CCHMS Graphic Material Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
F001 Martinville File [189-?]
I003 County Building Item [1918]
I005 Learned's Hotel Item [190-]
I001 A Summer Day In Eaton Corner Item 2005
I004 Residential street Item [187-?]
F006 Cook family File [18--]
I003 John Warren Item [18--]
I003 Nehemiah Batley Item [18--]
I008 Zénophile Lalumière Item [194-]
F037 Willard family File [186-?]-[188-?]
F041 Anderson family File [19--]
F044 MacAulay family File [188-?]
F045 Bartlett family File [186-?]
F047 Bailey family File [189-?]
SS10 Medicine Sub-series 1917-1938
S002 Sherbrooke County Series [191-?]-[1929]
S005 Wolfe County Series 1870-1935
S001 Compton County Series [18--]-[2005]
SS01 Landscpapes/Streetscapes Sub-series [1916]-[194-?]
I001 View of East Clifton Item 19--
F003 Cookshire File [196-?]
I001 Covered bridge Item [196-?]
I004 Priest Item [189-?]
I002 Eliza Ann Sharman Item [18--]
F035 Hurd family File [18--]
F046 Unknown family File [18--]-[189-?]
SS05 Transportation Sub-series [187-?]-[1926]
S003 Stanstead County Series 1915
S004 Outside of the Eastern Townships Series [189-?]-[1935]
S007 Richmond County Series [189-?]-[1921]
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