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  • Famille
  • 19th century

The principle donor, Waymer Stanley Laberee (October 8th, 1907 to October 5th, 1983) graduated with a BA from Bishop's University in 1934. He then served in WWII in the RCASC, and later farmed in Bulwer, Quebec. He married Marion Edith Richardson (April 18th, 1913 to August 31st, 2006) on June 26th, 1935. They had six children: Edward Francis (1936-2003), Waymer Gordon (1939), Marion Joan (1940), David Avery (1944), Brian Rufus (1949), John William (1952). Waymer Stanley was the son of Avery Wakefield Laberee (1878-1956), farmer of Bulwer and Ada Victoria Shorten (1882-1972). They had three children: Kathleen Shorten Laberee, Waymer Stanley and Roberta Mary. Avery's father was Benjamin Rice Laberee (1834-1892) who was married to Mary Jane Wakefield (1840-1925). Benjamin was the son of Rufus Jr. (1805-1858) and Emma Rice (1809-1887). Rufus Jr. was the son of Rufus Laberee Esq. Rufus Laberee Esq., the son of Peter Laberee who came to the Township of Eaton in 1797 where he settled on lots 13 and 14 in the 5th range of that Township, which today (2010) is the present home of Laberee descendants, Dean Taylor and his brother Dennis Taylor in Birchton. Rufus Laberee (1764-1842) was married to Olive Farwell (1769-1814) and they came to the townships the following year with their five children. Five more of their children were born in the Township of Eaton. Henry James Laberee (1862-1943), and his wife Alice Hatton Thomas (1866-1943). Henry was the son of Henry Edwin Laberee and Mary Colburn French. Alice was the daughter of a prosperous farmer in Birchton. Henry conducted a clothier business at age 17. In 1887, he was established as a jeweller with C.C. Bailey. In 1893, Henry moved his family to Sawyerville, Quebec. He was Secretary-Treasurer of Sawyerville for 13 years. He was a jeweller and Mrs. Laberee, an optician. In 1908 he sold his business in Sawyerville and moved to Lennoxville where he became engaged as a jeweller and optician. They had two sons: Harold Thomas b. 1890, Carl Gordon (1896 - d. November 28th, 1918) and is buried in England.

Famille Meade

  • Famille

Joseph Meade (1843-1910) a émigré de l'Angleterre en 1880 pour s'établir avec sa famille dans la région de Coaticook. Il a épousé Lydia Timson avec qui il a eu 6 enfants, incluant Frank (1871-1943) - un gérant à l'usine Belding-Corticelli de 1922 à 1939 - et Sidney A. - un arpenteur et ingénieur. Sidney A. Meade (1882-1961) a d'abord épousé Pearl Johnson (1884-1918) en 1909 avec qui il a eu deux enfants : Sidney (né en 1911) et Cecil (né en 1916). Après la mort de Pearl, Sidney épouse Eva Jane Robinson en 1920. Sidney A. Meade sera admis dans l'Ordre des arpenteurs du Québec le 19 décembre 1908. Il est actif dans les régions de Coaticook et de Sherbrooke. Cecil Meade (1916-1998) est né à Coaticook le 24 décembre 1916. Après avoir étudié au Coaticook High School et à l'Université Bishop's, il travaille comme assistant-arpenteur avec son père, Sydney, pendant quelques années avant de commencer l'étude de la musique au Toronto Conservatory. Par la suite, il sert dans l'armée outremer pendant la Deuxième guerre mondiale et retourne étudier la musique à l'Université McGill. Cela est suivit de quelques autres activités professionnelles. Il est récipiendaire d'un baccalauréat en musique de l'Université McGill en 1957 et passe une bonne partie de sa vie à travailler dans différents pays et sur différents projets musicaux.

Rue principales. City of Coaticook

  • Famille
  • 1992-

The organization Rues principales Coaticook was established in Coaticook around 1992 with the mission to support the regional service network and to assure the commercial leadership in Coaticook’s downtown as part of a broader initiative to revitalise Coaticook’s commercial sector. Among the activities pursued and/or supported by Rues principales in the early years were special publicity campaigns (particularly for holidays). Their mission has evolved over time and presently is to offer training to merchants, to organize interactive activities, and joint promotions. It collaborates on the commercial diversification of Coaticook’s downtown by supporting developers and also takes an interest in projects that encourage development, sustainability, and vitality in a diversified commercial sector. In 2009, Rue principales Coaticook received its first 4 As certification from the Fondation Rues principales, which was renewed in 2012 at the same time as receiving a “silver” designation.


