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Berwick, Janet Elizabeth Creighton, 1863-1949

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Janet Elizabeth Creighton Douglas, known as Lizzie, was born on 11 September 1863 in Farnham, Quebec. She was the daughter of James and Janet (Kirkpatrick) Douglas. She married Frederick Arthur Berwick on 13 September 1887 in Farnham. Together they had two children: John Douglas Berwick (b. 1888) and Beatrice Marion Berwick (b. 1889). For health reasons, they moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1895 where her husband established himself as a prominent grocer. F. Arthur died in 1922 in Colorado and Janet died on 29 March 1949 at Glockner-Penrose hospital in Colorado after falling in her home.

Douglas, Carleton, b. 1859

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George Carleton Douglas, known as Carleton, was born on 5 March 1859 in Farnham, Quebec. He was the son of James and Janet (Kirkpatrick) Douglas. As a young man, he moved to Eureka, California where he was manager of the Pacific Lumber Company and later became superintendant of bridges and buildings for the Northwestern Pacific railway. He was a member of No. 35, Knights Templar and Islam Temple of the Mystic Shrine. During his life, he married and had one daughter, Ada Douglas.

Douglas, William James, 1854-1930

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William James Douglas was born on 30 June 1854 in East Farnham. He was the son of James and Janet (Kirkpatrick) Douglas. In 1879, he married Susanna Pearson. Together they had four children: Janet, Anna, Bessie and Cedric S. Douglas. He died in March 1930, at the home of his daughter, Janet, in Montreal.

Capsey, Gertrude Pendlebury, 1880-1966

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Gertrude Pendlebury Capsey was born on 6 September 1880 in the Mystic area. She was the youngest daughter of James and Mary (Douglas) Pendelbury. She married Henry Edward Capsey (d. 1950) and together they had eight children: Muriel, Hilda, Douglas, Gerald, Edith, Irene, Phyllis, and William. She was a member of St. James Anglican Church. She died on 4 January 1966 at Notre Dame du Rosaire Hospital.

Pendlebury, Margaret, 1879-1969

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Margaret Janette Pendelbury was born in 1879 in the Mystic area. She was the daughter of James and Mary (Douglas) Pendelbury. Margaret died in 1969.

Pendlebury, William J., b. 1875

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William J. Pendlebury was born on 17 April 1875 in the Mystic area. He was the son of James and Mary (Douglas) Pendlebury. He spent most of his life as a farmer in the Mystic area. Upon his retirement, William lived with his niece, Mrs. Horace Realffe in Stanbridge East.

Pendlebury, Mary Douglas, 1848-1932

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Mary Douglas was born in Mouswald, Scotland on 1 December 1848, and was daughter of James and Janet (Kirkpatrick) Douglas. Mary immigrated to Canada from Scotland when she was one year old, settling with the family in Farnham. She was later confirmed in Montreal on 17 July 1868. She married James Pendlebury and together they had three children: Gertrude, Margaret Janette, and William J. Mary died at the home of her daughter Gertrude on 8 March 1932 in Bedford, Quebec.

Pearson, Margaret Douglas, 1846-1878

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Margaret Douglas, known as "Maggie" was born the 23 July 1846 in Mouswald, Scotland. She was the daughter of James and Janet (Kirkpatrick) Douglas. Margaret immigrated to Canada from Scotland when she was a child, settling with the family in Farnham. She married Richard Pearson. Margaret Pearson died in August 1878 and is buried in Farnham.

Loud, John William, 1846-1930?

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John William Loud was born in 1846 in England. He is the brother of Sarah Louisa Loud Douglas. On 9 July 1877 John married Sarah Margaret Birmingham. In Toronto, he was the freight traffic manager for the Grand Trunk Railyway. John died ca. 1930.

Douglas, Sarah Louisa Loud, 1847-1916

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Sarah Louisa Loud was born in 1847 in England, the daughter of John William Loud and Jane Alcock. She immigrated to Canada with her family sometime after 1851. Sarah married Robert Douglas on 30 June [187-?]. She had a brother named John W. Loud. Sarah died in 1916.

