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Barnston, Township of

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Coaticook region

Series contains information on the history of Coaticook and area from 1875 to 2001. It consists of a letter to James McCauley (1879), a reproduced photo of a cadet group on St-Jean-Baptiste Street (1945), a religious scrapbook ([195-?]), a newletter for the Club Optimiste de Coaticook (1984), a programme for the 10th anniversary for the Manoir de Chez-Nous (1996), a newspaper article on Neil Tillotson (1998), and a souvenir programme for the Filles-de-la-Charité de Saint-Vincent-de-Paul (2001).

Collection Jim Belknap

  • CA SHC C002
  • Collection
  • 1851-1934

Collection presents information on business and commerce in the Coaticook area from 1851 to 1934. It consists of photocopies of invoices and newspaper clippings.


File presents information on religious practices and churches in the Coaticook region from 1905 and 1966. It consists of a communion souvenir certificate for Rosa Nadeau (1905), a certificate of religious instruction for Antonio Thibault of St-Marc Catholic Church in Coaticook (1932), souvenir program on the occasion of the appointment of Napoleon Loiselle to the title of Secret Cameroy of Pope John XXIII ([1959?]), a booklet on the campaign to expand the parish credits of St. Emond Parish (1961), and a programme for the dedication St. Paul’s Chapel, Anglican church, in Dixville (1966).

Music and theatre

File presents information on arts and culture in Coaticook from 1930 to 1950. It consists of a souvenir programme for "Dolly (I love you)" (1930), sheet music and a souvenir programme for “Lolita” (1934), a souvenir programme for “Le Trouvère” (1935), sheet music for “Chant de ralliement” (1950), poems by Victor Péloquin/Victor de Grand-Pré ([195-?]), a programme for a conference and concert organized by the Société du Bon Parler Français and the Société St. Jean-Baptiste (1951), a programme for the annual concert for the Symphonie Vocale including a photograph of the choir (1957), and a programme for the 22nd festival of the Fédération des Fanfares Amateur de la Province de Québec organized by the Harmonie de Coaticook (1962).


File presents information on education in Coaticook from 1923 to 1971. It consists of a prize list for Marie Blanche Boisclair from the Présentation de Marie Pensionnat de Coaticook in 1923, correspondence with Romuald Dumont during his role in the planning committee for the Academie du Sacré-Coeur reunion (“l’amicale”) in 1940 and statistics (school census) for the Commission scolaire de Coaticook from 1960 to 1971.

Commerce and industries

File presents information on the economic history of the Coaticook region from 1875 to 2014. It consists of an account book for James Williamson for R.C. Baldwin’s store (1875), an invoice from Charles H. Bryan (freight delivery) for Belding-Corticelli (1917), a poster for J. H. Knapp’s ambulance and funeral service and a wedding book printed to J. H. Knapp ([192-?]), a flyer for Georges Vaillancourt's store (date unknown), three promotional posters for Cercle de Couture Pfaff, Felix I. Lajoie (Coton Wabasso) and J. B. Dionne (dates unknown), two wallpaper sample catalogues from W. E. Dionne & Fils (dates unknown), a programme for the Penman's employee picnic held at Jacques-Cartier Park (22 August 1953), an article “Scientific fish culture in Quebec since 1945” by Louis-Roch Séguin (1957), an article “Étude d’un important projet pour la promotion touristique de la Station Piscicole du Lac Lyster” (1957), a brochure “Eastern Townships Fish Hatchery/Station piscicole des Cantons de l’Est” (1958), a brochure for Camping Piskiart at Lake Lyster (1960s), a ribbon from the Penman's employee picnic held at Crystal Beach in Magog (26 August 1961), two flyers for the Marché Suprême Benoit (1963) and Coaticook Pharmacy, a promotional poster for Michael Élias & Co. (ca. 1964), an article “Trout rearing with the minimum of fresh make-up water possible/Élévage de truites avec le minimum d’eau fraîche de compensation possible” by Louis-Roch Séguin, Benoit Dion and Raymond Charbonneau (1978), a commemorative photo album and medallion celebrating Niedner's 100 years in Coaticook (2014), and a cabinetry catalogue from Cabico (2014).

Parade, Coaticook

Item is a photograph of a parade with the fire brigade, including equipment, on St-Jean-Baptiste Street in Coaticook around the 1890s with the Casino Theatre, owned by Charles W. Kennedy, (later the Rivoli Theatre owned by Mr. Barzan followed by Mr. Charbonneau) and Dionne store in the background.

Percy A. Baldwin

The item is a studio portrait photograph of Percival (aka Percy) A. Baldwin, probably taken in the 1890s. Photographer: Kilburn (Coaticook, Que.).

Célébration des fêtes du centenaire de Coaticook

Célébration des fêtes du centenaire de Coaticook, devant le couvent, rue St-Jacques Nord. On reconnait, pas dans l'ordre : André Lavoie, Suzanne Durocher, Arthur Lahaie, Rolland Chartier, Arsène Lemieux, Joseph Durocher, Antonio Daigle, Édouard Lavoie, Fr. Didier, Léger Cameron, Georges Vaillancourt, Hubert Rousseau, René Jean-Marie, Stanislas Dupuis, A. Veillette, Wilfrid Vincent, l'abbé Loiselle, ? Ross, Adrien Valade

Avila Cayer

La pièce est une photographie commémorant le service d'Avila Cayer pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale, comprenant une photographie d'Avila Cayer en uniforme et ses médailles.