  • Famille

The Nicolls and Mountain families lived in Quebec and Lennoxville in the nineteenth century. The founders of the connection were George Jehoshaphat Mountain, a young Anglican clergyman, and Gustavus Nicolls, a Captain of Engineers. Mountain married Mary Hume Thomson, the daughter of a British official in Quebec in 1814. Nicolls married Mary Thomson's elder sister Heriot Frances, in 1812. Gustavus Nicolls became Commander of Royal Engineers in Canada, while Mountain became Bishop of Quebec. In 1845, Mountain appointed his nephew, Jasper Nicolls, the General's third son, as Principal of the newly established Anglican institution in Lennoxville, Bishop's College. Jasper fell in love with his cousin Harriet, the Bishop's daughter. They were married in Quebec in 1847. The correspondence which flowed between the Mountain family in Quebec and the Nicolls family in Lennoxville provided the basis for Ten Rings on the Oak, 1847-1856 by Donald C. Masters and Marjorie W. Masters.

Edgar William Smith

  • Famille

Edgar William Smith received a B.A. from Bishop's University in 1919. Edgar Nelson Smith also received a B.A. from Bishop's in 1955.

Scowen family (North Hatley)

  • Famille
  • 1882-

Herbert Scowen (1882-1969), né en Angleterre et marié en 1905 à Cordelia (Della) Scowen (1883-1973), fille de Samuel Keynes (?- ?) et d'Emma Keynes (?- ?). Herbert et Cordelia (Della) Scowen ont immigré au Canada en 1909. Herbert a participé à la Première Guerre mondiale. Leur fils, Philip Harry Scowen (1906-1989), épouse Eulah Reed (1900-1993) en 1930 ; Roland Scowen (ca. 1908-1969), épouse Betty Scowen ([19 ?]- ?); et Marjorie (ca. 1915- ?), épouse Gordon ([19 ?]- ?).

Philip H. Scowen et Eulah A. Reed, mariés le 26 juillet 1930 à North Hatley, ont eu trois enfants : le fils Philip Reed (dit Reed) (marié à Mary Anne Winterer en septembre 1956), la fille Annis Lee (dite Lee) (mariée au Dr. Matthew Philip Campione le 7 janvier 1956 à North Hatley) et le fils Philip. Philip H. Scowen était directeur commercial de la succursale d'East Angus de la Brompton Pulp and Paper Co.

Jenks (family)

  • Famille

Leslie Hall Jenks, son of Nathaniel Jenks and Lucy Thornton, was born in Barnston on 28 December 1849. He was a dentist in Coaticook and had a practice at the corner of Pleasant and Cutting Streets. Leslie married Nancy Cushing on 30 October 1879. Together they had four children: Charles Nathaniel (1882-1888), Cushing (1885-1885), Archibald Nathaniel (1889-1938) and Abbott Cushing (1893-1957). Leslie died 5 October 1910 and is buried at the Mount Forest Cemetery in Coaticook.

John Nathaniel Jenks, son of Nathaniel Jenks and Lucy Thornton, was born in Barnston on 18 July 1848. He studied at Darmouth College and eventually became the principal of the Barnston Academy and also worked as a border agent. He married Kate Cole on 23 September 1902. Together they had one child: John (a.k.a. Donald) Leslie Jenks (1909-1973). John died on 5 December 1937.

