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Caractéristiques géographiques

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Norman Simpson

Item is a photograph of Norman Simpson standing on rocks in a river by small waterfalls, probably from around the 1940s.

Gouin Bridge and Chambly Canal

Item is a photograph of the Gouin Bridge, Chambly Canal and the Richelieu River in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, with car visible, around the 1920s.

Brook and hills

Item is a stereograph of a brook or stream surrounded by hills and fields, with wooden fence visible in the background, probably taken near Lacolle around the 1910s.

Boats and shipping

The file contains information on various boats, largely on the Richelieu River, from around the 1870s to the 1910s. Included among the boats pictured are the Island Queen, the Ojibway, the Missisquoi, a schooner captained by W. Montgomery, the Daisy, an unidentified barge, the Windsor, and the Majestic. Also pictured is the Richelieu Bridge and possibly St. Johns wharf.

East Broughton mining sector

Item is a photograph of part of East Broughton, formerly East Broughton Station, (presently 10e avenue nord), with the mining installations of Quebec Asbestos Corporation visible in the distance, taken around 1910.

Unidentified man

The item is a photograph of an unidentified man, possibly a member of the Gingras family, seated beneath a tree, probably taken in Sherbrooke or Lennoxville in the 1920s.

House on Academy Street, Lennoxville

The item is a photograph of a house on Academy Street in Lennoxville, belonging to the Gingras family, around the 1920s. Warren Street is visible in the background.

View of Wellington and Depot Streets, Sherbrooke

The item consists of a photograph of man standing in front of the intersection of Wellington and Depot Streets in Sherbrooke, with the Grand Trunk Railway yards in the background, probably taken in the 1920s.

Leonard Gingras and Wilma Campbell

The item is a photograph of Leonard Gingras, Wilma Campbell and Pauline Meredith with Marian Prince and Stuart Allan visible in the background, taken on "Scout Rock" in Lennoxville in the 1930s.

View of cottage

The item is a photograph of a cottage/chalet with a lake or river in the foreground, probably taken in the 1920s.

Academy Street, Lennoxville

The item is a photograph of Pauline Meredith and Lloyd Lane taken on Academy Street in Lennoxville in the late 1930s.

View of Bromptonville

The item is a photograph showing a view of Bromptonville around the 1910s. The Catholic church, Ste-Praxède-de-Bromptonville, which was built in 1905 and burned down in 1981, and the covent school are visible in the photograph.

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