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Newport Township collection

  • CA ETRC P256
  • Collection
  • 1790-1937

The collection contains primary source information on the administration of Newport Township, financial transactions in the Township, the lives of its citizens, legal affairs, military operations, and land division, from 1790 to 1937. It consists primarily of meeting minutes, correspondence, account statements, and land deeds, among many other types of records. The collection is comprised of the following series: Administrative (1791-1880), Financial Records (1790-1900), Correspondence (1799-1893), Legal Documents (1792-1834), Military (1792-1830), Land and Property (1799-1937), and Miscellaneous Documents (1815-1937).

Nina Parsons Rowell collection

  • CA ETRC P255
  • Collection
  • 1883-2006

**Box 563- Box 1:
Binder “School Reports, etc.”
-2 photographs, Bury High School, 1931, 1947
-lists of students and school districts in Bury, 1873-1881
-school fair report, 1931
-newspaper clippings, 1925-2007
-class lists, 1983-1992
-Pope Memorial School prize programme, 1960-1968
Folder: lists of schools and students, 1847-1953; public speaking 1990
Binder (red, unidentified)
-copied newspaper clippings on natural disasters, 1938-1943
Binder: Index Ch. Bks, TBT Bury Anglican church (St. Paul’s)
Binder (red); Obituaries of Bury people
a. Those written by Mrs. George Parsons, c1920s, retyped by Nina Rowell
b. Written by Nina Rowell
Photo Album; Clippings of interest: Sawyerville 1921 - 1940s, Scotstown, Sherbrooke and vicinity
Binder “nostalgia”; Typed articles from the Sherbrooke Daily Record by Nina Rowell
Binder (yellow); "Highlights and Changes in Bury in 1970", Mrs George Parsons
Bundle "History of Bury", Clippings, manuscript documents written by Nina Rowell and Mrs George Parsons, outline for the celebration of Bury's 125th anniversary.
Book of Remembrance; Donald William MacCaskill, September 3, 1957, Gould
Family trees, letters: E, F, G, H, L, P, Q

**Box 564- Box 2
Ledger: Mr. Cooper, East Angus, 1925
Folder: Bill Forms; Bury business, c1930s to c1950s, includes; Thos Stokes, J.H. Saunders, Thomas Bown; and calendars
Folder (green): Misc. documents (includes Hand written original article by Mrs. George Parsons for "Special" to the Record - June 30, 1966; Pamphlet; Exposition Cookshire Fair, 2004; International Railways history handwritten)
Folder: writings by Mrs. George Parsons and Nina Rowell
-Hand written original article by Mrs. George Parsons for "Special" to the Record - June 30, 1966
-Document; 1 page, hand written history of Memorial Park in Bury, Nina Rowell
-9 parts consolidated history of Bury Schools, Nina Rowell, 1977
-Original typed pages. "Nostalgia" by Nina Rowell - 1921 -24. Articles for The Record
Folder: Bury Athletic Association, programs (1938, 1982) and committee list (1966)
Folder: List of negatives of Photographs by H.H. Weedon : Bury
Binder (red); Bury Cem. inventory "Bury Cemetery, Bury in Action", by Stuart Coates, 1982
Binder; "Churches in the ET"; clippings and history, compiled by Nina Rowell, INCLUDES 9 photographs + 1 postcard

**Box 565- Box 3:
Binder; Family Trees – Letter "A", Nina Rowell
Binder; Family Trees - Letter "B", Nina Rowell
Binder; Family Trees - Letter "B", Nina Rowell
Binder; Family Trees - Letter "C", Nina Rowell
Binder; Family Trees - Letter "C", Nina Rowell
Binder; Family Trees - Letter "D", Nina Rowell
Binder; Family Trees - Letter "J", Nina Rowell
Binder; Family Trees - Letter "K", Nina Rowell
Binder; Family Trees - Letter "M", Nina Rowell
Binder; Family Trees - Letter "W, Y, Z", Nina Rowell

**Box 566- Box 4:
Binder; Family Trees - Letter "N", Nina Rowell
Binder; Family Trees - Letter "O", Nina Rowell
Binder; Family Trees - Letter "R", Nina Rowell
Binder; Family Trees - Letter "S", Nina Rowell
Binder; Family Trees - Letter "T", Nina Rowell
Binder; Family Trees - Letter "U-V", Nina Rowell

