Henrietta Kathleen Warren Milne Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
01b-002 Skiiing at Mount Orford Part [194-?]
003 Group of men in front of a South Eastern train Part
012 Dominion Textile Dam Part [1915?]
02a-001 Magog Town Hall with 52nd Battalion band among crowd Part [between 1891-1901]
02a-005 Possibly the 5th Princess Louise Dragoon Guards of Ottawa in camp in the E.T. Part [1904-1912]
02a-006 Magog Scout Troop, Magog Part [192-?]
HKMilne003_m.jpg Part
HKMilne004_m.jpg Part
HKMilne013_m.jpg Part
HKMilne014_m.jpg Part
HKMilne021_m.jpg Part
HKMilne022_m.jpg Part
HKMilne030_m.jpg Part
HKMilne031_m.jpg Part
HKMilne032_m.jpg Part
HKMilne048_m.jpg Part
HKMilne049_m.jpg Part
058 Bondville Anglican Church Part [191-?]
HKMilne059_m.jpg Part
HKMilne065_m.jpg Part
HKMilne066_m.jpg Part
HKMilne067_m.jpg Part
HKMilne075_m.jpg Part
HKMilne077_m.jpg Part
HKMilne085_m.jpg Part
HKMilne086_m.jpg Part
HKMilne087_m.jpg Part
076 Georgeville's Copp's Square Part
020 Child in fur-trimmed coat Part
02-003 Interior of Dominion Textile, Magog Part [191-?]
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