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Derick, Philo

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  • 1819-1901

Philo Derick was born on 17 November 1819, in Noyan, Quebec, twin of Philip Derick and son of John Philip Derick and Elizabeth Hurlburt. He married Phoebe Adelia Flagg (1825-1890) on 10 October 1848. Together they had four children: Myron Lloyd, Melvin Church, Morris Colton and Ernest Elisha. Philo was a farmer in Noyan, with interests in bee-keeping and was involved in church activities. The family oral history also makes note of his involvement in the 1837-1838 Rebellions by transferring ammunition and guns from Ile-aux-Noix to Missisquoi Bay. Philo died on 28 February 1901 and was buried at the St. Thomas Cemetery in Noyan.

Derick, Philip (1749-1825)

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  • 1749-1825

Philip Derick was born in Seeg (Leey), High Germany (present-day Austria) in 1749 to Coonradt and Elisabeth Derck. He immigrated to the United States with his family. He served with Captain Hendrick Reuter (a.k.a. Henry Ruiter) during the American War of Independence and was stationed in St. John’s, Quebec. In 1784, he received a Loyalist compensation for losses incurred during the war, permitting him to settle in Caldwell’s Manor, the Seigneury of Foucault. This not being a land grant, Philip and his successors were obliged to pay seigneurial rent for many years. He married Maria Brust (a.k.a. Mary Broost) in Brunswick Centre, New York in 1773. Together they had eleven children: Condrade (b. 1774), Philip II or Jr. (b. 1776), Catharina (b. 1777), Anna/Hannah (b. 1780?), Elizabeth (b. 1782), Jacob (b. 1784), Frederick (b. 1787), John Philip (b. 1789), Anthony (b. 1792), Maria, and William (b. 1795). Philip died on 3 August 1825 in Noyan, Quebec.

Derick, Newbury Edy (1840-1920)

  • Person
  • 1840-1920

Newbury Edy Derick (Sr.) was born on 11 June 1840 in Noyan, Quebec, the son of John Derick (1810-1855) and Ophelia Edy. He was the last owner in the Derick family of the Philip Derick farm, located on the division between Foucault and Noyan Townships and which was a leading farm at one time. He was married first to Maria Hudson (1835-1899) on 31 December 1861. Together they had four children: Mary Hudson (b. 1863), Emma Ophelia (b. 1865), Newbury Edy (b. 1867), and Nellie Maria (b. 1870). Newbury married second Sarah Force (1848-1905), who had been keeping house for Morris C. Derick for a time following the death of Morris’ wife. He died on 17 February 1920.

Derick, Myron Llyod

  • Person
  • b. 1850

Myron Lloyd Derick was born on 19 April 1850 in Boston, Massachusetts, to Philo Derick and Phoebe Adelia Flagg. He married Gertrude Coolidge. The couple did not have any children. He left home at a young age and pursued work as a surveyor, banker, and manufacturer in the West and New England. Following significant loss of money in the stock exchange, he settled in Boston, Massachusetts, and worked in the shoe industry. Myron died in Boston.

Derick, Morris Colton

  • Person
  • 1855-1926

Morris Colton (a.k.a. Mott) Derick was born on 10 October 1855 in Noyan, Quebec to Philo Derick and Phoebe Adelia Flagg. He married first Elizabeth Mary (a.k.a. Lizzie) Beerwort (1863-1891) and together they had four children: Edith (1885-1889), Mabel Evelyn (1886-1923), Ray Leon (1889- ), and Harvey Myron (1891-1964). Morris married second Flora A. Hunter (1866-1949) on 5 June 1895. Morris purchased his father’s farm in Noyan and in addition to farming, he was mayor of St. Thomas from 1901-1904 and in 1908, the warden for Missisquoi County in 1903, and served as supervisor of roads for a number of years. Morris died on 26 February 1926 and is buried at the St. Thomas Cemetery in Noyan.

Derick, Melvin Church (1852-1907)

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  • 1852-1907

Melvin Church Derick was born on 8 December 1852 in Brockton, Massachusetts to Philo Derick and Phoebe Adelia Flagg. He never married and worked in the shoe industry in Boston and Brockton, Massachusetts. Melvin died on 21 August 1907 in Brockton, Massachusetts and was buried at the St. Thomas Cemetery in Noyan.

Derick, Mabel Evelyn (1886-1923)

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  • 1886-1923

Mabel Evelyn Derick was born on 10 April to 1886 in Noyan, Quebec to Morris C. Derick and Lizzie (Elizabeth) Beerwort. She studied typing and shorthand in Brookline, Massachusetts, living with her uncle and aunt, Myron and Gertrude Derick during that time. Mabel married Harry Bangs in Boston, Massachusetts. She died in 1923 and is buried in Noyan, Quebec.