Binder; Family Trees - Letter "W, Y, Z", Nina Rowell
Binder; "Bury Ranges 1, 2, 3 & 4"; lot ownership form and index. Compiled by Allan Rowell for the Committee to Celebrate Bury 1836-1986.
Document; Typed sheets, 11 pages, "East Clifton ... 1799 ... 1974", author unknown. Document appears to be the history of East Clifton.
Calendar; Rosaire Roy, Bury, 1981
Calendar; Richard Rothney, Cookshire, 1981 (used)
Calendar; Prangley & CO. Bury, 1988, (new)
Document; Pope Memorial School, 1997-98
Duotang; Municipality & Township of Bury – Excerpts, Minutes 1845-1891
Notebooks; Bury Council Minutes, 1912 to 1932; hand written copies,
Binder; Family tree and history of Robert Parson, 1660-1715 of Motcombe, England
Binder; compiled by Nina Rowell

  • Excerpts from old Town Minute Books, Bury; 1855-1888
  • Excerpts from old Town Minute Books, Bury; 1891-1911
    Binder; compiled by Nina Rowell
  • Excerpts from old Town Minute Books, Bury; 1917-1929

**Box 567- Box 5:
Box; S.B. C., Brookbury Women's Institute 1935, Letters from Brookbury Men who are serving overseas, 1940-42

  • Ray Everett, 1st Light Anti-Aircraft Reg't
  • Gordon Everett, 2nd Field Reg't
  • Wilfred Webb, 2nd Canadian Forestry
  • John Buttermer, 3rd Cdn Div. Signals
  • Austin Buttermer
  • Bruce Hooker, RCAF
  • Clayton Gray, RCAF
  • Buster Martin, 2nd Field Reg't
  • Emerson Martin, KIA
  • Bill Martin, RCAF
  • Letter from Red Cross re: Hong Kong parcel, 1942
    Book; "Memorial Trek 2004", Western Association of Leavitt Families" (Hatley)
    Booklet; "Island Brook School, Grade 6 Yearbook, 1963-1964", with pictures
    Booklet; " 1968-69 OUA Year Book", Island Brook School, with pictures
    Notebook; "Missionary", Hand written story by Violet Wood, post 1894
    Calendar: Rosaire Roy, Boucherie, Bury 1992, (new)
    Document: History of Telephone System in Bury, Nina Rowell
    Document; Information on the Bury Telephone System, Donalda Parsons (a personal account)
    Document; War Time Memories, Nina Rowell, 2006
    Postcard; From Margaret R. Stoddard to Mr J Drennan, Cookshire c1950s
    Document; History of the Bury Branch #48, Nina Rowell, 2006
    Documents; Family Group Records; Allaire to Delinde
    Document; Canada Day in Bury, Nina Rowell, 1982
    Document; Float Results, Bury Parade, 1983
    Document; Pope Memorial School; Physical Education Awards, compiled by Nina Rowell, 1975
    Document; Severe storm of 1901 ... Bury, Mrs George Parsons, 1967
    Various loose documents from scrapbooks that were not retained
    Scrapbook; Clippings, "Bits of Nostalgia" Articles written by Nina Rowell for the Record, 1984¬
    Map; Ontario (hand-drawn), undated, rolled
    Map; Quebec (hand-drawn), A.J. Cascadden, Cookshire P.Q., rolled
    Map; Nova Scotia (hand-drawn), undated, rolled
    Photos; Quebec Women Institute, Symposium at MacDonald College 1957-58. Some annotated with names. Mrs. George Parsons collection.
    Photo; Old farm house with 4 people (unnamed), circa 1920s (in bad shape)