Scott, Anna Douglas, 1807-1871

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Anna Douglas was born in 1807, and baptised the 6 February 1871. She was the only daughter of James Douglas and Mary Kerr. Ann married William Scott July 7, 1840 in Torthorwald, Scotland. Together they had three children: Agnes, Thomas, and Mary. She died after 27 August 1871.

Douglas, John, 1789-1870

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John Douglas was born in 1789, and baptised the 28 September 1798 in Mouswald, Scotland. He was the son of James Douglas and Mary Kerr. John married Janet McDougal and together they had two children: Janet and Mary. John Douglas died 10 January 1870, in Mouswald, Scotland.

Douglas, James, 1814-1883

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James Douglas was born 13 November 1768 in Torthorwald, Scotland. He was the son of Joseph Douglas and -Kirkpatrick. On 24 November 1797, he married Mary Kerr and they had five children together: Anna, John, Joseph, William, and James Jr. James Douglas died 13 December 1834.

Douglas-Bridgette (family)

James Douglas (Jr.) and his family emigrated from Scotland to Canada East in 1850. They settled in the Township of East Farnham where he first rented and then purchased a farm. James Douglas (d.1883) married Janet Kirkpatrick (d.1881), which is how the Douglas and Kirkpatrick families are related. Their children were Robert, William James, George Carleton, Margaret, and Mary. Robert Douglas married Sara Louisa Loud. As a young man, George (known as Carleton) moved to California where he a successful businessman, becoming manager of the Pacific Lumber Company. While many descendants of James Douglas and Janet have left to live on the west coast, and in the northeastern United Sates, a number still remain in the townships.

The father of John Bridgette emigrated from North Ireland probably between 1825 and 1830, first settling in St. Giles and later moving to St. Sylvestre. His son, John W. Bridgette (1832-1917) married Maria Orr (1838-1922) and worked in the lumber trade as well as farming. They had eight children: Emily M., Albert E., Richard Edwin, Alma, Jennie, Georgia, William S., and Samuel J. Emily's grandson is Capt. Josiah Sawyer, founder of Sawyerville. William and Richard Edwin moved to New York, becoming successful businessmen, while Samuel was ordained at Mossisburg in July of 1903. Albert Edward married Arabella Todd, which is how the Bridgette's and Todd's are related. Their daughter Marjorie married Cedric S. Douglas, which is how all three families are related.

It is believed that the Pearson family immigrated from the British Isles at the end of the Napoleonic Wars in 1815. They settled in the Eastern Townships as one of the pioneering families in the region. They settled primarily in the area between Ste. Bridgide, Farnham and Waterloo. William Pearson and his wife Mary Jane Dunlop Pearson were the first to have children in Canada. Their children were: Susanna, William James and Etta Labinia.

The Todd family left the United States to settle in Eaton Township in the early 1800s. Alonzo Todd, son of Elisha and Sally (Willard) Todd. Together Alzono and his wife, Susan Luther, had five children: Eva Lucinda, Arabella, Ernest, Etta Fidelia, and Mary Jane. Arabella married Albert Bridgette, and that is how those two families are related.

Flannery, Homer L., b. 1874

Homer L. Flannery was born in November 1874. He was the proprietor of the business H.L. Flannery, Groceries, Fruit, Confectionary, Crockery and Glassware, located in Sutton, Quebec.

Bradley (family)

Alta Evelyn Bradley, the daughter of Robert Emerson Bradley (1847-1924) and Alta Louise Ayer (1863-1947), was born 2 November 1901 and died in 1979. It appears that she never married. Robert Bradley was born in Durham Township, the son of William Bradley and Jane Johnston, but eventually moved to Sherbrooke where he became the successor to the George Ayer Marble Works, located at Strathcona Square. Alta L. Ayer's parents were George Ayer and Louisa S. LeBaron, making George Robert's father-in-law. A. Evelyn Bradley's sister, Pauline Ayer Bradley married Hal Ross Perrigard, a notable Canadian painter. Many members of the Bradley family is buried at the Elmwood Cemetery in Sherbrooke.

Gisla Cemetery Inc. (Gisla, Que.)

