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Programmes and Advertisements

The file consists of five theatre programmes and two advertisements: MM. P. Paul-Marcel, 2-4 September 1912, at His Majesty's Theatre, Sherbrooke; posters for "Too Much Married", by the West Brome Dramatic Club; "Not Guilty" and "Silent Woman !", Town Hall, Lennoxville, by the Boston Comedy Company; a programme for "Quality Street" presented by the Sherbrooke High School in 1943; a programme for "Captain Applejack" presented by the Sherbrooke High School; a programme for "Merrie England" presented by the Sher-Lenn Operatic & Choral Society; and the summer 2005 programme for Townships Stage, performed at The Piggery Theatre.


This file contains primary source material on the theatre involvement of Barbara Wark in Sherbrooke and New York between 1948 and 1956. It consists primarily of theatre programmes, photographs, and a scrapbook. The theatres represented in the theatre programmes include: Bishop's Little Theatre, St. Peter's Memorial Hall, The Canadian Art Theatre, North Hatley Playhouse, The Iowa State College Theatre, Anta Playhouse, Knowlton Playhouse, St. George's Hall, and Her Majesty's Theatre.

Community Involvement

The file contains primary source material on community involvement of James H. Wark in Sherbrooke between 1911 and 1968. It consists primarily of graduation programmes, club memberships, and administrative documents for various recreational clubs.

Garrison Theatre pamphlet

The pamphlet contains a schedule and synopsis of the performances to be made at the Garrison Theatre, in Bramshott, during the week starting Sunday, January 5th, 1919.


The file contains primary source material on the theatre involvement of James H. Wark in Sherbrooke and England between 1918 and 1955. It consists primarily of theatre programmes. The theatres represented in the programmes include: Pantomine Theatre, Adelphi Theatre, Brigadoon Theatre, His Majesty's Theatre, Wyndham's Theatre, Lyceum Theatre, Strand Theatre, Ambassadors Theatre, Garrison Theatre, Prince of Wales Theatre, Daly's Theatre, Gaiety Theatre, Duke of York's Theatre, The Picture House, The Palace Theatre, The Palladium, The London Pavilion, Empire Theatre, London Hippodrome, Granada Theatre, and St. Peter's Memorial Hall.

Wark family (Sherbrooke) fonds

  • CA ETRC 2-1-P234
  • Fonds
  • 1911-2002

The fonds contains primary source material on the personal, professional and military lives of the Wark family in Sherbrooke between 1911 and 2002. It consists primarily of photographs and theatre programmes. The fonds is comprised of the following series: James H. Wark, Florence (Bryant) Wark, Barbara Wark, Wark theatre, Photographs, and Miscellaneous.

St-Louis Choir

1st row: Lucien Bilodeau (director), Lucille Leseilleur, Marie-Paule Bilodeau, Irène Roy, Madeleine Fournaise, Marianne Baillargeon, Françoise Reid, Pierrette Bergeron, Rolande Moore, Blanche Roberge (accompaniment) ;
2nd row: Blanche-Hélène Nolet, Pierrette Labarre, Normande Bergeron, Simone Tessier, Yvette Gagnon, Luce Drouin, Marie-Paule Labarre;
3rd row: Thérèse Roberge, Françoise Tourigny, Fernade Boulanger, Thérèse Lapointe, Aline Roberge, Rita Roberge, Estelle Labarre, Eliane Gilbert ;
4th row:Réal Gagnon, Willie Reid, Eva Rose Tardif, Thérèse Beaudry, Oscar Campeau, Lionel Blouin ;
5th row: Henri Beaudoin, André Champigny, Benoit Roberge, "Pit" Bernier, Jean-Omer Roberge, Réal Dugal, Lionel Blouin, Gérard E. Roy

St-Louis choir at St-Joseph's Oratory

Where it performed during a mass. From left to right: Father L. Joyal, vicar and animator for the celebrations of the 60th anniversary. Father Pierre Labrecque, E. Dugal, V. Chicoine, H. Beaudoin, R. Drapeau, A. Champigny, A. Landreville, A. Tourigny, NPR Roberge, JC Tardif, G. Pépin, L. Champigny, R. Brousseau, L. Blouin, O. Campeau, W. Reid, JO Roberge, Lucien Bilodeau director. , Blanche Roberge accompanist. Do not appear in the photo, Messrs. G. Tardif and O. Turcotte.

St-Louis Choir

Miss Blanche Roberge, accompanist Jeanne Lagueux, Rita Drouin, Lucille le Selleur, Rollande Moore, Suzanne F. Bergeron, Lucien Bilodeau director, Monique Drouin, Henriette Charland, Blandine Duplin, Simone Groleau, Mme Gérard Gendreau, Rita Roberge, Ms. Bruno Bergeron, Thérèse Beaudry, Aline Roberge, Aimé Landreville, Mr. Lionel Blouin, Pruno Bergeron, Gérard G. Roy, Rosario Bernier, Wellie Reid, Henri Beaudoin, André Champigny, Luc Blouin, Lionel Fortin, John Roberge, Benoit Roberge

Inauguration of Centre de la jeunesse 1945

Queen: Fleurette Bourque, along with:
Murielle Groleau, Normande Dugal, Monique Massé, Solange Faucher, Noella Groleau, Marcelle Campagna, Françoise Hamel, Thérèse Turcotte, Madeleine Fréchette, Annette Bibeau, Rachelle Fréchette, Madeleine Martel, Lauréanne Drapeau, Rachelle Pomerleau, Jeanne d'Arc Cormier, Colette Campagna, Maudette Tremblay, Rita Nadeau, Cécile Bibeau.

Brae Manor Players fonds

  • CA ETRC 2-1-P231
  • Fonds
  • 1939-1955

The fonds contains primary source information on the theatre productions of the Brae Manor Players in Knowlton and North Hatley from 1939 to 1955. If consists of programmes.

Brae Manor Players

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