Derick, John (1810-1855)

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  • 1810-1855

John Derick (sometimes appears as John Derick 2nd) was born in Christie’s Manor (Quebec) on 29 July 1810 to Conrade/Conrad Derick and Katharina (a.k.a. Catherine and Caty) Kohlhammer. He married first Ophelia Edy (d. 1846) in Caldwell’s Manor in September 1837 and together they had the following children: Mary Derick (b. ca. 1838), Newbury Edy Derick (1840-1920), and Ann Ophelia Derick (1846-1846). He married second Sarah Ann Bush, widow of Ira Row, in February 1847 in Clarenceville. Together they had the following children: Calvin G. Derick (1849-1849), Matilda L. Derick (b. 1850). John Derick was a farmer in St. Thomas and served as the Pay Master Sergeant for the 2nd Rouville Battalion Militia. He died the 28 March 1855 and is buried in Noyan.

Derick, Jabob (1784-1875)

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  • 1784-1875

Jacob Derick was born on 2 August 1784 in Noyan, Quebec, the son of Philip Derick and Maria Brust. He was a farmer. Jacob married Candace Patterson (born in New York) on 2 May 1816. Together they had eight children: Naaman, John Nelson, Harriett, Emily Emilia, Sarah, Mary Jane, Margaret, and Laura. Jacob died on 18 June 1875 in Noyan, Quebec.

Derick, Herbert, 1916-1994

  • Person
  • 1916-1994

Local historian Herbert Derick was born in Noyan, Missisquoi County, on 2 September 1916. He studied in Bedford before working in industry and commerce. He married Lucille H. George and together they had three children: Brian, Jane and John. At the beginning of the 1960s, Herbert moved to Lennoxville. From 1964 to 1980, he worked as Regional Industrial Commissioner for the Department of Industry, Trade and Commerce of Canada. A member of the United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada, Derick for many years researched the history of the Missisquoi County and the pioneers of the Eastern Townships, accumulating a massive quantity of documentation. He died on 8 February 1994.

Derick, Heinrich (1784-1876)

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  • 1784-1876

Heinrich (a.k.a. Henry or Hank) Derick was born 19 June 1784 in Brunswick Center, New York to William/Wilhelm Derick and Margaretha van der Werken. He immigrated to Christie’s Manor (Noyan Township) in Canada with his parents in the 1790s. Henry married Mary Ann Young/Jung on 12 October 1806. Together they had eleven children: Barbara (1807-1850), Deborah (1809-1814), Mary (b. 1810?), Louisa (1811-1814), George (1813-1814), Sarah (1814-1885), Delia (1817-1887), David Frederick (b. 1819), Philip (b. 1821), Melissa (b. 1824), and Ira (b. 1827). Henry died on 10 May 1876.

Derick, Harvey Myron

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  • 1891-1964

Harvey Myron Derick was born on 25 August 1891 in Noyan, Quebec, the son of Morris C. Derrick and Elizabeth M. Beerwort. He served with the Pacific Coast Militia Rangers and was involved in business in Pemberton, British Columbia. He died on 1 November 1964 in Pemberton, B.C.

Derick, Florence Louise (1867-1967)

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  • 1867-1967

Florence Louise Derick was born on 11 September 1867 in Noyan, Quebec, the only child of Norman H. Derick (1827-1889) and Mary M. Smith (1828-1887). She married James Alexander Simpson (1847-1945) on 3 March 1895. Together they had five children: Maude L. (b. 1896), Norman M. (1897), Gertrude M. (b. 1900), Mildred S. (b. 1902), and Majorie M. (b. 1904). Florence died 29 May 1967 in Howick, Quebec.

Derick, Ernest Elisha (b. 1867)

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  • b. 1867

Ernest Elisha Derick was born on 21 July or June 1867 in Noyan, Quebec, to Philo Derick and Phoebe Adelia Flagg. He married Cora (surname unknown) in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Together they had five children. He died in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Derick, Conrade (1774-1842)

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  • 1774-1842

Conrade/Conrad Derick was born on 6 August 1774 in Brunswick Center, New York to Philip Derick and Maria Brust. He married Katharina (a.k.a. Catherine and Caty) Kohlhammer on 12 July 1796 in Brunswick Center, New York. Together they had ten children: Hannah (b. 1797), Maria (b. 1880), Lany (b. 1802), Catharine (b. 1804), Dianney (b. 1806), Philip Calvin (b. 1808), John (b. 1810), Pamelia (b. 1812), b. Magdalena (b. 1816), and Sarah (b. 1821). Conrad operated the farm originally owned by his father, as well as serving as a Justice of the Peace and a Commissioner of the Court of the King’s Bench. He was the first treasurer and warden for Christ Church at Caldwell’s Manor, a major in the militia, and a vice-president of the Missisquoi County Agricultural Society. Conrad died on 19 June 1842 in Noyan, Quebec.

Derick, Charles (1817-1910)

  • Person
  • 1817-1910

Charles Derick was born on 26 May 1817 in Christie’s Manor (Missisquoi County) to John Philip Derick and Elizabeth Hurlburt. His first marriage was to Melinda H. Eaton (1815-1861) and together they had four children: Melinda (b. 1838), Sidney L. (b. 1847), Elizabeth Judith (1849), and Anna Elizabeth (1852). Following Melinda Eaton’s death in 1862, Charles married Melinda Sarah Smith (1838-1926) in 1862. Together they had three children: Ella Patience (b. 1862), Eunice Maria (b. 1864), and Arlan. During his lifetime, Charles was a farmer in Noyan. He died on 3 November 1910.