Allsopp-McCorkill Family

  • Famille

George Allsopp (1733-1805) was secretary to Sir Guy Carleton 1768-1775. For his service, he received the seigneuries of Jacques Cartier and d'Auteuil at Cap Santé, Quebec. He also received land grants in Farnham in the early 1800s which were to be divided between his 6 sons and youngest daughter. [Many of his sons were in the merchant navy]. His third son, Carleton Allsopp (1774-1839) was a merchant stationed in South America and later the Vice Consul of the Republic of Colombia in London. He married Donna Maria Concepcion D'Alfaro de Villahermosa (1775-1867). HIs eldest son, John Charles Allsopp (1817-1865), took part in the family business of managing their properties in both Cap Santé and Farnham. There he had dealings with the McCorkill family, mainly John and his son Robert McCorkill. John Charles eventually married into the McCorkill family. His wife Mary Jane McCorkill was Robert McCorkill's younger sister. Both siblings took over the management of the Allsopp-McCorkill estate and property in Farnham and Cap Santé for many decades in the mid to late 1800s. When John Charles Allsopp died in 1865, Robert McCorkill and Mary Jane Allsopp became the executors of the immense estate of the Allsopp-McCorkill family. There were some issues with the various estate claims from the Allsopp at Cap Santé. Having no children of their own, Mary Jane McCorkill took it upon herself to help raise her brother Robert's boys, the eldest being the Honorable Judge John Charles McCorkill. Upon Robert's death in 1874, there were again legal challenges to his estate and succession. However, Mary Jane MCorkill continued to manage the family business until her death in 1901. Valued over [?] in 1901, her estate and succession was handled by her nephew John Charles McCorkill and was settled in 1914.


  • Famille

Charles was born in Northumberland, NH on July 4th, 1835. He died on August 21st, 1907. Charles married Janet Parker in West Stewartstown, NH in 1885. Janet Parker was born in Cannan, VT on October 8th, 1853, and died on March 1st, 1925. They are both buried in Eaton Cemetery. Charles came to Scotstown from Gillhall, NH in 1884, moving to Eaton Corner in 1888. Charles served in the American Civil War, from 1861-1865. He contracted yellow fever and left the army with a pension of $5.00 a month for life. Charles was a qualified accountant. His wife took an active part in the community. Their children were: Ina Laura (1886 to May 12th, 1957 in Sherbrooke), Eva Janet (July 11th, 1888 to 1967), Beatrice Emma (Bessie) (January 31st, 1890 in Eaton to May 30th, 1968 at the Wales Home in Richmond). Eva married Dr. Robert H. MacRae on September 2nd, 1914. Beatrice married Oscar Honore Seveigny on October 18th, 1911.


  • Famille

George Rafael Picard (1808 - Oct. 25, 1892) was married to Emma Sawyer (Jan. 15, 1817 - Jan. 18, 1858). Emma was George's first wife. Emma was the daughter of Mary (Polly) Hall Sawyer and Peter G. Sawyer. George Picard came from France. He was a tanner in Eaton, right on the corner at the Lower Road. George was said to be a dapper gentleman when dressed in his Prince Albert coat and tall silk hat. He was a Catholic, as well as fluent in both languages. George is said to have made the first wagon in this area. He used leather for springs. All of George and Emma's children were baptized in the Catholic Church in Cookshire. Both George and Emma are buried in Eaton Cemetery. Matilda French was George's second wife.


  • Famille

Ezekiel Elliott Bowen was a blacksmith and farmer. He was born in Compton on June 19th, 1842. Ezekiel lived in Ascot, Moe's River, and Island Brook. Ezekiel married Susan (daughter of Lyndolph Caswell of Johnville) at Huntingville on March 26th, 1863. Ezekiel held the office of school commissioner, and financial secretary of the I.O.F.. Ezekiel and Susan had three children. Their first son was Maurice W. (b. May 4th, 1871) who married Jennie I. Chandler of Bartlett, NH on January 1st, 1896. Their second son was Henry L. (b. July 2nd, 1872). Henry married Lizzie M. Tracey of Bartlett, NH on May 22nd, 1895. Their daughter was Inez E. B. (b. June 17th, 1876). Ezekiel’s brother Anthony Frederick Bowen was a farmer. He was born in Ascot on June 14th, 1847. He moved to his farm in Learned Plain in 1878. Before farming he was a teacher and a photographer. He held various municipal offices including office of secretary of the Patrons of Industry of Compton County in 1895. He was married in Newport on December 31st, 1867 to Marion (daughter of Silas Harvey). They had five children: Archibald R. (b. June 10th, 1874), Ernest I.S. (b. October 20th, 1881), Beatrice M. (b. November 24th, 1869), Viviane A. (b. March 10th, 1871), Mehitable E. (b. July 11th, 1877). Beatrice married H. C. Bailey on June 18th, 1890. Ezekiel and Anthony's father, Israel Bowen died at Island Brook on December 18th, 1887, aged 77 years. Their mother, Mehitable Elliott was born in Lennoxville on August 30th, 1802, and died at Island Brook in September 1889.