**Oversized documents
• Map; Bury, Comte de Compton, Ministere des terres et forets, 1939: blue print showing lot and range lines, pre 1802, 1862 and 1903. (rolled and in a tube)
• Map; Village of Bury, hand drawn Nina Rowell. (rolled)
• Map; Plan of St. Paul's Cemetery; 1960 drawn by W.W. Bake (rolled)
• Map; Island Brook; 1860 to 1993, by Ruth Burns Morrow (rolled)
• Map: Township of Bury 1855, Lots and Ranges, showing ownership, hand drawn by Nina Rowell (rolled)
• Map: Township of Bury 1863, Lots and Ranges, showing ownership, hand drawn by Nina Rowell (rolled)
• Map: Township of Bury 1917, Lots and Ranges, showing ownership, hand drawn by Nina Rowell (rolled)
• Map: Official Map of the Township of Bury, 1894, updated 1897, 1903, 1929..(Card stock -old, flat)
• Calendar backs for:
o R.N. Mayhew, Bury Meat Market 1928
o A.J. Barter, Meat Market, Bury, 1931
o Lizotte Bros., Flour and Feed Merchants, Bury, c1930s
o R.J. Mackay, Groceries, Bury, Quebec, c1938 with pencil notes on the back
• Photos; 10 ea 16" x 20", the photos make up the contents of "Map of the District of St. Francis", Putnam and Gray, 1863, reproductions. Photos come from the National Map Collection, Public Archives Canada 1980. (transferred to OL, map cabinet, drawer 1)
• Posters: 4. Cookshire Academy class pictures with positional drawings for each person with number. Years 1890s to 1930s (INCLUDES 7 photographs)
• Poster: 2. Large with various old letter head, billing headers, old cheques of the various merchants of the village of Bury, circa 1920 to 1940.

Eastern Townships Resource Centre Cartographic Material collection

  • CA ETRC P996
  • Collection
  • [1834?]-2023

The collection contains mainly source material on the geography of the Eastern Townships in the nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first centuries such as districts, counties, townships, towns, roads, railroads, lakes and rivers. It also contains source material on Lower Canada, other portions of the Province of Quebec and the Estrie region. It consists of maps and plans.

collection de documents textuels du Centre de recherche des Cantons de l'Est

  • CA ETRC P997
  • Collection
  • [18--]-2005

La collection témoigne de divers aspects des Cantons-de-l’Est aux dix-neuvième et vingtième siècles tels que la colonisation, la politique, la milice, l’économie, le transport, les communications, la santé et le bien-être, l’éducation, la religion et la culture. Elle est surtout composée d’horaires, d’avis de décès, de statuts et règlements, de polices d’assurance, de certificats, de photographies, de cartes de souhaits, de dessins, d’affiches, de cartons, de pétitions, d’arbres généalogiques, de journaux personnels, de spicilèges, de journaux, de lettres, de feuilles de musique, de concessions de terre, de rapports, de registres comptables, de procès verbaux, de cahiers de notes et de programmes. La collection comprend les séries suivantes : Établissement et colonisation ([18--]-Documents photocopiés 1994), Politique (1965-1974), Milice (1802-1988), Économie (1830-1987), Transport et communications (1826-1990), Santé et Bien-être (1931-1949), Éducation (1854-1998), Religion ([18-?]-Documents photocopiés 1993), Culture ([18-?]-1990).

Bampton Home Children Collection

  • CA ETRC P186
  • Collection
  • 1868-2011

The collection contains primary source information on child immigration, social and economic conditions. It also contains information on the Gibbs Boys Home, Knowlton Distributing Home, Chapter history, projects, and events, as well as on the personal histories of individual Home Children. The majority of the records were produced in the Eastern Townships, many come from across Canada and worldwide. It consists primarily of personal genealogical correspondence, photographs, and newspaper clippings. The collection is comprised of the following series: Historical information ([186-]-[20--]), Promotional Material (1977-2010), Genealogy (1868-2011), Personal Correspondence (1984-2011), Photographs ([19--]-2008), and Media ([199-?]-2001).

Sans titre

Collection J. Derek Booth

  • CA ETRC P154
  • Collection
  • 2004-2006

La collection compte 6 disques compacts: 2 copies d’un disque intitulé “Railways of Southern Quebec”, 2 copies d’un disque intitulé “Churches of the Eastern Townships” et 2 copies disque cd intitulé “Railway Stations of Southern Quebec”.

Sans titre

collection William G. Clark

  • CA ETRC P031
  • Collection
  • [1897?]-2003

La collection témoigne de l’histoire de la région d’Asbestos et du développement de l’industrie de l’amiante aux 19e et 20e siècles ; elle fournit aussi des informations sur la Johns-Manville Corporation. La collection comprend les séries suivantes : Le Citoyen ; Cahiers historiques (1971-1980), Périodiques (Le producteur d’amiante and Johns-Manville News Pictorial), (1948-1976), Photographies ([1897?]-1981), et Documents divers (1940-1971).