Covered Bridges of the Eastern Townships documentary

Item is a documentary project researched and produced by Barbara Verity and narrated by Joyce Cochrane on covered bridges in the Eastern Townships, produced around 1977. Included in the documentary are images of the covered bridges at Fitch Bay (Narrows), Milby, Capelton, Coaticook (Drouin), Stanbridge East (Monaghan), Melbourne (Creek/Gibson), Highwater (Province Hill/de la Frontière), Gould (Fisher Hill/McVetty-McKenzie), Ste-Catherine-de-Hatley (Rexford), Cowansville (Freeport), Notre-Dame-de-Stanbridge (Pike River/des Rivières), and Island Brook (McDermott).

Collection Le Progrès de Coaticook

  • CA SHC C040
  • Collection
  • 1950-2017

The collection presents the history of people who made the news and of events underlined between 1950 and 2017 in Coaticook and its region through its local weekly newpaper Le Progrès de Coaticook. It consists of original newspapers and some reproductions, photographs, contact-sheets, and negatives of the newspaper. The collection is composed of the following series : Newspapers, Photos, Contact-sheets, and Negatives.

Sugar Beet Factory

The item contains information on the Townshippers’ Associtaion cultural activities. It depicts the sugar beet factory of Coaticook in 1880.

Woodman Storefront

Item consists of photograph of the Woodman grocery store situated in Coaticook, Que. Included in the photograph are: Alice Brunet, Matthieu, Helen Woodman, Roméo St. Louis, Mrs. Cartwright, Milton A. Woodman and Mr. Léon Drolet.

Hockey team, Coaticook

Item is a photograph of a hockey team, possibly connected with the Collège du Sacré-Coeur, pictured at a rink on St-Jean-Baptiste Street in Coaticook from about the 1920s.

Diplômés du Collège du Sacré-Coeur

La photographie est d'un groupe de diplômés du Collège du Sacré-Coeur à Coaticook probablement dans les années 1940.
Dans la photo : (1ere rangée: Fr. Deslongchamp, Fr. Louis-Roger, (2ième rangée) Ghislain Larochelle, Bernard Crête, Marcel Devost, Marcel Caron, (3ième) Néron, Claude Donaldson, Sauvageau, Roland Dupuis, Jean Dupuis, Denis Arseneau, (4ième rangée) Jacques Marcoux, Lestage, inconnu, Roland Breault, Renald St. Pierre.

Fonds de la famille Jubinville

  • CA SHC F040
  • Fonds
  • 1923-1978

Le fonds consiste de:

  1. Deux coupures de presse (1957), noces d’or pour William Jubinville et Angélina Benoit, Noé Jubinville et Clara Champagne; et Georges Jubinville et Alphréda Cyr. Les trois étaient mariés le 8 avril 1907 à l’église St-Emond à Coaticook.

  2. Un ruban commémoratif et invitation pour le noces d’or des frères Jubinville (1957)

  3. Invitation souvenir, décès de Alice Jubinville (1978)

  4. 84 photographies (1923-1962)

    • la plupart ne sont pas indentifiées
    • Photos identifiées: Journée syndicale à Coaticook (18 juillet 1937); “ Marie-Ange et Germaine”; Gaston Jubinville et Lionel (Nel) Benoit; Denis Gerin, Roland Frechette; Alphréda Cyr, Georges Jubinville, Clara Champagne, Noé Jubinville, Angélina Benoit, William Jubinville; Alice Jubinville; Diane Jubinville; Jeanne Marchand, Yvette Benoit, Claire Marchand; Germaine Labrie; Claire Marchand Fafard; Lumina, Bertha, Eva; Lise Boudreau, Lina Benoit; Louisette Boudreau, Gilberte Boudreau.

Fonds Yvette Rousseau

  • CA SHC F023
  • Fonds
  • 1934 [reproduction]-2004

Fonds illustrates the professional and political life of Yvette Boucher Rousseau from 1934 to 2004. It consists of photographs, works by Rousseau, press clippings, programmes, and House of Commons, Senate, and National Assembly debates. While the majority of the material highlights Rousseau's career, it includes a few photographs from her childhood and biographical material from after her death in 1988. The fonds is composed of the following files: Biographies, Publications, Press clippings, Photographs, Parliamentary debates, and Prizes.

Rousseau, Yvette

Fonds Philibert Cloutier

  • CA SHC F037
  • Fonds
  • 1938-1996

The fonds contains information on the profession, personal and military life of Philibert Cloutier from 1938 to 1996. It consists of the following series: Military life, Professional life, Personal life, and Photographs.

Cloutier, Philibert Joseph Louis (1919-2005)

Fonds École musicale du Comté de Stanstead

  • CA SHC F038
  • Fonds
  • 1930-1931

The fonds contains information on the musical performances of the École musicale du Comté de Stanstead in Coaticook from 1930 to 1931. It consists of programmes.


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