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Wark family fonds

  • CA ETRC P234
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1910]-[196-?], 2002

-Barbara Wark: acting scrapbook (BU, E.T. and NYC), certificates, programmes, travel passport, press passes, ticket stubs, correspondence, yearbooks, B.U. reunion, 40 photos, 1914-1919, 1947-1958, 2002
-wedding memories book, marriage of James & Florence?
-James Wark: military, correspondence, Snow Shoe Club, army song & prayer books, St. Francis Golf Club, diary/journal, Boy Scout note book & photos, membership cards, St. Patrick's Academy class, British American Oil, school leaving certificate, 16 photographs, ca. 1910-ca. 1960
-graduation exercises of Sherbrooke High School, 1932-1948
-various theatre programmes, London, Halifax, Sherbrooke, 1916-1955
-photographs: ca. 80 photos

Brae Manor Players fonds

  • CA ETRC P231
  • Fonds
  • 1939-1955

The fonds contains primary source information on the theatre productions of the Brae Manor Players in Knowlton and North Hatley from 1939 to 1955. If consists of programmes.

Brae Manor Players

Chorale avec Ebba McGovern

La pièce est une photographie d’Ebba McGovern (2e rangée, 3e de droit) faisant partie de la chorale University Singers de l’Université Bishop’s vers les années 1950.

Joseph R. Ball family

The file consists of a book of poems by Joseph Rice Ball and Lillian Stuart Ball, titled "Greetings from Mapleside", which also includes photographs, from around 1900 and a custom Christmas greeting card from Henry S. Ball, dated 1907. Mapleside was the Ball family property in Waterville.

Bernard Epps fonds

  • CA ETRC P110
  • Fonds
  • [195-]-[199-]

The fonds contains source material on the personal life and literary works of writer Bernard Epps. It consists of manuscripts of published and unpublished works, research notes, correspondence, log books, speeches, newspaper clippings, and sketchbooks. The fonds is comprised of the following series: Literary endeavours (1965-1995), Personal life ([195?]-1993), Speeches and Lectures ([197?]-[199?]), Artwork ([195-?]-[198-?]), and Publications (1961-[198-?]).

Epps, Bernard, 1936-2007

Programmes and Advertisements

The file consists of four theatre programmes: MM. P. Paul-Marcel, 2-4 September 1912, at His Majesty's Theatre, Sherbrooke; "Too Much Married", by the West Brome Dramatic Club; "Not Guilty" and "Silent Woman !", Town Hall, Lennoxville, by the Boston Comedy Company; and the summer 2005 programme for Townships Stage, performed at The Piggery Theatre.

Kay Kinsman fonds

  • CA ETRC P062
  • Fonds
  • 1947-1998

The fonds contains source material on Kay Kinsman's life as an artist from 1947 to 1998 and a student at Bishop's and McGill Universities from the 1970s to 1998. It consists mainly of notebooks, watercolour books, sketchbooks, press clippings, correspondence, papers submitted for courses at Bishop's, her M.A. thesis, exhibition catalogues, slides and photographs. The fonds is comprised of the following series : Private Life (1947-1998), Artistic Life (1949-[between 1980 and 1998]), Academic Life (1964-1996), and Works on Kay Kinsman (1992-1995).

Kinsman, Kay, 1909-1998

Matrix magazine

  • CA ETRC P220
  • Fonds
  • [1913-1921?], 1974-1995

The fonds contains primary source material pertaining to Matrix magazine (published in Lennoxville, QC from 1974 to 1988). The material in the fonds spans from 1913 to 1921, and from 1974 to 1995. It consists of correspondence, largely with Matrix editor Philip Lanthier, regarding the administration and content of the magazine. The fonds also consists of prints of work submitted to the magazine, 53 photographs (including 12 35mm negatives) from The Seventh Moon poetry readings, featuring Irving Layton, Lucien Francoeur, and Ralph Gustafson, as well as 55 miscellaneous photographs (including 18 35mm negatives). Other items found in the fonds include an award certificate for Joyce Marshall in Matrix (1984), transparencies of artworks, sketches for the magazine, a Seventh Moon Poetry Reading poster, and press clippings. The fonds is comprised of the following series: Correspondence ([1974-1991?]), Administration (1974-1988), Promotional Material ([1974-after 1985?]), Special Events ([1980?]-1995), Design Process ([1913-1921], [1974-1995?]).


