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Young Womens' Christian Temperance Union of Milby (Milby, Que.)

  • Y001
  • Corporate body
  • 1890-1963

The Milby Union was first formed in 1890 to look after an organized Youth Group of the Community and form a Sunday School. The union moved to Ives Hill where most of the members resided and changed its name to Ives Hill Y. In 1923, a new Women's Christian Temperance Union was formed in Milby by Mrs. Robert Lipsey, then County President of Sherbrooke. The W.C.T.U. held meetings, gave temperance lessons, formed a new Sunday School, assisted to conventions of the Quebec Provincial Woman's Christian Temperance Union and grew up to twenty-five members. A Loyal Temperance Legion was formed in 1932 under the Union to "teach children the evils of alcohol and a knowledge of conducting a buisiness meeting." By 1960, the memership of the W.C.T.U. of Milby dwindled to eight members. The group was disbanded in 1963.

Woodman, Dorothy Jane Neill

  • W017
  • Person
  • (1923-2018)

Dorothy Jane Neill Woodman was born in Tooting, England in 1923. During the Second World War, Dorothy was a member of the Royal Air Force as she worked as a telephone operator. At this time, she met Murray Milton Woodman (1916-1983) who was serving as a seargeant for the Canadian Expeditionary Force. Dorothy and Murray were married and had their first son Anthony Murray Woodman in England. Once Dorothy emigrated to Canada she gave birth to their son Peter Allan Woodman (1945- ) and their daugther Ketha Florence Helen Woodman (1951 - ). Dorothy died on 19 February 2018 in Coaticook.

Woodman Family

  • W016
  • Family
  • 1623-

The Woodmans trace their North American roots back to Edward Woodman who first emigrated to Newbury Mass.from Wiltshire, England in 1623. Joshua S. Woodman and his wife Polly Sturtevant settled in Hatley on Lot no. 5, 2nd Range in 1819. Together they had six children: Mary M. (3 October 1813), Joshua S. (25 October 1815), Eliza J. (3 April 1821), Caleb T., Albert Alonzo (19 July 1825), Sarah (27 July 1828). Johsua died on 10 March 1865. Joshua’s son, Albert Alonzo Woodman married Mary Jane Sanborn on 20 April 1847 in Compton, Que. They owned a farm in Moe’s River. Together, Albert and Mary had four children: Albert Alonzo Woodman Jr. (1867-1932), Eliza Jane Woodman, Sarah Orcelia Woodman and Milton Sawyer Woodman. Albert Alonzo Woodman died on 7 September 1895 and is buried at the Moe’s River Cemetery.

Woodman, Keith Anthony

  • W015
  • Person
  • 1993-2009

Keith Anthony Woodman was born 7 March 1993 to Anthony Murray Woodman and Shelley Briem. Growing up Keith was a member of the Boy Scouts and the Royal Canadian Air Cadets. Over the course of his life, he moved a number of times between the Pas, Thompson and Leaf Rapids. He worked at the Leaf Rapids Co-op and had also moved to Winnipeg for a short period of time to work at the Winnipeg Free Press. Keith was killed 5 April 2009 in a home invasion while he house-sitting for a friend at Mikinak Bay, Manitoba. At the time of his death, Keith was a tenth grade student at the Leaf Rapids Education Centre and worked as a math tutor.

Woodman, Peter Allan

  • W014
  • Person
  • 1945-

Peter Allan Woodman was born on 26 July 1945 at the Sherbrooke Hospital to Murray Milton Woodman (1916-1983) and Dorothy Neill Woodman. Peter attended the Coaticook and Knowlton High School. In 1964 and 1966, Peter crossed the Arctic Circle on the 10 C.C.G.S. Montcalm, as he worked as a Cargo Officer on the ship. Peter served the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1967 as an Aircraftman and was honorably discharged the same year. Over the course of the 1960s and the 1970s, Peter was admitted to The Sherbrooke Hospital, The Douglas Hospital, The Queen Mary Hospital, The Veterans Hospital at St. Anne de Bellevue, The Lakeshore General Hospital, St. Vincent de Paul Hospital and L’hopital Hotel Dieu to treat his bipolar disorder. In 1969, Peter completed a cabinet-making course at Laurentian Regional High School in Lachute, Que. He moved to Manitoba in 1976 where his brother Anthony Woodman resides, and completed a carpentry program at Keewatin Community College. In addition to his carpentry and cabinet certificates, Peter also received a certificate in 1988 from the Ambassador College for the Bible Correspondence Course. In 2001, Sherbrooke’s Church of Latter Day Saints ordained Peter. Peter’s interests extend to a number of social causes as he has been an advocate for the rights of mental health patients through his involvement with Pro- Quebec, and more specifically Pro-Def Estrie. He has also been an active supporter of social housing in Canada.