  • Famille

Reverend Thomas Shaw Chapman was born in Melbourne, Quebec on January 10th, 1824. He was ordained a priest in Quebec City in 1849. He arrived in Dudswell Township on January 1st, 1849 as an itinerant missionary. He undertook the building of St. Paul's Anglican church in Marbleton in 1850, it being the oldest church in all of Dudswell Township. He married his cousin Jane Green Early at St. George's Church, Lennoxville on June 2nd, 1851. They had five children between 1853 and 1866. Rev. Chapman involved himself in the school system and founded the Marbleton Model School in 1870 under the auspices of the Church Society. Rev. Chapman proposed a plan of construction linking a railway system from Lime Ridge to the Quebec Central Railway, which the engineers eventually used and as a result he was assigned the directorship of the company. His wife Jane died in 1886. They are both buried in the Marbleton Anglican Cemetery.

Famille Cushing

  • Famille
  • 1914-1994

Charles Jackson Cushing, le fils de Manda T. Cushing et de Patsy Eliza Abbott, est né à Barnston le 1er février 1850. Il a été éduqué à la Barnston Academy. Durant sa vie, Charles J. Cushing occupe des poste de maire, de commissaire d'école et de juge de paix. Il épouse Amelia Carr le 17 juin 1885. Après la mort d'Amelia Carr en juin 1915, il épouse Emily A. Hadlock en octobre de la même année. Parmi les nièces et neveux de Charles J. Cushing, on retrouve Abbott Jenks et Emily Cushing Sheldon. Heber Cushing Peters, le fils d'Alexander Peters et de Sarah Elizabeth Cushing Haselton, est un autre membre de la famille. Charles J. Cushing passe sa vie dans le maison familiale et meurt le 19 avril 1931.

Famille Lefebvre

  • Famille
  • fl. [191-]-1986

David Lefebvre (1888-1955), fils de François-Xavier Lefebvre et de Léocadie Lapointe, épouse Adélina Lebel (1893-1987), fille de Paul Lebel et de Geneviève Bouchard, le 27 septembre 1910 à St-Herménégilde. Ensemble, ils ont eu deux enfants : Normand (épouse Germaine Labbé en juin 1936) et Francella (épouse Florian Ménard en octobre 1940). En 1919, David Lefebvre part un service de pompe funèbre, de même qu'un service de taxi et d'ambulance, à Coaticook. Il offre ces services jusqu'à sa mort en 1955. Plus tard, Fernand Riendeau devient directeur de Frais funéraires. Florian Ménard a aussi travaillé pour le service de pompe funèbre de Lefebvre en tant qu'ambulancier et embaumeur.

Mason, Edward (family)

  • Famille
  • 19th cent.-20th cent.

Edward Mason, son of James Mason and Mary Armstrong, was born in Rawdon in 1829. He married Mary Ellen Copping in Rawdon in 1861. Together they had ten children: James Charles (b. 1862), Mary Ellen (be. 1864), Eliza Jane (b. 1865), George William (b. 1867), Annie Mariah (b. 1869), Sarah Alice (b. 1873), Charlotte Edith (b. 1877), Edward Armstrong (b. 1878), Thomas Albert (b. 1880), and Ethel Maude (b. 1882). Annie Mariah Mason married John Richard Copping. Mary Ellen Mason married Richard F. Boyce. Sarah Alice Mason married John Alex. Copping.

