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Learned, Gordon William

  • Personne
  • 1883-1976

Gordon William Learned (December 9th, 1883 to January 18th, 1976) was the son of Homer Brown Learned and Elizabeth Beattie. Gordon married Edith Hodge (September 4th, 1887 to March 11th, 1980) on June 13th, 1906. They had two children: Rupert and Jean (Mrs. Milton Largy). Edith was the daughter of J. Alton Hodge and Jerusha Williams. Gordon had three siblings: Ronald, Frank, and Genie Helen.


  • Famille

Joseph L. Taylor was born on November 25th, 1829 in Cookshire. He was the son of Ezra Taylor. Joseph taught school, afterwards becoming a farmer. He held prominent public offices such as councilor and school commissioner. On September 5th, 1853, he married Theodotia Laberee, who was the daughter of Henry Laberee and granddaughter of Rufus Laberee Sr.. They had seven children. Their first was Edwin Augustus who was born on July 22nd, 1854. Edwin married Maggie Nutbrown (they had five children). Joseph and Theodotia's second child was Orion Stewart, who was born on January 30th, 1857. Orion married Katharine A. Vedder of New York (they had two children). Frederick Arthur was born on March 23rd, 1859. Frederick married L. Gertrude McClary (they had three children). Henry Joseph was born on October 30th, 1860. Henry married Eva L. Todd (they had two children). Edgar Erwin was born on January 7th, 1873. Edgar married Etta F. Todd (they had one child). Harriet Theodotia was born on October 30th, 1860. Harriet married Henry A. Planche (they had six children). Clara Persis was born on December 31st, 1864. Clara first married S. W. Irwin, and then Alton Brazzle (they had one child). Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Taylor occupied the farm originally settled by Rufus Laberee Sr., in 1798, the house being erected by Mr. Laberee in 1812, it was then occupied by his son Henry up to his death in 1860 when it was acquired by Mr. Taylor.


  • Famille

John Frye was born in 1840. He was married to Cynthia Bowen who was born in 1851. Cynthia was adopted as an infant by Mr. and Mrs. Israel Bowen. Cynthia was a school teacher. She and John were married for over 40 years. Their children were both adopted: a son and a daughter. John died on December 30th, 1919 at age 79 years. Cynthia died at Johnville on August 14th, 1921. They are both buried in Malvern Cemetery, Lennoxville.


  • Famille

David Worby was born in England on February 16th, 1827, and died on May 22nd, 1904. David and his six siblings came with his parents, George Worby and Rececca Quantrill from England, Norfolk County, Banham village to the Brookbury area under the auspices of the British Land Company in 1836. George and Rebecca are buried in St. John's Cemetery, Brookbury, Quebec. David married Jane Williams (d. September 12th, 1884 at 56 years of age). David was the owner of the Worby Factory making the famous Worby chairs over a span of more than 30 years. The factory was located between Eaton Corner and Sawyerville where the Sawyer Brook meets the Eaton River. He bought the building and land on part of lot 5H, range 4 from Henry Laberee on December 17th, 1862. In 1895 the Eaton River flooded taking away the Worby mill and business, but not the furniture store. Both David and Jane are buried in the Eaton Cemetery.


  • Famille

Robert Mackay and Emma Thompson were married on December 31st, 1890. Emma had a sister named Sarah Edwards who was born on November 26th, 1867. Robert and Emma had three children. Their first was Dora Emily who was born on March 7th, 1892, and died on February 18th, 1948. Dora married Leeman Layton MacKey, the son of William MacKey and Jemima Rice on December 31st, 1912. Their second daughter was Olive Grace who was born on June 5th, 1894, and who died on June 7th, 1983. Olive married Mark Allen Porter on June 21st, 1916. Their son was Richard, who was born on September 11th, 1901, and who died on November 21st, 1985. Richard married Vivian Little on June 28th, 1934.

Ives, Gladys Emma

  • Personne
  • 1890

Gladys Emma Ives was the daughter of John Francis and Emma A. Learned. Gladys married Carrol Ives.

Learned, Georgie

  • Personne
  • 1877-1959

Georgie Learned (1877 to July 2nd, 1959) was the daughter of Alden and Eliza Pope Learned. Georgie was gifted with an exceptionally lovely voice and considerable dramatic ability. She was the great-grandaughter of Ebenezer Learned, one of the pioneer settlers of Eaton, and of Captain John Pope, one of the first settlers of Cookshire. Georgie never married.