Woodman, Helen

  • W013
  • Person
  • 1910-1993

Helen Woodman was born in 1910 to Milton A. Woodman (1892-1955) and Aline Hanson (1891-1959). Helen worked as a nurse at the Sherbrooke Hospital and married Albert M. Lisso (1906-1996). Helen died in 1993, Helen and Albert are both buried in the Paris Cemetery in Brant County, Ontario.

Woodman, Murray Milton

  • W012
  • Person
  • 1916-1983

Murray Milton Woodman was born in 1916 to Milton Albert Woodman (1892-1955) and Aline Hanson (1891-1959) of Coaticook, Que. Murray served as a sergeant in the Canadian Expeditionary Force during the Second World War, at which time he met his wife Dorothy Jane Neill who was born in Tooting, England. Dorothy was a member of the Royal Air Force and worked as a telephone operator. Their first son Anthony Murray Woodman was born in England, prior to their emigration to Canada. After the war, Murray was employed as a Canadian Immigration Officer. Murray was an avid stamp and coin collector. He was a member of the British North American Philatelic Society, Canadian Philatelic Society of Great Britain, the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada, the Eastern Townships Stamp Club and the St. Francis Collectors Club. Murray also contributed to a weekly column “Bits about Stamps and Coins” at the Sherbrooke Telegram Observer in the 1960s. He owned Woodman- Stamps & Coins in Dixville, Que., which specialized in stamps from Canada, Newfoundland, the United States, the U.N., Ghana and the Vatican. In addition to Anthony, Murray and Dorothy also had Peter Allan Woodman (1945- ) and Ketha Florence Helen Woodman (1951 - ). Murray died in 1983 and is buried at the Mount Forest Cemetery.

Woodman, John Bernard

  • W011
  • Person
  • 1901-

John Bernard Woodman was born on January 15 1901 in Coaticook, Que, to Albert Alonzo Woodman Jr. (1867-1932) and Emily McKee (1866-1945). John served as a lieutenant for the Royal Canadian Air Force during the First World War. In 1947, John married Madelyn Abbie Rider, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Rider in Montreal, Que. Both John and Madelyn had graduated from Stanstead College. John also graduated from the College of Dentistry at McGill University and was oftentimes referred to as Dr. Jack. John and Madelyn resided in New York and Washington.

Woodman, Milton Albert

  • W010
  • Person
  • 1892-1955

Milton Albert Woodman was born on 29 September 1892 to Albert Alonzo Woodman Jr. (1867-1932) and Emily McKee (1866-1945) in Coaticook, Que. On 17 September 1914, he married Aline Hanson (1891-1959) at the Church of England, Coaticook and together they had two children: Murray Milton Woodman (1916-1983) and Helen Woodman (1923-1993). Milton served in the First World War and worked in the grocery business. Milton A. Woodman died in 1955 and was buried at the Mount Forest Cemetery.

Woodman, Albert Alonzo Jr.

  • W009
  • Person
  • 1867-1932

Albert Alonzo Woodman Jr. was born in Moe’s River to Albert Alonzo Woodman (1825-1895) and Mary Jane Sanborn in 1867. He established himself in Coaticook in 1888 and was married to Emily McKee (1866-1945) on 8 October 1890, at the Church of England, Coaticook. Albert and Emily had two children, Milton A. Woodman (1891-1955) and John B. Woodman (1901 -). In 1892, he went into the grocery business with his brother-in-law Charles McKee under the name Woodman and McKee. The business remained open until 1920. In 1921, Albert moved his family to St. John, N.B. where he served as district manager to the eastern provinces for one year, until he returned to Coaticook. Albert also served as the: Grand Junior Warden of Grand Encampment, the District Deputy Grand Patriarch of the G.E.Q., the District Deputy Grand Master for the Victoria Lodge in 1916, the Commissioner of the Superior Court and Justice of the Peace, President of the Coaticook Board of Trade, Director of the Eastern Townships’ Associated Boards of Trade and President of the Eastern Townships Immigration Society. Albert Alonzo Woodman Jr. died in 1931 and is buried at the Mount Forest Cemetery.