Sans titre

Collection Lawrence Ball

  • CA ETRC P024
  • Collection
  • [1822?]-1981

La collection témoigne de l’histoire des Cantons-de-l’Est, plus particulièrement de l’histoire de la région de Drummondville depuis le début de la colonisation. Elle est composée documents de toutes sortes : des spicilèges, des coupures de presse, des procès-verbaux, de la correspondance, des brochures, des serments d’office, des requêtes, des cartons d’invitations, des registres, des cartes et des plans, et des photographies. La collection comprend les séries suivantes: Drummondville ([1889?]-1978), Comté de Drummond ([1822?]-[1893?], Albums sur les Cantons-de-l’Est ([1889?]-1981), Famille Hale-Derbyshire ([1826?]-[1917?]), Joseph Greetham De Lorimier (1930-1935), Henry Stephen Osgood ([1895?]-[193-?], Golf, Bibliothèque et Tennis de North Hatley ([1924?]-1967), Registres de compagnies (1920-1973), Registre scolaire 'Sunday School by Post' (1931-1937), et Documents divers ([1888?]-[1942?]).

Sans titre

Bill Buckland collection

  • CA ETRC P266
  • Collection
  • 1978-2023

This collection is composed of primary and secondary records dating from [1843-1890]-1978 and 2023 pertaining to the Buckland and Robinson families of Coaticook and Waterloo. The records include, biographical accounts, genealogical documents, obituaries, news clippings, and photographs.

Collection de la Société d'histoire et du patrimoine du Haut-St-François

  • CA ETRC P232
  • Collection
  • 1815-1999

La collection se compose de documents recueillis auprès de diverses sources par la Société d'histoire et du patrimoine du Haut-St-François, située à Eaton Corner. Il se compose de photographies, en grande partie de l'East Angus et des environs.

Collection de documents iconographiques du CRCE

  • CA ETRC P998
  • Collection
  • [17--?]-[1995?], 2010

The collection contains source material on various topics related to the Eastern Townships in the eighteenth to twenty-first centuries such as portraits, landscapes, buildings, education, religion, culture, economy, military and sports. It consists of photographs, paintings and postcards.

Sans titre

Collection Louis-Philippe Demers

  • CA ETRC P030
  • Collection
  • [1863?]-[1985?]

La collection témoigne de l’histoire des Cantons-de-l’Est et plus précisément sur la Ville de Sherbrooke au 20e siècle. Elle fournit des informations sur des sujets variés tels que le quotidien La Tribune, le Centenaire de Sherbrooke, les concessions de terres au 18e et 19e siècles, l’enseignement des arts et le Congrès eucharistique de 1959. La collection est surtout composée de coupures de presse, de photographies, de cartes postales, de registres et de contrats. La plupart des documents portant sur les concessions de terres dans les Cantons-de-l’Est sont des copies dont les originaux se trouvent aux Archives nationales du Canada. Le dossier des Coupures de presse contient également des photocopies d’articles provenant de journaux locaux. La collection comprend les séries suivantes : Dossier de presse (1937-[198-?]), Images, photographies et cartes postales (1885-[1959?]), Registres du Conseil des arts et manufactures de la Province de Québec (1903-1953), Concessions de terres dans les Cantons-de-l’Est (1863-1985), et Documents divers ([1883?]-1984). La série “Concessions de terres dans les Cantons de l’Est” comprend un exemplaire original, découpé en plusieurs morceaux, de la carte Map of the district of St. Francis, Canada East, de Putnam et Gray, réalisée en 1863.

Sans titre

Collection Herbert Derick

  • CA ETRC P058
  • Collection
  • 1816-[2003?]

Le fonds contient des documents de source de premier ordre au sujet des activités personnelles et professionnelles de Herbert Derick. Il comprend aussi des documents à propos de plusieurs membres de la famille Derick et un manuscrit généalogique. Enfin, il contient des documents sur d'autres familles et des recherches sur divers sujets et municipalités des Cantons-de-l’Est, des index de cimetières, des photographies, des grands livres et des livres comptables. Le fonds est organisé selon les séries suivantes : Herbert R. Derick (1916-1994), la famille Derick ([18--?]-1994), Autres familles (1816-[2003?]), Recherches (1827-[199-?]), Index de cimetières ([1958?]-1986), Grands livres (1848-1919), Livres comptables (1848-[1989?]), Bible de la famille ([18--?]) et Photographies ([18--?]-[19--?]).