Famille McLoughlin-Willard

  • Famille
  • 1795-1932

Joseph Amos McLoughlin, né le 24 décembre 1822, a été directeur d’école et inspecteur d’école dans les régions de Missisquoi, Brome et Shefford pendant plus de 40 ans du milieu à la fin des années 1800. McLoughlin fut nommé inspecteur d’école en 1870, prenant la place du premier inspecteur, Rotus Parmelee. Voyager à travers le pays d’école en école pendant les mois d’hiver n’était pas une vie facile et il a continué aussi longtemps qu’il était physiquement capable. En octobre 1888, il demanda un congé de maladie et, le 17 décembre 1888, il mourut de consomption chez lui à Sweetsburgh, à l’âge de 66 ans seulement.
Avec sa première femme, Jane Antoinette Hewitt, qu’il a épousé le 7 janvier 1859, ils ont eu deux fils, dont un seul survit, Joseph Wilson McLoughlin. La seconde épouse de Joseph A. McLoughlin, Charlotte Elizabeth Willard, née le 18 avril 1844, est la petite-fille de Samuel Willard, le chef des premiers associés dans la colonisation du canton de Stukely. Elle est également une descendante de la famille Knowlton, car sa mère était Merab Anne Knowlton de South Stukely. Le couple a uni sa destinée le 8 mai 1873 et ensemble, ils ont eu quatre fils (William, John, George, Samuel) et quatre filles (Antoinette, Mary, Sarah, Merab) dont deux sont décédés en bas âge. La plupart des enfants McLoughlin-Willard sont devenus des citoyens talentueux qui ont fait la promotion de la valeur d’une bonne éducation. Charlotte Willard est décédée en février 1912.

Famille Little (North Hatley)

  • Famille
  • 1841-

Thomas Little (1841-1925), marié à Annis Jane Thwaites (1844-1911), ont 3 fils et 4 filles : Taylor Little (vers 1868-?); Thomas Little (vers 1869-?); Bertha A. Little (vers 1874-1903); Ruth Little (1875-1967), mariée en 1899 à J. B. Reed (1874-1949); Rosamond Little (1877-?); Edith M. Little (vers 1880-?), mariée à C. P. Young (?-?); et Ray Little (1886-?).

Famille Prime

  • Famille
  • 1825-1913

Benjamin Worcester Prime (1805-1844) et son frère Thomas Merrell Prime (1800-1844) se sont installés dans le canton de Dunham vers 1820 [?]. Les deux familles sont déménagés à Brome, où Benjamin était cordonnier et Merrell a acheté une ferme, plus tard connue sous le nom de la ferme Lyman au sud-est de Brome, près de Bolton Ouest, sur le vieux chemin de Magog [Stagecoach]. À cet endroit, il a construit un hôtel, mieux connue sous le nom Taverne Prime. Le Dr Thomas Merrell Prime [Jr] (1836-1913) est né à Dunham et a étudié la médecine aux États-Unis. Ayant acheté la pratique du Dr Charles Cotton, il a vécu à Brome jusqu'en 1874, puis est déménagé à Knowlton.

Elvyn M. Baldwin (family)

  • Famille

The family of Levi Baldwin immigrated to Canada from Connecticut, USA, in 1799. They settled in Barnston Township where he was a farmer. Levi Baldwin (d. 1843) was first married to Experience Goff (d. 1815) and, second, to Abigail Mills (d. 1830). The children by his first marriage were: Huldah, Lotes, Richard, Deborah and Patience. The children by his second marriage were: Elizabeth, John Percival and Huldah. John Percival Baldwin married Jeanette Baker and they settled near the outlet of Lake Lyster. He became a very successful businessman, having established a sawmill on the Lake. John's youngest son was Willis Keith (W. K.) Baldwin, who married Lill Ferrin from Holland, Vermont. In his lifetime, W. K. was well-regarded and successful in business as wells as politics. While many of the descendants of W. K. and Lill have left, a number still remain in Baldwin's Mills and in the Townships.

The family of Hezikiah May (1775-1857) immigrated to Canada from Vermont, USA, in 1806. The settled in Stanstead Township where he was a farmer. Hezikiah was married to Sarah (Sally) Hayes (1784-1871) and they had eleven children together: Electa, Sylvester, Hannah, Willard, Lyman, Lorenzo, Ruby, Louisa, James, Mary Ann and Maria. Sylvester May moved from Stanstead Township to Barnston Township, near Lake Lyster. Sylvester's oldest son, Darius, also a farmer, married Emma Stevens. One of their daughters, Ruth, married Harold Baldwin, which is how the Baldwins and Mays are related.


