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John and Nancy Gallop fonds

  • CA BU MG082
  • Fonds
  • [192-]-1959
  • Metal BU crest to hang on a wall - circa 1920's. Has motto “Dominus Illuminatio Mea”. Belonged to John‟s mother - Doris Dickson '23
  • THE MITRE 1954 - Michaelmas 1955 - Trinity, Lent, Michaelmas 1956 - Trinity, Lent 1957 -Trinity, Lent
  • Bishop's Brochure - 50's (8 ½ by 11)
  • BU Winter Carnival Programmes - 1956, 57, 58
  • The Calendar - Part 1 & 2 - 56/57 and 57/58
  • COTC - BU Contingent - Reunion Dinner Programme 28/1/56
  • THE CAMPUS 1956 - Feb.29, Mar.16, 27, Apr.12,19.26, Sept.27, Oct.4,11,18, Nov. 15,22 1957 - Jan.17,24,31, Feb.7,14,19 (Carnival Special),21,28, Mar.7,21,28, Apr.4, Oct.3,10, 1959 - Jan.29, Feb.19
  • Convocation Programme - 1958 - signed by John Diefenbaker who received an Hon. Degree
  • The Awards Banquet - April 26,1958 - Programme University of Bishop's College
  • Memorandum for the Guidance of Resident Women‟s Students (undated - received when entering in 1955)
  • various pieces of ephemera and correspondence
  • notebook, John W. Gallop - Science
  • 3 postcards
  • Badminton - letter "B", 1955-56; badge, 1956-57
  • Vinyl recording - Trial by Jury, 1957
  • Winter Carnival button 1955

Gallop, John

East Angus High School Grade 3 & 4

East Angus High School grades 3 & 4, 1949-1950: Front row: Meryle Labonte, Dorothy Knapp, Marilyn Robertson, Cathleen Early, Charlotte Knapp. Middle row: Allan Haddad, Beverley Barratt, Joan Main, Sylvia Aulis, Ann Damon, Audrey Knapp, Doreen Moore. Back row: Brian Morse, Grant Gray, Tim Davis, David Cillis, Stanley Locke. Teacher: Miss Lowry.

Examination Reports

The file consists of one detailed student report from Ulverton dated 1909 and signed by James Lester; two enrollment and examination reports for Danville Academy dated 1917, and a "Permanent Record of Progress" from Hampden, Compton County, for 1919 to 1936. The file provides information on the pupils' names, grade levels, and marks, as well as the names of teachers.

Class Group Photo

Item is a photograph of a group of student in front of their school. Identification according to Gerry Parker: 1. Eugene Bown, 2. Galen Young, 3. Fenten Young, 4. Charlie Moulton, 5. Howard Ayer, 6. Denis Benoit, 7. Homer Ayer, 8. Pauline Ayers, 9. Annis Young, 10. Madeline Moulton, 11. Margaret Moulton, 12. Retha McClary, 13. Barbara Eardly Willmont, 14. Beaulah Parker, 15. Archie Moulton, 16. Wesley Leavit, 17. Herburt Orcutt, 18. Hugh McClary, 20. ... Spafford, 21. Tom Ride, 22. George Emery, 23. Sam Morris, 24. Bill Ride, 25. Geraldine Parker, 26. Martha Morse, 28.Robert Vaughn, 29. Flora Hodges, 30. Myrtle McClary, 31. Kathaleen Wooton, 32. Josaphine Walsh, 33. Doris Leavitt, 34. Miss Corby, 35. Howard Ayer, 36. Bertha Little, 37. Teacher, 38. Martha Morris, 39. Irene Orcutt, 40. Mario Leavitt, 41. Wildy Benoit.

Cookshire Academy

Item is a photograph of the Cookshire Academy, Cookshire, Que., from the souvenir postcard booklet of Cookshire.

Business Class, 1911-12

Photograph shows twelve young men, the class of 1911-1912, seated at their desks, with Abbé Gosselin and Abbé Émile Caron, in a classroom at the Séminaire Saint-Charles-Borromée. The students are: Landry; A. Biron; S. Van Dyke; G. Léveillé; A. Charbonneau; L. Proulx; D. Bourassa; R. Léveillé; Bélisle; P. Delisle; H. Rousseau; and Desmarais.

Lennoxville High School. Senior Class 1931-1932

Photograph of the senior class of Lennoxville High School in 1931-1932, with the principal of the school, Dr. J.W. Stevenson. The students are identified as D.F. Bennett, A.E. Stalker, N.W. Bowers, M.E. Hodge, S.N. Cann, R.G. Wheeler, L.W. George, F.W. Matthews, M.E. Machell, D.W. Henry, E.W. Matthews, G. Christison, W.A. Orr, and D.S. Henry.

University of Montreal. Class A20 1941

Photograph of Class A20 of the University of Montreal from 1941. The students are identified as Gil MacKenzie; Sheldon Hamer; W. Hollame, P.O.; Ken Boast; Richard W. Walsh; J. Baldwin; Philip A. Ross; L. S. Lules; N. J. Weeks; Everett C. Larivière; Bill Gelineau; Ross Adrain; John Russell; Jack Farquharson; P. J. Connor; F. M. Carlton; Paul Montreuil; F. L. Meredith; Phil Neville; Chuch Christie; L. A. Fuller; Frank Keegan; Ralph S. Broadhurst; and Fred Wurstan.

Wesley United Sunday School

The item is a photograph of one of Wesley United Church Sunday School groups in Beebe in 1940. Teacher: Rose Rediker. Students: Mary Miller, Carrie Lare, Evelyn Manning, Edna Dennis, Catherine Cooper, Lois Wells, Mary Jean Stewart, Betty Campbell.

Bishop's College, Lennoxville, Canada

The item is a postcard showing Bishop's University, including the McGreer building and St. Mark's Anglican Church, from across the Massawippi River in Lennoxville from about the 1910s.

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