Derick, Carrie Mathilda (1862-1941)

  • Person
  • 1862-1941

Carrie Mathilda Derick was born on 14 January 1862 in Clarenceville to Frederick Uriah Derick and Emma Jane Colton. Carrie began her teaching career modestly, teaching at the Clarenceville Academy at the age of the 15. Following her graduation from the McGill Normal School in 1881, she became principal at the Clarencevill Academy until she returned to McGill to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree. Carrie graduated in 1890 with honours in Natural Sciences, followed by the completion of a Master’s degree and became an assistant in the Department of Botany at McGill. In 1897, she was made a lecturer and achieved the title of full professor in 1912, becoming Canada’s first senior professor at a university. Beyond her academic interests, Carrie was passionate about women’s rights and participated in a variety of activities and organizations throughout her lifetime. Carrie died on 10 November 1941.

Derick, Asahel Hawley (1838-1915)

  • Person
  • 1838-1915

Asahel Hawley Derick was born on 11 November 1838 in Noyan, Quebec to William Derick II and Electa P. Hawley. His first marriage was to Henrietta Martha Curtis (1838-1882) on 4 October 1870. Together they had three children: Harriett Anna (b. 1872), Frank Tuttle (b. 1874), and Minnie Henrietta (1877). Following the death of Henrietta, Asahel married Charlotte M. Smith on 28 October 1884. Together they had three children: Annie Julia (b. 1886), Kenneth Freligh (1887-1887), and Kenneth Asahel (b. 1889). Asahel was a postmaster in Clarenceville, as well as a store-keeper, a Justice of the Peace, and served as president for the Richelieu Bridge Company. He died 2 October 1915 in Clarenceville.

Derick, Annie Julia (1886-1974)

  • Person
  • 1886-1974

Annie Julia Derick was born on 21 January 1886 in Clarenceville to Asahel H. Derick and Charlotte M. Smith. She married Alex Mason in New Brunswick, where she lived for the rest of her life until her death on 1 October 1974.

Denison Mills Women's Institute (Denison Mills, Que.)

The Denison Mills Women's Institute was founded in 1923. Like the other Women's Institutes of Canada, whose motto is 'For Home and Country', this one was concerned with family life in rural regions. It was a member of the Richmond County Women's Institutes, the Quebec Women's Institutes, and the Federated Women's Institutes of Canada. Delegates attended the annual meetings of these organizations. The Denison Mills Women's Institute also worked jointly organizing activities with Macdonald College in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue. Locally, an elected board of directors worked with various committees (Agriculture, Family Economy, Education, Citizenship, Health and Welfare, Publicity) to organize activities and monthly meetings. The Denison Mills Women's Institute first Board of Directors decided in 1923 that the money raised by their organization would be used to build and maintain a community hall. Only four years later, in 1927, the hall was opened for use. The Women's Institute organized and was involved in many other activities over the years: public lectures; horticultural competitions; school contests and fairs; and fund raising (through bake sales, card parties, charity sales, and draws) for the Canadian Red Cross Society, the Canadian Cancer Society, and many other humanitarian organizations. In 1991, the Denison Mills Women's Institute was disbanded.

Demers, Louis-Philippe, 1912-1986

Local-history amateur Louis-Philippe Demers was born in Sherbrooke in 1912 to Albert C. Demers, an accountant, and Alberta Dubois. In 1937, he married Anne-Marie Grenier; they had three children. He attended schools in Sherbrooke and Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, and graduated from Université de Sherbrooke. He worked for 18 years for the Syndicats nationaux, and then join the staff of the City of Sherbrooke in 1953 as Director of the tourism department. Demers was active in the Eastern Townships Historical Society and the Eastern Townships Genealogical Society and collected materials related to local history. He died in Sherbrooke in 1986.

de Tonnancour, Jacques (1917-2005)

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  • Person
  • 1917-2005

Born in 1917 in Montréal, Québec, de Tonnancour was mostly self taught but did attend Montreal's l'École des Beaux-Arts for three years. The tree , until 1962 , was a very important source of subject matter for him. He was influenced by Picasso, Matisse and Goodridge Roberts, among others. His work is represented in many collections across Canada including, Montréal Museum of Fine Arts, The Art Gallery on Ontario, The London Art Gallery, Ontario, Hamilton Art Gallery, Winnipeg Art Gallery, Lord Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Hart House, Toronto and Vancouver Art Gallery.

de Molina, Count Valentino (1879-1954)

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  • Person
  • 1879-1954

Born at Savannah, Georgia. Studied at the Académie Julian, Paris, under Jean Paul Laurens and Lucien Simon. Lived for a time (c. 1915-16) at Lennoxville, Québec.

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