Woodman, Albert Alonzo

  • W008
  • Person
  • 1825-1895

Albert Alonzo Woodman was born on 19 July 1825 to Joshua S. Woodman and Polly Sturtevant. He married Mary Jane Sanborn on 20 April 1847 in Compton, Que. Albert and his wife had four children together: Albert Alonzo Woodman Jr. (1867-1932), Eliza Jane Woodman, Sarah Orcelia Woodman and Milton Sawyer Woodman. He owned a farm in Moe’s River Cemetery.

Woodman, Joshua A.

  • W007
  • Person
  • 1790-1865

Joshua S. Woodman was born in 1790. He married to Polly Sturtevant (10 January 1786) from Barton, Vermont and they settled on No. 5, 2nd Range of Hatley in 1819. Joshua and Polly had six children together: Mary M (3 October 1813), Joshua S. (25 October 1815), Eliza J. (3 April 1821), Caleb T., Albert Alonzo (19 July 1825), Sarah (27 July 1828). Polly died on the 15 March 1849. Joshua then married his second wife Arethusa Bucknell who died on 27 June 1854. Joshua died on 10 March 1865.

Weir, Ivy

  • W005
  • Person
  • 1929-2014

Ivy Weir-Pankovitch was born in 1929 to Edward J. Weir and Luella Crosby/Crosbie in the Eastern Townships, where she spent most of her life. She graduated Brookbury High School in 1946 and later married Don Pankovitch with whom she had five children: David, Peter, Jane, Eve and Steven Pankovitch. In 1969, she began a career in journalism as women's editor and feature writer for the Sherbrooke Record, then operated by Conrad Black, Peter White and David Radler. She commenced divorce procedures against her husband in the same year and later decided to return to school to study nursing. Ivy Weir worked as a nurse in the intensive care unit of the Sherbrooke Hospital all the while continuing to write for the Record. Her pieces focused on topics such as national politics, the elderly, regional affairs and healthcare. A devout Catholic, she nonetheless introduced a motion to dispense with the prayer that started council meetings after being elected as a town councilor. Ivy Weir died on 17 April 2014 at La Maison Aube-Lumière in Sherbrooke.

Wilson, William

  • W004
  • Person
  • 1773-1848

William Wilson (1773-1848) was born in Lincolnshire, England where he married his wife, Eleanor Chapman (1780-1864) in 1799. They immigrated to quebec in 1830 where they eventually settled in Leeds.

Wurtele, Vivian C.

  • W003
  • Person
  • 1835-1882

Vivian C. Wurtele, born around 1835, was the son of Jonathan Wurtele, Seigneur of Rivière-David in Yamaska, and Louisa Sophia Campbell. He married Olympe Paré on 28 September 1882.

Wilkie, George Henry

  • W003
  • Person
  • 1865-1953

George Henry Wilkie was born the 20 December 1865 in Windsor, to George and Alice Ann (Dearden) Wilkie. He spent most of his life as a farmer in Hardwood Hill. He married Mary J. Ross the 15 January 1887 and together they had two children: Frances Maud (b. 1888) and Alice (b. 1891). George died the 21 December 1953.

Wurtele, Louis C.

  • W002
  • Person
  • 1831-1919

Louis C. Wurtele was born in Quebec City on 1 September 1831. He was the son of Sophia Campbell and Jonathan S. Wurtele, Seigneur of the Rivière David in the County of Yamaska. In 1860, Wurtele married Emily Towle of Lennoxville, with whom he had a daughter, Mary. Emily died in 1872; Wurtele remarried in 1874, to Isabella T. Hunter of Richmond, Maine, with whom he had two sons. Louis C. Wurtele studied first with a tutor in Rivière David, then entered University of Bishop's College in Lennoxville in 1853, where he earned a B.A. in 1857. He spent time in England studying science in 1858; returned to Quebec and was ordained a deacon of the United Church of England and Ireland in 1858; obtained an M.A. from Bishop's in 1860; and was ordained priest in 1861. From 1860 to 1862, he was a travelling missionary in the District of Saint Francis; in 1862 he was assigned to the mission in Acton Vale and worked there until 1917. Wurtele remained fascinated by science. After several years' membership in the American Association for the Advancement of Science, he was made an honorary member. He died in Acton Vale on 4 April 1919.

