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Events and celebrations

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Events and celebrations

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Rassemblement de gens

Gauche à droite, devant : Gérard Tremblay, ?, Lauréat Bélanger, ?, Céline Poulin, Fernand St-Pierre, Monique Fortin; derrière : ?, Albert Fleurent, Rachel Hébert, ?, Gisèle Hébert, Gérard Carboneau, ?, ?, Colette Marcoux, Daniel Bissonnette, Louise Lafaille, ?, Gisèle Drolet, Gaston Jean-Marie, ?.

Rassemblement dans la cour du Collège Sacré-Coeur

Sur la photo, pas dans l'ordre : Liliane D'Auteuil Lemieux, Hermas Lahaie, Albert Bussière, Théo Lemieux, ? Daigle, Denis Daigle, Lionel Marcoux, ? Bussière, ? Valade, Alphonse Benoit, Jeanne Charest Benoit, Léo Jubinville, Arsène Lemieux, Napoléon Morisette, Isidore Lamarre, Marciale Daigle et son fils, Adrien Godue, ? Labrie, Suzanne Telmosse, Alphonse Cameron, ? Daigle, Anatole Guérin, Yvette Guérin, ? Guérin, Jeanne Bachand Dupuis, Madeleine Dupuis, Mme Denis Bachand, D. S. Bachand, Dr Adélard Dupuis, Philippe Beaudin, Antonio Daigle, Mme Antonio Daigle, Marcel Dubé, Elizé Dauteuil, Phileas Dionne, ? Daigle, Anatole Daigle, Joséphat Turcotte, ? Trudeau, ? Faucher, ? Archambault, Rita Godue Labrie, ? Archambault, Henri Bussière, Valmore Valade, ? Daigle, Antonio Carbonneau, Isidore Pelletier, Pierre Dumoulin, Oliva Gravel, Maurice Blais, Ti-Jos Bilodeau, Matilde Telmosse, Mme Fournier Beaudin. Rassemblement dans la cour du Collège Sacré-Coeur, rue St-Jean-Baptiste, Coaticook.

Rassemblement de gens

Gauche à droite, 1ere rangée : Blair, Telmosse, Charest, Goyette, Telmosse, Antonio Daigle, D. S. Bachand, Anatole Guérin, Simone Dupuis?, Yvette D'Auteuil, Guérin, Dallaire, Telmosse, Madeleine Dionne?; 2e rangée : Lionel Marcoux, Anatole Daigle?, Philippe Beaudin, Jos Bilodeau, Gérard Carbonneau, Jean-Paul Hamel, Roger Lamarre, Arthur Champagne, Daigle, Hébert, François Duranleau, Telmosse, Valmore Valade; 3e rangée : ?, Trudeau, Lamarre, Guérin, Marcoux?, ?, ?, Maurice Bernard, ?, ?, Gérald Tremblay, Bernard Beaudin, Léo Jubinville, ?; 4e rangée : Carbonneau, ?, Lamoureux, Shea?, ?, ?, ?, ?

Bell Telephone Christmas party, Coaticook

Item is a photograph reproduction of the employee Christmas party of Bell Telephone in Coaticook in 1949 or 1950. Pictured in the photograph are Lucille Meunier (5th from right), Marie Blanche (2nd from right), Madeleine Brulotte (1st on left), Lorraine Brulotte, Jeanne Bédard (black dress, in front), Leatrice Dresser (kneeling at left), and unknown Fortin (light-coloured dress).


File contains images of parades in Coaticook from about 1885 to 1925. It consists of photographs of parades in the streets of the town of Coaticook, including some showing the fire department. Streets pictured are Chartier, St-Jean-Baptiste, Gérin-Lajoie, and Cutting.

Fonds Coaticook High School Reunion

  • CA SHC F027
  • Fonds
  • [189-?]-1994

Fonds illustrates the organization and activities connected to a reunion of graduates from the Coaticook High School, primarily from 1992 to 1994. It also is a source of information on the history of the Coaticook High school. It consists of correspondence, programmes, lists of invitees, a guest book, newspaper articles, photographs, postcards, and other planning documents. The fonds is composed of the following files: Reunion and preparation, Correspondence, Coaticook High School History, and Postcards.


File presents information on the Vaillancourt family in the Coaticook region. It consists of research notes, interview notes, research documents, an obituary, and a reproduction of a photograph of the wedding of Valère Vaillancourt and Anne-Marie Arsenault.

Collection Huguette Savard Lachance

  • CA SHC C030
  • Collection
  • [191-?]-1964

Collection illustrates community life in Coaticook from the 1910s to 1964. It consists of photographs of children, youth, families, an automobile accident, buildings, sports activities, industries, and religious events (some are identified but the majority are unidentified).

Man kneeling next to Christmas Tree

Glass negative showcasing a Church decorated for Christmas with a Tree and 'Merry Christmas' banner. There is a man kneeling under the tree with a present in hand.

Collection Henri Carbonneau

  • CA SHC C005
  • Collection
  • 1923-1973

Collection contains information on the social history of Coaticook from 1923 to 1937. It consists of photographs, including photos of the employees of D.S. Bachand, a parade float by the Cercle Lacordaire Association Anti-acoolique, the Caron et Fils hockey team, a few women's religious groups, the 50th anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Couillard, and a photograph of Henri Carbonneau and Yvette D'Auteuil.

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