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Events and celebrations

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Events and celebrations

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Townships History

The series contains primary source information on the history of the Eastern Townships -- especially Bulwer, Birchton, and Lennoxville -- from about 1930 to 2017. It consists of documents and photographs pertaining to the 125th anniversary of Eaton Township in 1980 and documents pertaining to the Eaton Corner 1867 celebration in 2017. It also consists of photographs depicting the Bulwer Model School; a mock wedding around 1967; Bury Canada Day celebrations around 1994; and the Bulwer-Birchton Reunion Committee in 1995 or 1996, among others. The series also consists of VHS tape recordings of the Bulwer-Birchton Reunion in 1996; the St. Patrick's Day Variety Show in Bulwer in 2001; and Lennoxville Friendship Day in 2003. Finally, it consists of wooden nickels from Hatley Canada Day celebrations and pins from various villages, community organizations, and events.

Group photo

1st row: Jeanne Lagueux, Gaétane Roy, Rita Ménard,
2nd row: Fabienne Pinard, Mrs. Benoît Fréchette, Mrs. Rodrigue Blouin, Mrs. Henri Leroux,
3rd row: Lucien Gosselin, André Phaneuf, Madeleine Labarre, Emilien Lagueux, Henri Leroux, Rodrigue Blouin , Gabriel Ménard.

Parade on St-Jacques Street around 1918

On the left the stand for the fanfare. The forge of Mr. Philippe Bernier, who had built his house nest to it, around the corner, Mr. Joseph Boulanger's house. On the right, the old church which was moved before becoming the parish hall (now a factory), the JB Morin garage, former forester hall, then moved north on Hôtel de Ville street, the house belongs to M Emile Veilleux. Mr. Léonidas St-Cyr built his store afterwards. On the other side, Mr. Dubois representing "Rawleigh" and his little restaurant. At the corner of the street, the store of John O. Roberge, which had just been sold to Mr. Cassar (see advertisement at the bottom) "CENTRAL MARKET"

Bowling Tournament Winners

Lison Frappier, Jeannette Roy, Paulo Beaudoin, Yolande Paré, Maurice Gingras, Marcel Olivier, Huguette Provencher, Angéline Frésina, Rose Castonguay, Allen Bell, Benoît Bellavance, Alain Descôteaux, Murielle Audy, Cécile Tellier, Estelle Audy. Seated: Mr. Paul Bérubé (Agent Molson), Mr. Ms. Fortier, Mr. Ms. Lucien Rougeau, Jocelyn Bernier, Johnny Frésina and Eddie Ménardé. J. Frésina prop: Spagetti House Eddie Ménard co-op: Hôtel Commercial

Presentation of Certificates of 15 Years Lacordaire and Jeanne D'Arc

From left to right 1st row: Mrs. Yvan Savaria, Mrs. Damase De Montigny, Mrs. Simone Lafontaine, Mr. Thomas Hallé, Mr. Le Chamoine Pierre Labrecque (parish priest), Mr. Wilfrid Lavigne, Mr. Omer Bergeron, Mr. Odilon Fournier, Mr. Adolphe Trépanier ; 2nd row: Mrs. Rosario Bernier, Mrs. Omer Bergeron, Mrs. Gérard Bergeron, Mrs. Wilfrid Lavigne, Mrs. Josaphat Bibeau, Mrs. Valmore Landreville, Mrs. Irénée Bourque, Mrs. Donat Couolombe, Mr. Donat Coulome, Mr. Irénée Bourque, Mr. Roland Tessier , Mr. Lucien Gosslin

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