Walker, Rev. Blake

  • W001
  • Person
  • fl. 1978-1990

Reverend Blake Walker has been minister at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church since 1978.

Todd, Susan Minerva

  • T002
  • Person
  • 1835-1895

Susan Minerva Luther was born January 2, 1835. She was the daughter of Giles and Mary (Todd) Luther. She married Alonzo Todd 29 January 1862. Together they had five children Eva Lucinda, Arabella, Mary Jane "Jennie", Ernest, and Etta Fidelia. Susan died 21 November 1895. Barbara Ann (Stephen) Todd is the daughter of James Stephen and Margaret Wattie. She married Hebert E. Todd 24 June 1904. She died 6 September 1950. Neil Taylor is related to Edgar Irwin and Etta (Todd) Taylor.

Toth, Rev. Kalman

  • T001
  • Person
  • fl. 1975-1978

Reverend Kalman Toth was minister at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church from 1975 to 1978.

Stevens, Walter Sanford

  • S002
  • Person
  • 19th cent.

Walter Sanford Stevens was the brother-in-law of Malcolm Clapp Baker. He married Malcolm's sister, Mary Peckham Baker.

Steinhous, Margaret

  • S001
  • Person
  • 1835-1910

Margaret Kirkpatrick was born 12 August 1835 in Scotland. She is the daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Kirkpatrick. She married George William Steinhous. Margaret died in 1910.

Presbytery of Quebec

  • P001
  • Corporate body
  • 1875-

The Presbytery of Quebec was organized in 1875, after the Presbyterian Church in Canada was formed. The latter resulted from the merger of four Presbyterian churches in Canada: the Canada Presbyterian Church, the Presbyterian Church of Canada in Connection with the Church of Scotland, the Presbyterian Church in the Lower Provinces of British North America and the Presbyterian Church of the Maritime Provinces in Connection with the Church of Scotland. The Presbytery of Quebec, which is part of the Synod of Quebec and Eastern Ontario, is a court of the Church made up of a number of congregations within the quadrilateral formed by Sherbrooke, Trois-Rivières, Rivière-du-Loup, and Lake Megantic. Over the years, congregations were established in Danville-Asbestos, East Angus, Flodden (Brompton Gore), Gould, Hampden, Inverness, Jersey Mills, Lake Megantic, Leeds, Marsboro, Melbourne, Milan, Quebec City, Richmond, Rivière-du-Loup, Scotstown, Sherbrooke, St. Sylvester, Trois-Rivières, Valcartier, Winslow, etc. In 1925, the Presbytery of Quebec lost congregations, which joined the newly formed United Church of Canada. The main functions of the Presbytery are to oversee congregations within its bounds; to designate new congregations; to elect those who bear ecclesiastical charges; to find candidates for the ministry and to certify them for ordination; to authorize calls to ministers by congregations; and to proceed to ordination and/or induction (art. 202-234) of new ministers. Prior to 1875, a Presbytery of Quebec existed. It had been organized in 1831 when a Synod of the Presbyterian Church in Canada in Connection with the Church of Scotland was established. The Presbytery of Quebec ceased to exist in 1846, but was revived in 1856 and reorganized in 1875. The Presbytery consists of ordained ministers within the bounds (minimum of half-time basis) and one ordained elder from each congregation which has an organized session, and ministers ordained by the Presbytery for work overseas under the Life and Mission Agency.(art. 176). The moderator of the Presbytery constitutes the court and presides, opens and closes meetings with prayer, preserves order, takes votes, announces decisions, pronounces censures, signs minutes, calls meetings, and generally directs the business of the court (art. 179). The Presbytery appoints a clerk whose duty is to keep records of proceedings and transmit the same annually to the synod for review; keep an accurate roll of the members; preserve all papers belonging to the court; and give certified extracts from minutes when required (art. 181). The Presbytery appoints a treasurer to receive and disburse any moneys belonging to the court (art. 183).

