margaret's three years at Bishop's (1946/47 - 1948/49). Inscribed: This volume was compiled not by me, but by my father, Thomas Herbert Banks (1886-1960), who was much more talented at such things than I am. Signed Margaret A. Banks.

Banks, Margaret Amelia

G.H. Stanley Mills fonds

  • CA BU MG029
  • Fonds
  • 1946-1950
  • Memoir: In Tribute to Life. 57pp.
  • Essays: In Search of Meaning. Read before the Active Chapter of the Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity on October 31, 1946.
  • Poetry and Prose, Read before the Active .... February 21, 1950.
  • Untitled essay on the Kirke brothers

Mills, G.H. Stanley

Fonds Belding-Corticelli

  • CA SHC F033
  • Fonds
  • 1945-2001

Fonds illustrates the operations, personnel, municipal relations, and the properties of the Belding-Corticelli factories in Coaticook from 1945 to 2001. It consists largely of correspondence, photographs, and collective agreements. The fonds is composed of the following series: Personnel, Correspondence, Photographs, Production, and History.

Belding Corticelli Limited. Coaticook

Fonds Fabrique Sacré-Coeur de Beauvoir

  • CA CAMAR FP135
  • Fonds
  • 1945 - 1999

Ce fonds fournit de l'information sur l'histoire et le patrimoine de la paroisse, la gestion administrative et financière, le développement du territoire ainisi que sur la construction de l'église et les relations avec les Assomptionnistes. Il se compose de décrets d'érection canonique, de conventions, d'assermentations, et de procès-verbaux du conseil de fabrique et du conseil de pastorale. Le fonds contient également des documents financiers, de la correspondance, des directives, des plans, des nominations de curés, des rapports généraux ainsi que des documents relatifs à la fermeture de la paroisse. Le chercheur consultera avec profit les cahiers d'annonces et prônes, les notes historiques et le registre des visites pastorales. Des photographies et une fiche d'inventaire de l'église complètent ce fonds.


Stanstead College Choir - The Forest Prince

  • Item
  • 1945-1946

Maureen Cumbers, Gaetane Gauthier, Lloyd MacPherson, Murray Johnston, Ellen Doak, Richard Dean, Peter King, Max Ferrill, Clarice Harris, Parkin Thomson, Robert Denman, Maurice Janna, Peter Holroyd, Stuart Ballard, Stuart Edgar, George Cowles, Barbara Thomas, Sylvia Corey

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