Derick, Herbert, 1916-1994

Alberta Everett collection

  • CA ETRC P260
  • Collection
  • [ca. 1920s]-2017

The collection contains primary source materials relating to Alberta Everett (née Ross), her family, and the cultural heritage of the Eastern Townships from about the 1920s to 2017. It consists primarily of photographs, audiovisual recordings, and artefacts documenting events and celebrations around Eaton Township (Bulwer, Birchton, Bury), Lennoxville, and Hatley. It also consists of some textual records attesting to the personal lives of Alberta and her family. The collection is comprised of the following series: Family History ([ca. 1920s]- [ca. 1980]), Personal Life (1944-[ca. 1990]), and Townships History ([ca. 1930]-2017).

Collection de documents sur supports spéciaux du Centre de recherche des Cantons de l'Est

  • CA ETRC P995
  • Collection
  • [191-?]-2004, 2021

La collection témoigne de divers aspects de la région des Cantons-de-l’Est aux vingtième et vingt-et-unième siècles tels que les villes, la milice, la colonisation, l’agriculture, la vie, les artistes et les histoires orales. Elle comprend des cassettes audio, des vidéos, des artefacts, des documents textuels, des photographies et un dessin industriel.

Sans titre

Henrietta Kathleen Warren Milne Collection

  • CA ETRC P135
  • Collection
  • ([179-?]-[2007?])

The collection contains source material on the personal life of Henrietta Kathleen Warren Milne, as well as her involvement with the Memphremagog Library, the Pinecroft retirement home, her further community involvement, and she and her family's finances. It also contains information regarding the historian Leonard Auger, Dr. Austin Bowen, and Henrietta Kathleen's family and friends, including some geneological information. It ranges from approximately 1700 to 2004 and covers mainly the Magog area with some coverage of the wider Eastern Townships. It consists mainly of correspondence, historical and constituent documents, minutes, notes, financial papers, clippings, and photographs. The collection is comprised of the following series: Memphremagog Library ([196-?]-1995, 2001), Pinecroft Residence (1967-1994), Further Community Involvement ([194-?]-1992), Historical Documents (1796-1988), Personal Life ([19--?]-[2004?]), Leonard Auger Material ([17--?]-1985), Dr. George Austin Bowen (1894-1943), Graphic Materials ([18--?]-[2002?]), Family History ([1776-1780?], [1829?], [184-?]-[1994?]), Other Family and Friends ([1915-1999?]), Business and Finances ([1930-1982?]).

Sans titre

Collection Ian Tait

  • CA ETRC P163
  • Collection
  • [188-?]-1995

Ce fonds témoigne de l’histoire, de la culture et des traditions de la communauté anglophone des Cantons-de-l’Est au début du 20e siècle. Il est composé de cassettes audio, de cassettes vidéo, des photographies, des documents textuels, et de quelques listes. Le fonds est composé des séries suivantes : Culture locale dans les Cantons de l'Est , Radio Broadcasts par Ian Tait , CRC Projets de classe des étudiants , photographies et dessins , cartes et documents divers.

Sans titre

Lake Massawippi Area Historical Society collection

  • CA ETRC P177
  • Collection
  • 1890-2005

The collection contains primary source information on the history of the Lake Massawippi area, including North Hatley, Ayer's Cliff, and Hatley Village from the 1890s to 2008. It consists of information on the activities of the Hatley Water Company, the Village of Hatley, Funding Co. Ltd., North Hatley Historical Society, Stanstead Historical Society, Ayer's Cliff Water Company, LeBaron & Co., Massawippi Country Club, Connaught Inn Co., among others. The collection is comprised of the following series; K.E Kennedy (1901-[1988?]), North Hatley Historical Society ([1992?]-2008), Stanstead Historical Society (1963), Genealogy ([19--?]-2005), Cemetery Indexes ([199-?]), Scrapbooks ([19--?]-[195-?]), Photographs, Ayer's Cliff Water Company (1908-1940), LeBaron & Co. (1926-1968), Wills and Obituaries (1913-1979), History of the Eastern Townships (1909-1984), North Hatley Electoral Lists (1902-1939), Ledgers (1890-1949), Artifacts, Indexes (1912), North Hatley Water Company (19894-1914), Hatley Tourism (1973-[19--?]), Calendars, and Miscellaneous.