Taylor, Edna Theodotia

  • Personne
  • 1853-1932

Edna Theodotia Cummings was born in Eaton in 1853. She was the daughter of William Cummings and Araminta Laberee. Edna married Walter (Thomas Walter) Taylor, son of Samuel Taylor and Harriet Oughtred, in Bury in June 1882. They lived on a farm near Cookshire. They had two children: Arthur, who married Pearl Williams, and Minta, who married Gardiner Learned. Edna died on September 4th, 1932, aged 79 years, and was buried in Cookshire. Her daughter had predeceased her in 1919. Her husband was still living. Edna's son, Arthur Taylor lived from on the farm just outside Sawyerville from 1944-1959.

Learned, Mildred Eliza

  • Personne

Mildred Eliza Learned was the daughter of John Francis and Emma A. Learned

Wilson, Alberta

  • Personne

Alberta (Bertie) Wilson was the daughter of Albert W. Pope and Betsy MacKay, and the sister of Almon H. (Allie) Pope of Cookshire. She married Ernest Scobie Wilson on November 8th, 1917 in Montreal, Quebec. Ernest was the son of Captain J. S. Wilson of Lake Megantic. Following their marriage they settled in the Alberta.

Cairns, Robert

  • Personne
  • 1844-1892

Robert Cairns (April 14th, 1844 to September 20th, 1892). Robert was the son of William Cairns of Montreal. Robert came to Bulwer in 1870, where he held office of post master and carried on a General Store. In 1876 he moved to Sawyerville and did the same work there for the next 16 years. He married Henrietta Osgood (April 7th, 1854 to September 25th, 1940) in Sawyerville on December 13th, 1871. They had four sons: Herbert N. (b. 1875) who succeeded his father as general merchant, Edward S. (b. 1878), Robert W. (b. 1882), William H. (b. 1892).


  • Famille

William Rogers was born in 1828, and died on March 7th, 1892. William always lived on the old home farm in Cookshire. William married Mary Sophia Lake. Mary was born on January 20th, 1852, and died on March 14th, 1892. She was the daughter of Samuel Lake and Mary Sophia Hall. William and Mary had one son, Wells who was born on April 2nd, 1880. Wells married Georgia Maria Bridgette. Mary died on November 24th, 1931.


  • Famille

Captain Thomas Charles Bown was the founder of Bown, Quebec. He came from England and was among the first settlers in Bury in 1836. He took up land and made a home on the Victoria Road mid-way between Bury and Scotstown. In 1841 Thomas was elected delegate to represent Bury at first meeting of the council of the district of Sherbrooke. In 1842, he was elected to first town council in Bury. Thomas was captain in the militia. He promoted the establishment of the first school in his district, known as the Bown School. He also gave land for a church and cemetery near his home. Thomas married Mary Ann Sharman. They had two daughters: Ann Jane, and Mary Aurelia, and three sons, Thomas Jr., and William (who went into the lumber business). Thomas died on June 30th, 1877 aged 87. Mary Ann died on October 1st, 1909, aged 87. They are buried in Bown Cemetery.


  • Famille

Mary (Polly) Hall Sawyer (January 9th, 1787 to May 22nd, 1864). She was the daughter of Hannaniah Hall and Mary Osgood. Mary (Polly) was the wife of Peter Green Sawyer (May 8th, 1783 to July 2nd, 1867). Peter was the son of Josiah Esq. (1757 to March 10th, 1837) and Susanna Green (1757-1836). Josiah was the first pioneer to establish a homestead in the Township of Eaton raising his log cabin on the present site of Sawyerville. Mary and Peter are buried in Grovehill Cemetery. Jerome Sawyer (1834-1919) was the son of Mary (Polly ) Hall and Peter Green Sawyer. Margaret Cairns was Jerome's first wife, and Maria Osgood was his second. Jerome is buried in Eaton Cemetery.

Gillies, Archibald, Rev.

