Eastern Townships Resource Centre Postcard collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
P021 Évêche, Petit Salon Item [190-?]
P004 Le Carré Strathcona Item [197-?]
P006 The Sherbrooke House on Exhibition Week Item [190-]
P009 Rue King Ouest Item [194-?]
P016 Winter scene overlooking Howard Park, Sherbrooke Item [190-?]
P018 King Street, looking towards Sherbrooke East, Sherbrooke, P. Q. Item [ca. 1911]
P006 Old Bridge over the St. Francis River, Sherbrooke, Que. Item [190-?]
P008 View, showing St. Francis River and Exhibition Ground Item [190-?]
P001 Souvenir of Sherbrooke, Que. Item [190-?]
ETRC-P999-053-016-002a.jpg Part
ETRC-P999-053-016-002b.jpg Part
ETRC-P999-053-016-002h.jpg Part
ETRC-P999-053-016-002i.jpg Part
ETRC-P999-053-016-002s.jpg Part
ETRC-P999-053-016-002t.jpg Part
P003 Souvenir of Sherbrooke, Que. Item [190-?]
ETRC-P999-053-016-003i.jpg Part
ETRC-P999-053-016-003j.jpg Part
D013 Religious Structures File [192-?]
D013 Religious Structures File [191-?]
P002 St. James Anglican Church and School, Hatley, Que. Item [191-?]
P002 Baldwin's Pond and Pinnacle, Baldwin's Mills, Que. Item [191-?]
P004 Le Pinacle, Lac Lyster, Baldwin's Mills Item [198-?]
059 Barnston Series [191-?]
D016 Souvenir Postcards File [192-?]
D001 Commercial and Industrial Structures File [194-?]
D007 Houses and Palaces File [ca. 1906]
D012 People File [190-?]
002 Asbestos Series [190-?]-[193-?]
D008 Scenes File [190-?], [194-?]
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