Sans titre

Eddy Echenberg Collection

  • CA ETRC P164
  • Collection
  • 1863-1999

The collection contains source material on the business, cultural and family history of the Eastern Townships during the 19th and 20th centuries, along with other topics. It consists mainly of Sherbrooke and surrounding regions telephone directories, business pamphlets, Bishop's College School yearbooks, club information, Sherbrooke Newspaper, maps of the Eastern Townships, and booklets from the Sherbrooke Winter Fair. Included among the material is a copy of "The Echenbergs of Ostropol and Sherbrooke: a tale of two shetls" by Myron Echenberg and Ruth Tannenbaum (1986) and two prints published that represents the Counties of the Eastern Townships. The fonds consists of the following series: Military (1918-1939), General Stores (1885-1940), Hardware Stores (1905-1961), Services (1905-1927), Fairs (1954-1960), Manufacturers (1896-1960), Companies ([ca. 1890]-1950), Reprints (1972), Contract (1869), Maps from the Canadian Pacific Railway Company (1918), Map of Thetford Mines-Black Lake ([1952]) , Activities (1915-1966), Eastern Townships Families (1908-1986), Bishop's College School (1925-1929), Prints (1980?], Phone Directories (1922-1952), Music Store (1863), Banks (1908) and Newspapers (1886-1957).

Sans titre

Collection Jim Belknap

  • CA SHC C002
  • Collection
  • 1822 [reproduction]-2006

La collection présente des informations à propos des entreprises et des commerces de la région de Coaticook entre 1851 et 1934. On y retrouve des factures et des coupures de journaux.

Eastern Townships Resource Centre Postcard collection

  • CA ETRC P999
  • Collection
  • [190-?]-[199-?]

The collection contains source material on towns and villages of the Eastern Townships in the twentieth century. It consists of postcards organized by municipality. There are postcards from all decades of the twentieth century but the majority are from the first two decades of the century. The collection is comprised of the following series: Arthabaska ([190-?]-[194-?]), Asbestos ([190-?]-[193-?]), Ayer's Cliff ([190-?]-[194-?]), Black Lake ([190-?]), Brome Lake ([195-?]), Bromptonville ([190-?]), Coaticook ([190-?]-[193-?]), Cookshire ([190-?]), Cowansville ([190-?]-[194-?]), Danville ([190-?]), Deauville ([194-?]), Disraéli ([196-?]-[198-?]), Drummondville ([190-?]-[198-?]), East Hatley ([190-?]), Farnham ([191-?]-[194-?]), Georgeville ([190-?]), Granby ([190-?]-[196-?]), Huntingdon ([190-?]-[193-?]), Inverness ([190-?]), Kinnear's Mills (1916), Knowlton ([190-?]), Leeds Village ([191-?]), Lac Megantic ([190-?]), Lake Memphremagog ([190-?]), Lennoxville ([190-?]-[199-?]), Magog ([190-?]-[195-?]), North Hatley ([190-?]-[191-?], [197-?]), Owl's Head, ([190-?]-[192-?]), Philipsburg ([194-?]), Plessisville ([191-?]), Potton ([190-?]), Richmond ([190-?]-[191-?], [195-?]), Rock Island ([192-?]-[193-?]), St.Albert de Warwick ([195-?]), Ste.Anne de la Rochelle ([190-?]-[192-?]), St.Clotilde de Beauce ([191-?]), St.François-Xavier de Brompton ([192-?]), Sawyerville ([190-?]-[191-?]), Scotstown ([190-?]-[195-?]), Shefford ([191-?]), Sherbrooke ([190-?]-[197-?]), Stanbridge East ([193-?]), Stanfold ([190-?]), Stanstead ([190-?]-[191-?]), Sutton ([190-?]-[194-?]), Victoriaville ([190-?]-[197-?]), Warwick ([194-?]), Waterloo ([190-?]-[194-?]), Waterville ([191-?]), Windsor ([190-?]), Yamaska ([190-?]).