  • Personne
  • 1812-1889

Reverend Archibald Gillies was born on July 15th, 1812 in Argyle, Scotland. He emigrated with his parents to Glengarry County, east of Cornwall, ON in 1818. They later moved to Dundee, Quebec. Rev. Gillies spent 1839 to 1841 at Canada Baptist College, Montreal, Que.. He travelled to the Eastern Townships in 1841, visiting Stanbridge, Barnston, and Eaton. On the first Sunday of January 1842, he travelled to Eaton, and began the pastorate of Eaton Baptist Church. Among those attending his ordination were Reverend E. J. Sherrill, congregational pastor in Eaton. During his first year in Eaton, he suffered the loss of his beloved wife, Hannah Stewart, whom he had married in February 1842. She died on December 22nd, 1842 and is buried in Eaton Cemetery. On September 9th, 1845 he married Miss Lucy Ives of Magog (b. March 1, 1819, d. March 1, 1890). They lived in Grove Hill, a mile from Sawyerville. Rev. Gillies and Lucy had five children. Rev. Gillies served as pastor for 40 years. He died at Grove Hill on May 16th, 1889 and is buried in Grove Hill Cemetery.

Taylor, Mary

  • Personne
  • 1845-1922

Mary Taylor (October 12th, 1845 to December 12th, 1922). She was the daughter of Robert Rowe and Amelia Gray. Mary married Henry Edwin Taylor (June 30th, 1845 to April 12th, 1920). Henry was the son of James Taylor and Martha. Henry was an auctioneer at Sawyerville for many years. Henry and Mary had six children: Emma Mary (1874-1893), Gladys (1890-1933), Henry Kelsy (d. 1952, aged 70), Jessie (1879-1947), and Mabel Martha (1876-1884).

Ross, James

  • Personne
  • 1814

Lt. Col. James Ross was born at Ferne Ross Shire, Scotland in 1814. He received his education at the Invergordon Grammar School. He moved to Canada in 1831. James was married in 1838 to Maria Ann Brown of Quebec. James was engaged in a mercantile business there. In 1845 he came to the township of Lingwick where he founded the village of Gould. He carried on a business there until his untimely death in 1874 at the age of 60. He had held the position of mayor, secretary of the school board and council, and lieutenant colonel of the militia. He was eminently literary and was one of the best read men in the province. He was the first MLA for Compton County from 1867-1871. By trading with the West Indies, he mastered the Spanish language. He was proficient in French and in his day he was the only member in parliament who could speak four languages: Gaelic, English, French, and Spanish. James and Maria had twelve children.


  • Famille

Joseph Riddell (September 20th, 1873 to August 27th, 1945). Joseph was married to Jessie Minerva Hurd (October 4th, 1878 to April 27th, 1957). Joseph was the son of James Riddell and Mary Jane Doherty. Jessie Hurd was the daughter of Edmund H. Hurd and Eliza B. McCurdy. Joseph was in farming and lumbering, and Jessie taught school. They had no children. They are buried in Maple Leaf cemetery.


  • Famille

Walter George Sharman (October 30th, 1863 - November 15th, 1925). Walter was married to Eliza Ann Clark (d. February 15th, 1892 aged 30 years), daughter of Robert Clark and Eliza Ann Woods. Walter was the son of Ebenezer (November 30th, 1824 to May 4th, 1900) from Suffolk, England, and Caroline Bennett (June 23rd, 1826 to March 23rd, 1909). Walter had five siblings: James, Sarah, Mary, Lucy (m: Charles Bown). Eliza is buried in the Bury Cemetery, Walter is buried in the Bown Cemetery.


  • Personne

Angelina Lalumière was born in La Prairie, Quebec and moved to Compton with her parents when she was three years old. She went to school there, and later became a graduate nurse at St. Vincent de Paul Hospital in Sherbrooke. She later became an Ursaline nun, until her death in Stanstead, where she is buried.

Cook, Mary Jane

  • Personne
  • 1849-1927

Mary Jane Bennett (Aug. 7, 1849 - June 9, 1927) of Brookbury, was the daughter of Edward Bennett and Hannah Rowe. She married John Cook Jr. (1848 to June 8th, 1895), who was the son of John Cook Sr. and Jane Lindsay. Mary Jane and John Cook Jr. were the grandparents of Gordon Joyce of Bishopton, Quebec.


  • Famille

Charles Warren (1834 - November 14th, 1911) arrived with his parents, Reverend John Warren and Eliza Gaskin in Compton in 1836. Twenty years later he took up residence in Brookbury where he was a successful farmer, a councillor, clerk of the Advent Church Society. Charles married Lydia Rowell (August 30th, 1834 to December 9th, 1914, in New York state) in 1856. Lydia was the daughter of Kendrick Rowell and Sarah Hawes of Hatley. Charles and Lydia adopted a child, Abbie A. Willard who married Nehemiah Batley.


