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Archie Nathaniel Jenks
CA ETRC P206-001 · Series · 1907-1920
Part of Jenks family (Coaticook) fonds

The series contains primary source information on the life and military career of Archie N. Jenks from 1907 to 1919. It consists mainly of a dairy and correspondence. The series is comprised of the following files: Diary (1907-1911) and Military Career (1910-1919), War diary transcripts (1916-1920).

Jenks, Archie, 1889-1938
Abbott Cushing Jenks
CA ETRC P206-002 · Series · [1905]-1941
Part of Jenks family (Coaticook) fonds

The series contains primary source information on the life of Abbott Jenks from 1905 to 1941 in Coaticook. It consists of a report card; certificates; a passport; a land deed between Abbott and his brother, Archie; a newspaper article on the Jenks brothers' donation of a silver cup for boys at the Coaticook High School; a registration certificate from the Canadian Kennel Club; a promissory note to A.A. Hall; a membership certificate and cards for the Victoria Lodge of the Oddfellows in Coaticook; and a membership certificate and card for the Order of the Eastern Star. The passport includes two photographs of Abbott Jenks and Irene (Buckland) Jenks. The series is comprised of the following files: Education ([1905]-1911) and Personal Life (1910-1941).

Jenks, Abbott Cushing, 1893-1957
War diary transcripts
CA ETRC P206-001-003 · File · 1916-1920
Part of Jenks family (Coaticook) fonds

The file contains primary source information regarding Archie Nathaniel Jenks' military career in Europe and Canada from 1916 to 1920. It consists of typed transcripts of four diaries written during the First World War. The first, entitled "Customs of War," dates from July 23, 1916 to September 10, 1916 and includes information about the war in Ypres, Somme, and Folkstone. The second dates from May 8, 1917 to September 23, 1917 and concerns Jenks' time in England and France. The third dates from September 24, 1917 to January 22, 1918 and covers his time in France and his return to Canada. The fourth, entitled "Journal XX," covers July 1, 1919 to July 4, 1920 in Montreal.

CA ETRC P206 · Fonds · 1870-1947

The fonds contains primary source information on the Jenks family from 1870 to 1947 in Coaticook and Barnston. It consists largely of correspondence, certificates, a dairy, and photographs. The fonds is comprised of the following series: Archie N. Jenks (1907-1919), Abbott C. Jenks ([1905]-1941), Photographs ([1883?]-[ca. 1920]), Leslie H. Jenks (1877-1914) and Miscellaneous (1870-1947).

Jenks (family)
Leslie Hall Jenks
CA ETRC P206-004 · Series · 1875-1914
Part of Jenks family (Coaticook) fonds

The series contains primary source information on the Valley Road extension in Barnston from 1877 to 1884, going from Barnston Corner to Compton Centre. It consists of a letter addressed to Dr. Leslie Jenks giving notice of a public meeting the extension, two notices of valuation in the expropriation of the land and declaration of support for the Valley Road project. It also consists of information on L.H. Jenks (accounts, receipts, insurance) and correspondence from 1875 to 1914.

Jenks, Leslie Hall, 1849-1910
CA ETRC P206-005 · Series · 1870-1947
Part of Jenks family (Coaticook) fonds

The series contains primary source information on John Nathaniel Jenks, various community members and groups, and Coaticook from 1870 to 1947. It consists of a tuition receipt from Dartmouth College for John Nathaniel Jenks from 1870; a letter from S.P. Robins about a teacher- Maud Lambs in 1884; a insurance certificates for Mrs. N.W. Jencks and Joseph J. Murphy; a bill from the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Montreal in 1914; quarterly returns for the Independent Order of Good Templars (Faithful Lodge, No. 57) from 1875-1875; a letter from F. Judd in 1947; a ticket for the Ladies Gallery of the House of Commons; and a souvenir booklet from Coaticook's Old Home Week in 1914. The souvenir booklet contains many photographs from around Coaticook, including: views of Coaticook, East Hatley, Pleasant Street, Grand Central Hotel, Thorndyke Hotel, Coaticook House, Lt.-Col. A.C. Hanson, Major G.W. Paige, the Catholic Church, G.L. Masten, John Todd, P.F. Durocher's residence, A.O. Norton's residence, C.H. Lovell's residence, A. Gerin's residence, Dr. D.A. Robinson's residence, M.B. Lovell's residence, J.L. Allard's residence, E.B. Parker's residence, the Coaticook Cornet Band, Wellington Street, Bank of Commerce, Royal Bank of Canada, Dr. G.A. Trenholme's residence, Barnston Corners, Penman's Ltd., A. Gerin's creamery, Coaticook fire brigade, Fox & Christie's store, N.L. Vincent's store, J.H. Knapp's residence, Coaticook Academy, officers of the 26th Stanstead Dragoons, Officers of the 7th Brigade CFA, George W. Paige's residence, J.A. Parker's residence, E.F. Tomkins' residence, Belding Paul Factory, Father Martin's residence, Hatley hotel, P.B. Buckland's farm, Webster & Son store, D.S. Bachand's residence, F.E. Lovell's residence, H.C. Fontaine's residence, Cutting Street, Compton Street, train station, Barnston Corner, A. Adams' store, Dr. Damon, Dr. Jenks, Coaticook High School, the Convent, Anglican church, Methodist Church, Neider's Hose Factory, H. Verret's residence, W.L. Shurtleff's residence, Norton's Jack Factory, E.P. Dupuis' residence, F.E. Lovell, Aaron Adams, J.B. Gendreau, B.J. Smith & Son store, L.M. Thomas, and Richard Baldwin.

CA ETRC P206-003 · Series · [1883?]-[ca. 1920]
Part of Jenks family (Coaticook) fonds

The series contains primary source information on members of the Jenks from around the 1880s to the 1920s in Coaticook. It consists of photographs, one showing Archie and Abbott in front of the family home in Coaticook, one showing Abbott leading a cow, one of a Jenks baby (probably Charles Nathaniel Jenks, son of Leslie), two of the Jenks family home in Coaticook one of John Hall, son of Lucy Denison (Jenks) Hall; one of two young men (possibly Archie Jenks) costumed for McGill Theatre Night in 1913, one of a McGill sports team (cricket) labelled "Northfield 1912", one of a group of young men on the lawn in front of Macdonald College in Montreal, two of a group of boys and a group of girls from Stanstead College, two of theatre production, one of an unidentified group standing on a lawn with cleaning supplies, one of Winnie Buckland, one of Fred Gilman, two school groups, one of Sisco United Church in Coaticook, one of a woman with the Pinacle in the background, and an unidentified young man in uniform with the Union Jack.

Military career
CA ETRC P206-001-002 · File · 1910-1919
Part of Jenks family (Coaticook) fonds

The correspondence includes details on Archie Jenks' military career, leading up to and during WWI, from 1910-1919.

CA ETRC P206-001-001 · File · 1907-1911
Part of Jenks family (Coaticook) fonds

The file consists of Archie Jenks' diary from 1907-1911, which contains detailed entries and includes information on Archie's travels, education, social notes, farming, leisure, weather, and includes a description of the visit of the Prince of Wales to Quebec City in 1908.