Fenian Raids collection

  • Collection
  • 1869-1870, 1900

The fonds contains primary and secondary source information regarding the Fenian Raids, including militia rolls and photographs.

Sans titre

Collection Le Progrès de Coaticook

  • CA SHC C040
  • Collection
  • 1950-2017

La collection présente l'histoire de gens qui ont fait la nouvelle et d'événements qui ont été soulignés entre 1950 et 2017 à Coaticook et dans la région à travers son journal hebdomadaire local Le Progrès de Coaticook. On y retrouve les journaux originaux et des reproductions, des photos, des planches-contacts et des négatifs du journal. La collection se compose des séries suivantes : Journaux, Photos, Planches-contacts, Négatifs.

Collection Bernard Marcoux

  • CA SHC C029
  • Collection
  • 1893 [reproductions]-2018

Collection illustrates the architectural work of Ozias Leduc, sports in Coaticook, the Festival du Lait, and early inventors in Barnston. It consists of research, correspondence, and baseball score sheets. The collection is composed of the following files: Ozias Leduc, Coaticook Canadians baseball club, Local inventors, and Festival du Lait

Collection Lucie Gaudreau

  • CA SHC C010
  • Collection
  • 1890, [192-?]-1982

La collection présente une partie de l'histoire commerciale de Coaticook et de Ste-Edwidge-de-Clifton de 1890 à 1982. On y retrouve un plan du complexe polyvalent (écoles Albert l'Heureux et Mgr Durand) datant de 1968 et des photographies montrant :

  1. Le magasin général de Ste-Edwige et Roland Favreau, vers 1970
  2. Robitaille Automobiles Coaticook Inc. (auparavant Garage Bachand Dionne), vers 1960
  3. Parade à Coaticook, deux hommes sur des chevaux devant le Garage Bachand Dionne, vers 1940
  4. Les employés du magasin Bachand, vers 1955
  5. 8 photos des employés de la Celanese, 1974-1978
  6. Joseph Audet Jr., épicerie, rue Child, 1890
  7. Ligne de camions Canada '67
  8. Camion semi-remorque Sports ’72, Département de la Santé et du bien-être
  9. Salle des Érables, 1973
  10. Ouvriers, wagons du Grand Tronc en arrière-plan, probablement vers 1920.
  11. Groupe des employées non-identifiés à Domaine Howard à Sherbrooke, 1981-1982.

Collection Madeleine Drolet

  • CA SHC C017
  • Collection
  • 1891-1968

La collection se rapporte principalement au Collège Sacré-Coeur de Coaticook et ses organisations de 1891 à 1968. On y retrouve principalement des photographies, des programmes et des procès-verbaux. La collection se compose des séries suivantes : Zouaves pontificaux, Amicale du Sacré-Coeur de Coaticook, Académie commerciale, Collège Sacré-Coeur de Coaticook, Vie communautaire, Vie religieuse.

Collection Gilles Baril

  • CA SHC C031
  • Collection
  • [198-?]-2005

Collection presents information on the life, particularly religious life, of Gilles Baril, priest, in Coaticook and areas in Sherbrooke and East Angus, from about the 1980s to 2005. It consists of a biography, titled “Une vie arc-en-ciel”, on the first part of Gilles Baril’s personal and religious life and a number of musical recordings used in the course of church activities and services.

Sans titre

Charles Nathaniel Montizambert Collection

  • CA BU MG110
  • Collection
  • 1854-1878

The Montizambert Collection consists of 7 documents:

  1. Statutes, Rules and Ordinances for the Conduct and Government of the University of Bishop's College (1854)
  2. Address delivered before the Convocation of the University of Bishop's College, Lennoxville, at its annual meeting June 27, 1860 by the Rev. J.H. Nicolls
  3. Order of Daily Morning Prayer to be used in the chapel of Bishop's College (Nov. 1861).
  4. Bishop's College Gymnasium and Swimming Baths Limited Liability (1863) (fundraising document)
  5. A sermon preached in the chapel of Bishop's College Lennoxville on the last Sunday of Term, Dec 17th, 1865, by G.C. Irving
  6. Bishop's College School, Lennoxville June 1869 (a pamphlet describing the school, with names of masters and students)
  7. A Sermon, preached by the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Quebec at the Consecration of the Chapel (June 14, 1878)
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