  • Famille

Robert Batley (May 5th, 1806 to January 20th, 1891) came from Kenning Hall, Norfolk, England to Brookbury. Robert married Ann Warren Batley, she was his second wife. Ann was also born in England. Ann died on September 6th, 1895 aged 78 years.


  • Famille

John A. Ord (May 6th, 1865 to 1953) was the son of Henry Ord and Mary Ann Moss. John married Emma Torkelson (1870 to June 20th, 1902). They are buried in St. John's Cemetery, Brookbury. Their children were: Ann and Mary (August 6th, 1890), Mary Annie Matthew (August 18th, 1891 to November 19th, 1979), Annie McCarthy (b. December 14th, 1894), Henry (January 20th, 1896 to December 7th, 1989), Pansy Maria Buttemer (April 10th, 1898 to November 28th, 1988), and George A. (May 24th, 1900 to January 29th, 1979).

Tite, Goldie

  • Personne

Goldie Tite lived in Brookbury in the early 1900's. She was married to Albert Farr. Goldie was the daughter of Hollis Tite.

Leonard, Sarah Maude

  • Personne
  • 1876-1938

Sarah Maude Wheeler (1876 to September 27th, 1938) was the daughter of Edward Wheeler and his wife Lucina Coates Wheeler of Birchton. Maude married Edward Philip Leonard (1879-1947) of Bishop's Crossing on June 14th, 1905. They had no children. Previous to the marriage Maude was a teacher in Dudswell and Brookbury. Maude and Philip lived in Brookbury.

Cromwell, Eliza Jane

  • Personne
  • 1867-1903

Eliza Jane Riddell Cromwell was a resident of East Clifton (Lost Nation). Her parents were James Riddell and Mary Jane Doherty. Eliza was the first wife of William Alexander Cromwell (May 16th, 1866 to October 22nd, 1915) who had a brick business in the East Clifton area. William was the son of Thomas Cromwell who immigrated from Ireland, and his wife, Elizabeth J. Kinnear of Megantic County. Eliza and William had one son, Frank Eliza died on June 28th, 1903 aged 36 yrs., 19 days. She is buried in Grove Hill Cemetery.

Ellis, Albert William, Capt.

  • Personne
  • 1871

Captain Albert William Ellis of Bury was born in 1871. He married Harriet Agnes Maskell (1865-1929) in 1897. Harriet had come from Cambridge, England with her parents at age 7. Captain Ellis and Harriet had three children: George, Gordon, and Mildred. Captain Ellis had three brothers: Eddie, Collin, Henry, and a sister, Mrs. George Eddy.

Bonnallie, George

George Bonnallie's ancestors were French Huguenots who left France for Scotland during the Spanish Inquisition 1500-1600 which persecuted non Catholics.

Lake Bonnallie, now called Lake Stukely, was named for George when he bought land, Range 18, Lot 2, from the British American Land Company in Orford Township, County fo Sherbrooke. His holdings are noted on the Walling Map of 1863- They show a grist mill, a saw mill and a tenant's house. Foundations of these buildings can still be found along the old post road. Later he purchased more lots in 1849.

Land was divided into sections of which one out of seven was a Crown Land to be used for the support of the Church of England, the official church. Rents from the settlers (squatters) on these properties were collected and paid to the Bishop. Many of the "tenants" barely made a living and were seldom able to pay anything.

Bishop Jehosaphat Mountain of Quebec, who travelled widely over his diocese through countless difficulties, decided to sell certain Crown Lands in Orford Township and the adjacent area. He appointed George Bonnallie as his agent in the collecting of rents and sale of the lands. The letters written to Bishop Mountain by George Bonnallie date from 1850-1856. The originals are in the Archives of Ottawa, Ontario. Copies can be seen at Brome Historical Society, Knowlton, Quebec, and at Bishop's University in Quebec.

The far-sighted Bishop used the Monies thus acquired to found Bishop's University.

There are several deeds of sale of land bought by George. Originals can be seen at Le Bureau D'enregistrement in Sherbrooke. The earliest is dated 1847-1848. The last one is dated 1865 and is the transfer of property to his wife, Julia.

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