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Lennoxville High School Rugby Team

Item is a group photograph of the Lennoxville High School Rugby Team, 1929-1930. Pictured are (back row, left to right) S.N. Oughtred (Coach), A.T.P. Campbell (Outside), R.W.M. Green (Middle), D.W. Henry (Inside), L.H. Ames (Snap), D.S. Henry (Inside), D. McG. Campbell (Middle); (front row, left to right) A.K. Ames (Flying Wing), W.D. McL. Christie (Outside), H. Fisher (Quarter), G.A. McMurray (Half Back - Captain), C.F. Squire (Half Back), K.L. Nish (Half Back), and J.W. Stevenson (Principal).

Mary Hopper Miles

Item is a cabinet card portrait photograph of Mary Hopper Miles reading a book. The photograph was taken by William Notman sometime between 1856 and 1861, and has been painted-over to resemble a painted portrait.

Notman, William, 1826-1891

Henri Vachon (1893-1970), Marie-Anne Grégoire ( 1895-1985), their four children and sons-in-law and daughters-in-law.

On this picture, Henri Vachon (1893-1970), Marie-Anne Grégoire (1895-1985) and their four children, sons-in-law and daughters-in-law. From left to right: Ric (Ulric) McKenty (1918-1979), his wife Gertrude Vachon ( 1919-1998), Jeannine Péloquin (1925-2018), wife of Daniel, Henri Vachon (1893-1970), Daniel Vachon (1920-1982), Marie-Anne Grégoire (1895-1985), Renaud Vachon (1922-1997) and his wife Doreen Leblanc (1921-2006), Gaspard Lemay (1917-2020) and his wife, Madeleine Vachon (1917-2004). The photo was taken in the family home in Beaulac-Garthby at 57 St-François Street.

Vachon family (Garthby)

Marie-Anne Grégoire (1895-1985), her four children and a family friend.

In this photo, from left to right: Marie-Anne Grégoire (1895-1985), her four children, Renaud Vachon (1922-1997), Gertrude Vachon (1919-1998), Madeleine Vachon (1917-2004) and Daniel Vachon (1920-1982), and a family friend, Frances England.
The photo was taken on the Garthby wharf.

Vachon family (Garthby)

Henri Vachon (1893-1970) and Marie-Anne Grégoire (1895-1985) on the night of Henri's election to the Quebec National Assembly representing Wolfe County, in 1956.

This photo was taken on the evening of June 20, 1956, after Henri Vachon had been elected as the Member of the National Assembly for Wolfe County in the provincial election held that same day. Henri Vachon is standing in the back of a convertible car. His wife, Marie-Anne Grégoire, is standing beside him. The names of the driver of the car as well as a lady in the front passenger seat and a little girl between them are unknown.

Vachon family (Garthby)

Pierre Vachon and Agnès Gosselin family

Family of Pierre Vachon (1853-1930) and Agnès Gosselin [1855-1942].
In the back, from left to right: Philomon, Clodomir, Laura, Roméo, Ludivine, Omer and Eméril.
In front, from left to right: Marie-Louise, Stanislas, Henri, Hercule and Marie-Anne.
In the center, Agnès Gosselin and Pierre Vachon.

The photo was taken on the front porch of the family's home.

Vachon family (Garthby)

The house of Cléophas Grégoire and some people on the balcony.

On this picture, the house of Cléophas Grégoire and some people. From left to right: Léonida Bernier, Réjeanne Grégoire, Adrienne Grégoire, Marie-Anne Grégoire, Ernestine Bernier, Valérie Bernier, Adjutor Grégoire, Marie Marcoux with a child sitting on top of her (second wife of Cléophas Grégoire), Cléophas Grégoire and Amanda Lizotte (wife of Louis Tessier).

Vachon family (Garthby)

Horse teadmill.

Inscriptions on the back of the photo:
"Garthby west (sic) 1909 October.
Horse power used for sawing firewood. The work was done at Auguste Grenier's house. The house is in good condition, built by G. Father Félix around 1860.
From left to right: Lédonia Grenier, Auguste Grenier, Adolphe Coulombe, Géraldus Grenier, Hercule Vachon."
G father = Grand Father

Vachon family (Garthby)

Four tug boats in Garthby

In this photo, four tugs side by side. From left to right: the Marine, the C.C. Wilson, the McCrea and the Tobin. On the three tugs on the right, men who seem to be installed for photography. On the C.C Wilson, four men on top of the cabin and one sitting on the boat's chimney.

Lemay, Noël, 1890-1967

Young girls dressed as angels on Corpus Christi.

In this photo, young girls dressed as angels on Corpus Christi. They are dressed in white clothes, a scarf around their head and wear wings. They look at the photographer, hands clasped and with a serious facial expression.
The young girls are installed on either side of a staircase leading to the gallery of Cléophas Grégoire's family house.

The gallery is decorated with fabrics that are hung in the middle of the roof of the gallery. The tissues unfold downwards to the left and to the right. They frame a temporary altar placed on the floor of the gallery. Under this altar, other tissues that descend in front of it.

At the top, where the fabrics deployed on the left and right are attached, an inscription in white letters on a strip of black fabric: " VENITE ADOREMUS". Above this inscription, a cross made with branches of fir or pine and three small flags on the left and two on the right.

Vachon family (Garthby)

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