  • Famille

Charles Warren (1834 - November 14th, 1911) arrived with his parents, Reverend John Warren and Eliza Gaskin in Compton in 1836. Twenty years later he took up residence in Brookbury where he was a successful farmer, a councillor, clerk of the Advent Church Society. Charles married Lydia Rowell (August 30th, 1834 to December 9th, 1914, in New York state) in 1856. Lydia was the daughter of Kendrick Rowell and Sarah Hawes of Hatley. Charles and Lydia adopted a child, Abbie A. Willard who married Nehemiah Batley.


  • Famille

Robert Batley (May 5th, 1806 to January 20th, 1891) came from Kenning Hall, Norfolk, England to Brookbury. Robert married Ann Warren Batley, she was his second wife. Ann was also born in England. Ann died on September 6th, 1895 aged 78 years.


  • Famille

Joseph Riddell (September 20th, 1873 to August 27th, 1945). Joseph was married to Jessie Minerva Hurd (October 4th, 1878 to April 27th, 1957). Joseph was the son of James Riddell and Mary Jane Doherty. Jessie Hurd was the daughter of Edmund H. Hurd and Eliza B. McCurdy. Joseph was in farming and lumbering, and Jessie taught school. They had no children. They are buried in Maple Leaf cemetery.


  • Famille

William Rogers was born in 1828, and died on March 7th, 1892. William always lived on the old home farm in Cookshire. William married Mary Sophia Lake. Mary was born on January 20th, 1852, and died on March 14th, 1892. She was the daughter of Samuel Lake and Mary Sophia Hall. William and Mary had one son, Wells who was born on April 2nd, 1880. Wells married Georgia Maria Bridgette. Mary died on November 24th, 1931.


  • Famille

Joseph L. Taylor was born on November 25th, 1829 in Cookshire. He was the son of Ezra Taylor. Joseph taught school, afterwards becoming a farmer. He held prominent public offices such as councilor and school commissioner. On September 5th, 1853, he married Theodotia Laberee, who was the daughter of Henry Laberee and granddaughter of Rufus Laberee Sr.. They had seven children. Their first was Edwin Augustus who was born on July 22nd, 1854. Edwin married Maggie Nutbrown (they had five children). Joseph and Theodotia's second child was Orion Stewart, who was born on January 30th, 1857. Orion married Katharine A. Vedder of New York (they had two children). Frederick Arthur was born on March 23rd, 1859. Frederick married L. Gertrude McClary (they had three children). Henry Joseph was born on October 30th, 1860. Henry married Eva L. Todd (they had two children). Edgar Erwin was born on January 7th, 1873. Edgar married Etta F. Todd (they had one child). Harriet Theodotia was born on October 30th, 1860. Harriet married Henry A. Planche (they had six children). Clara Persis was born on December 31st, 1864. Clara first married S. W. Irwin, and then Alton Brazzle (they had one child). Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Taylor occupied the farm originally settled by Rufus Laberee Sr., in 1798, the house being erected by Mr. Laberee in 1812, it was then occupied by his son Henry up to his death in 1860 when it was acquired by Mr. Taylor.


  • Famille

John Frye was born in 1840. He was married to Cynthia Bowen who was born in 1851. Cynthia was adopted as an infant by Mr. and Mrs. Israel Bowen. Cynthia was a school teacher. She and John were married for over 40 years. Their children were both adopted: a son and a daughter. John died on December 30th, 1919 at age 79 years. Cynthia died at Johnville on August 14th, 1921. They are both buried in Malvern Cemetery, Lennoxville.


  • Famille

David Worby was born in England on February 16th, 1827, and died on May 22nd, 1904. David and his six siblings came with his parents, George Worby and Rececca Quantrill from England, Norfolk County, Banham village to the Brookbury area under the auspices of the British Land Company in 1836. George and Rebecca are buried in St. John's Cemetery, Brookbury, Quebec. David married Jane Williams (d. September 12th, 1884 at 56 years of age). David was the owner of the Worby Factory making the famous Worby chairs over a span of more than 30 years. The factory was located between Eaton Corner and Sawyerville where the Sawyer Brook meets the Eaton River. He bought the building and land on part of lot 5H, range 4 from Henry Laberee on December 17th, 1862. In 1895 the Eaton River flooded taking away the Worby mill and business, but not the furniture store. Both David and Jane are buried in the Eaton Cemetery.

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