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Captain Thomas Charles Bown was the founder of Bown, Quebec. He came from England and was among the first settlers in Bury in 1836. He took up land and made a home on the Victoria Road mid-way between Bury and Scotstown. In 1841 Thomas was elected delegate to represent Bury at first meeting of the council of the district of Sherbrooke. In 1842, he was elected to first town council in Bury. Thomas was captain in the militia. He promoted the establishment of the first school in his district, known as the Bown School. He also gave land for a church and cemetery near his home. Thomas married Mary Ann Sharman. They had two daughters: Ann Jane, and Mary Aurelia, and three sons, Thomas Jr., and William (who went into the lumber business). Thomas died on June 30th, 1877 aged 87. Mary Ann died on October 1st, 1909, aged 87. They are buried in Bown Cemetery.


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Lewis Leander Bowker was born in Vermont on October 28th, 1821. Lewis was the son of Lyman Bowker and Betsy Merriman. Lyman and Betsy are buried in Grove Hill Cemetery. They came to Canada and settled in Compton County on lot 3, range 7 in 1836. Lewis was a farmer, he married Lucy Minerva Hurd on October 21st, 1845. Lucy was the daughter of Edmund Hurd. Lewis and Lucy had four children: Edmund Hurd (b. June 23rd, 1849), Lyman James (b. July 5th, 1853), Luvia Amanda (b. September 2nd, 1855), Herbert Rice (b. December 1st, 1857). Lewis died on February 16th, 1905. Lucy died on August 4th, 1897. They are buried in Grove Hill Cemetery. Lewis and Lucy's son Lyman James Bowker (July 5th, 1853 to March 22nd, 1924) married Clarinda (Clara) L. Harvey (April 9th, 1853 to November 6th, 1919). Clarinda was the daughter of John Harvey and his wife, Clarinda Tory. Lyman and Clara had two children: Elwin and Lucie (Walter Sherman). Lyman and Clara are buried in Grove Hill Cemetery.


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Ezekiel Elliott Bowen was a blacksmith and farmer. He was born in Compton on June 19th, 1842. Ezekiel lived in Ascot, Moe's River, and Island Brook. Ezekiel married Susan (daughter of Lyndolph Caswell of Johnville) at Huntingville on March 26th, 1863. Ezekiel held the office of school commissioner, and financial secretary of the I.O.F.. Ezekiel and Susan had three children. Their first son was Maurice W. (b. May 4th, 1871) who married Jennie I. Chandler of Bartlett, NH on January 1st, 1896. Their second son was Henry L. (b. July 2nd, 1872). Henry married Lizzie M. Tracey of Bartlett, NH on May 22nd, 1895. Their daughter was Inez E. B. (b. June 17th, 1876). Ezekiel’s brother Anthony Frederick Bowen was a farmer. He was born in Ascot on June 14th, 1847. He moved to his farm in Learned Plain in 1878. Before farming he was a teacher and a photographer. He held various municipal offices including office of secretary of the Patrons of Industry of Compton County in 1895. He was married in Newport on December 31st, 1867 to Marion (daughter of Silas Harvey). They had five children: Archibald R. (b. June 10th, 1874), Ernest I.S. (b. October 20th, 1881), Beatrice M. (b. November 24th, 1869), Viviane A. (b. March 10th, 1871), Mehitable E. (b. July 11th, 1877). Beatrice married H. C. Bailey on June 18th, 1890. Ezekiel and Anthony's father, Israel Bowen died at Island Brook on December 18th, 1887, aged 77 years. Their mother, Mehitable Elliott was born in Lennoxville on August 30th, 1802, and died at Island Brook in September 1889.


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Robert Batley (May 5th, 1806 to January 20th, 1891) came from Kenning Hall, Norfolk, England to Brookbury. Robert married Ann Warren Batley, she was his second wife. Ann was also born in England. Ann died on September 6th, 1895 aged 78 years.

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Heading the Baker family were William Stevens Baker and Harriet Eliza Clapp Baker. William, a native of Dunham, and Harriet, an American born in the state of Vermont, had eight children together. Seven of these these eight children are represented in the fonds. They include (from eldest to youngest): Frederick Stevens Baker, Amelia Baker Stevens, Malcolm Clapp Baker, Mary Peckham Stevens, Emma Louise Baker, Harriet Baker, and Abigail Baker. Please see the biographical sketches accompanying the individual files for further information.

Also included in this fonds are distant relations, including J.C. Moore, A.H. Baker, Frances, and Stewart. Several of Malcolm Clapp Baker's brother-in-laws are also represented in the fonds.


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The journals are mostly those of the sons and grandsons of George Allsopp, secretary to Sir Guy Carleton 1768-1775. In the correspondence there are some letters written by George Allsopp. The collection seems to be mostly connected with his son Carleton Allsopp's family and preserved by Carleton's son, John Charles Allsopp who married into the McCorkill family at Farnham.

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