Cast of Summer comes to the Diamond O

The photograph shows the student cast of a performance of "Summer Comes to the Diamond O" at the Sherbrooke High School in December 1950. Pictured in the photograph are Russell Hyman, Garth McElrea, unknown Knox, Hugh Doherty, Paul Chute, Bob Chapman, James Tribble, and Peter Wilcock.

Cast of The Bishop's Candlesticks

The photograph shows the student cast of "The Bishop's Candlesticks" in the Sherbrooke High School in December 1950. Among those pictured in the photograph are: Pauline Saunders, Diana Reid, Burt Fritz, Jim Bellows, Stuart Lyon, Jim Bongs, Barbara Wright, and Raymond Nicol.

Cast of the Princess and the Woodcutter

The photograph shows the student cast of "The Princess and the Woodcutter" at the Sherbrooke High School in December 1950. Pictured in the photograph are Charles Buckland, Susan Batrie(?), unknown Rosenthal, Barbara Young, Forrest Roy, Bruce Wilson, Graydon Woollerton, Hannah Chankin.

Royce Gale fonds

  • CA ETRC P230
  • Fonds
  • 1950-1968

The fonds contains primary source information on the professional life of Royce Gale in Sherbrooke from 1950 to 1968. It consists of photographs of some of the classes taught by Royce Gale and of drama performances at the Sherbrooke High School, as well as a newspaper article on the naming Eastern Townships School Board administrators in 1968.

Gale, Royce L.

Francis A. Bowen

The file contains primary source information on the life of Francis A. Bowen from 1888 to 1935. It consists of correspondence, reports, and prospectuses relating to the Barcelos Gold Mines Limited, a Brazilian company the Bowens were involved in at the end of the 19th century. It also includes an obituary, a letter to Frank A. Bowen concerning tests on steel samples and two letters from Frank A. Bowen. One to an unidentified man in service during World War I and the other addressed to Cecil H. Bowen. Among the photographs is one showing F.A. Bowen in his costume for his portrayal of the Admiral in a theatre production of, possibly, "HMS Pinafore".

Bowen, Francis A.

George Frederick Bowen

The file contains primary source information on George F. Bowen's life from 1855 to 1927. It consists of a list of George Frederick Bowen's military appointments in 1867 and 1868; George Frederick Bowen's degree from the University of Bishop's College dated 1855 and related letter from 1856; and a deed of sale and three maps regarding G.F. Bowen's land in the Township of South Ham, Wolfe County. It also includes photocopies of a theatre programme for a performance at "Poor Pillicoddy" and "Irish Tiger" in 1857 and newspaper clippings consisting of a tribute to George Frederick Bowen by George E. Brown in 1898 and an article on the colours of the 53rd Sherbrooke Regiment from 1927, photographs, as well as biographical notes on G.F. Bowen's life. Among the photographs are two featuring Eliza (Jessie) Wyatt and one featuring members of the St. Francis District court from the 1850s, featuring G.F. Bowen as well as Eleazar Clark and John Hallowell.

Bowen, George Frederick

Travels and Theatre

The file contains primary source information on the travels and theatre involvement of Cecil H. Bowen of Sherbrooke, QC from 1879 to approximately 1906, and in 1986. It consists of a printed list of passengers on board the Augusta-Victoria steamship of the Hamburg-American Packet Company in November 1890 and two theatre programmes for Il Jacobi presented by the Mountfield Amateur Theatre Company in 1879 and for the comic opera The Mikado, by Gilbert and Sullivan, presented at the Clement Theatre in Sherbrooke, probably in 1906. In the Mikado, Cecil played the role of the Mikado of Japan and Minnie Hallowell Bowen the role of an elderly lady. In Il Jacobi, Cecil played the role of Jacobi and Minnie the role of Sophronia. The programmes include lists of the actors and ladies in the chorus, a synopsis, and advertisements for local businesses. It also contains a letter from Lloyd and photocopied photograph of the cast of Ermanie, which included Cecil and Minnie, from 1986, 3 photographs of Cecil in costume and a photograph the Augusta-Victoria ship that Cecil had traveled on.

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