Olivier, Estelle

  • O001
  • Person
  • 1925-2012

Artist and poet Estelle Poulin was born in Sherbrooke in 1925 to Joseph Albert Poulin and Laurentine Bisson. She studied nursing and worked in various institutions and organizations. She married Irénée Olivier. Eventually, she was employed at the library of the Université de Sherbrooke and worked with the sick. In 1969, she decided to devote herself to literature and the visual arts. Since then, she has published many illustrated books of poetry and completed more than 500 paintings. In 1972, she was awarded the Prix Juge Lemay of the Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste du diocèse de Sherbrooke. She passed away in Sherbrooke on 3 August 2012 at the age of 87.

Marshall, Joyce

  • M016
  • Person
  • 1913-2005

Author Joyce Marshall was born in Montreal on 28 November 1913, the eldest child of William W. Marshall and Ruth Chambers. After attending Westmount High School in Montreal she studied at St. Helen's School in Dunham from 1929 to 1932. She then went on to study English at McGill University, where she obtained her B.A. in 1935. Marshall had started to write fiction in her childhood and had her first publication, a short story, in 1936. In 1937 she moved to Toronto and continued to live there for most of her life, with a break from 1961 to 1963, when she lived in Denmark and Norway. Though her works consists mainly of short stories, Marshall has also worked in many other genres, including poetry, the novel, the essay, journalism, and criticism. Many of her stories have been produced for radio on the CBC program 'Anthology'. Marshall was a translator as well, and is known as an excellent translator of Quebec literature. In 1976, she won the Canadian Council award for translation for her version of Gabrielle Roy's "Cet été qui chantait". This translation and that of two other works by Roy gave rise to correspondence with Roy. Marshall's interests included work with national associations for the protection and promotion of writers and translators. In 1981-1982, Marshall was writer-in-residence at Trent University in Ontario.

Joyce Marshall passed away 22 October 2005.

McMaster, Andrew R.

  • M015
  • Person
  • 1876-1937

Andrew Ross McMaster was born the 6 November 1876 in Montreal to Captain John Andrew McMaster and his wife, Amelia. He was educated at Montreal High School, Montreal Collegiate Institute, McGill University and the University of Edinburgh, graduating with a law degree. He was admitted to the Quebec bar in 1901 and eventually was appointed the King’s Counsel in 1910. He also served as a school commissioner in Westmount. McMaster married Florence B. Walker (1877-1960) on 25 June 1902 and together they had 6 children: Frances Ross (1903-2002), Amelia Wilkes (1904-1990), Florence Walker (1906-1990), Margaret Mona (1908-1999), John Andrew (1911-1999), and Helen Leeming (b. 1916).

A.R. McMaster began his political in 1917, when he was elected as a Liberal to the House of Commons as the Member of Parliament for Brome, a position he held until 1925. In 1929, McMaster entered provincial politics as he was appointed Provincial Treasurer for the Louis-Alexandre Taschereau government. Shortly thereafter, he ran for the Quebec Liberal Party in the riding of Compton in 1929, which he won. In 1930, McMaster resigned from cabinet. He passed away on 27 April 1937 in Westmount, Quebec and is buried at the Mount Royal Cemetery.

Mackey, Leeman

  • M014
  • Person
  • 1883-1966

Leeman Mackey (baptized with family name of Mackay) was born on 3 October 1883 to William Mackay and Jemima Rice in Weedon, Quebec. By 1911, Leeman had moved to Marbleton and appears to have been an apprentice under Alvin Barter, a butcher. Leeman Mackey was butcher in Marbleton. He took over Alvin Barter’s butcher business around 1916 and was the first butcher to go from village to village with a cart. Leeman married Dora Mackay in 1912 and together they had one child, Lloyd Allen, born in 1913. They also had a daughter, Una, who died in 1920. He died on 27 September 1966 and is buried at the Lakeside Cemetery in Bishopton.

Mellor, Margaret Ruth

  • M012
  • Person
  • 1914-2001

Margaret Ruth Cushing was born in Westmount in 1914 and was the daughter of Mr & Mrs. E.S. Cushing. She had two sisters Elizabeth and Kathleen. She married Cedric Douglas Mellor on 25 June 1938. Together they had two daughters: Margaret Ruth and Joyce Douglas Mellor. Margaret Cushing Mellor died in 2001.

McCombie, Rev. Alex

  • M011
  • Person
  • fl. 1962-1968

Reverend Alex McCombie was minister at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church from 1962 to 1968.

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