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Collection Susan Beaton
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Series presents information on vital events in the community of Dixville and surrounding areas from 1851 to the 1960s. It consists of an account book for an unidentified business and and three birthday and anniversary books.

Historical documents

Series presents information on histories of various families, largely in the Barnston and Coaticook areas, from around the 1990s to 2006. It consists of photocopies from the B.F. Hubbard book "Forests and Clearings", a cemetery plan from the Richmond County Historical Society, documents from the Compton Historical Society, a transcription of the Book of Family Records of J.C. Bartlett, and correspondence with Mr. Belknap regarding historical research.


Series documents the activities of members of the Bartlett, Parker, Wheeler, Averill, and Elliot families in the townships of Durham, Melbourne, Stanstead, and Barnston, as well as in New England, from 1816 to 1895. It consists of correspondence, largely photocopied, from the following individuals: Jane Elliot, Lucretia Bartlett, Nancy Wheeler, Wyman Bartlett, Joseph Bartlett, Joshua Parker, P.N. Wheeler, and M.S.B. Averill.

Legal documents

Series pertains to various agreements issued in the areas of Barnston and Coaticook from 1837 to 1891. It consists of a list of creditors, land deeds (Alonzo Lee to William Cleveland and Francis Judd to William Cleveland), an inn-keepers permit issued to Richard Baldwin Jr., a photocopy of a marriage certificate between Dudley Davis and Clarissa Baldwin, a notice of act of insolvent for Lothrop and Haseltine, and a letter addressed to Chester Cleveland from the Missisquoi & Rouville Mutual Fire Insurance Co.

Other receipts

File composed of an account page and two receipts, one to William Cleveland from the Stanstead Journal, dated 1868, and one to Mary Cleveland from the Electric Light Department of Coaticook, dated 1905.

Chester Cleveland

File composed of receipts and invoices from the Coaticook and Barnston areas from 1872 to 1899. The receipts and invoices made out to Chester Cleveland from the following: Converse & Putney, Coaticook Observer, C.N. Remick, Stanstead & Sherbrooke Fire Insurance Co., Stanstead Wesleyan College, William Smith, Parker L. Ellis, Augustus Jiguere, C.A. Kennedy, W. Moulton, E. McKee, and W.C. Webster & Son.

Receipts and invoices

Series presents information on the businesses of Coaticook and Barnston from 1868 to 1905. It consists of receipts and invoices. Series composed of the following files: Chester Cleveland (1872-1899) and Others (1868-1905).

Collection Susan Beaton

  • CA SHC C003
  • Collection
  • 1816-1899

Collection primarily contains information on the businesses and families of Barnston and Coaticook from 1816 to 1899. It consists of receipts, invoices, correspondence, historical research, an account ledger, land deeds, a marriage contract, a permit, and birthday books.