Gisla Cemetery Inc. was founded in 1894 when a group of cemetery lot owners met and selected a board of managers to oversee the maintenance the "Graveyard of Gisla". The Gisla Cemetery is located in Gisla, in Whitton Township, an area primarily settled by Hebridean Scots from the Isle of Lewis, Scotland in the 1830s. The cemetery was probably first established around 1858. In 1968, the organization became incorporated and officially changed its name to Gisla Cemetery Inc. in order to raise funds more effectively for the maintenance of the cemetery. It is managed by a board of directors. In 1995, the Gisla Cemetery was designated as a 'site du patrimoine' by Quebec's Ministère de la Culture, des Communications et de la Condition féminine.

Among the burials at the Gisla Cemetery is that of the infamous 'Megantic Outlaw', Donald Morrison.

Brent, Hally Carrington, 1879-1968

Harriet (a.k.a. Hally) Carrington Brown was born on 1 March 1879 in Baltimore, Maryland. Her parents were Thomas R. Brown and Harriet R. Carrington. On 5 December 1900, Hally married Duncan K. Brent in Baltimore. Together, they had three children: Joseph L. Brent (born 1903), Duncan K. Brent (born 1906) and Harriet C. Brent (a.k.a. Hally - born 1913). Hally Sr. died in October 1968 and is buried at the Greenmont Cemetery in Baltimore, MA.

From the time that Mrs. Brent was 10 years old, in 1889, she spent summers in North Hatley, on Lake Massawippi, with her family. She continued to visit North Hatley throughout her life and recounted the experiences of the early American summer residents of North Hatley during the late 19th and early 20th centuries in her book The North Hatley Story.

St. Francis Valley Naturalists' Club (Lennoxville, Que.)

The creation of the St. Francis Valley Naturalists' Club stemmed from an interest among the Lennoxville population in the observation of the region's wildlife. Under the guidance of Dr. A. N. Langford, a Biology Professor at Bishop's University, the St. Francis-Massawippi Bird Club was formed in 1955. The Club's purpose is to foster the interest of the citizens in the wildlife and to educate them as to the ecomonic importance of proctecting wildlife. It aims to achieve this by encouraging the study of wildlife and its habitat, holding meetings, public lectures and exhibitions, publishing and distributing information, supporting the enforcement of existing laws for the protection of wildlife and furthering legislation to that end and promoting and assisting in the establishment of wildlife sanctuaries and owning and purchasing land. In 1970, the Club's name was changed to the St. Francis Valley Naturalists' Club.

Over the years, the St. Francis Valley Naturalists' Club has taken part in the preservation of nature parks across the province. In particular, the Club was essential in the establishment of the L'Île du Marais inc. and the Johnville Bog and Forest Park. In 2001, the Club started working with teachers in the Eastern Townships School Board to educate children about the environment and nature.

The St. Francis Valley Naturalists' Club is still active.

Clayton-Kennedy, Kenneth E., b. 1891

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Kenneth Edgar Clayton-Kennedy born 28 May 1891 in Stanstead, Quebec to George Robert Edgar and Helen (nee O'Leory) Kennedy. The Kennedy's lived in New York City, where they built a large estate. Eventually, they moved to Connecticut, and later settled south of Sherbrooke, Quebec, as Empire Loyalists. Kennedy held a long militaristic career during World War I in the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force and Canadian Flying Corps. Kennedy was also a businessman as owner of Hatley Water Company and Funding Co. Ltd.

Lake Massawippi Area Historical Society (North Hatley, Que.)

The Lake Massawippi Area Historical Society was formed in 1991 and was originally named the North Hatley Historical Society. Its area of interest included all of Hatley Township and the municipalities of Ayer's Cliff, Ste. Catherine-de-Hatley, and the villages of Hatley and Massawippi. Its original mandate was to research, record, gather, and preserve materials pertaining to the history of Hatley Township and to make such information available to the public. In 2003, the name of the organization was changed to The Lake Massawippi Area Historical Society to better serve the area.

Angus House (East Angus, Que.)

The Angus House was a hotel in the town of East Angus, located in the Township of Westbury, which was active during the end of the 19th century. James Bryant, the original owner of the Angus House, first opened a boarding house in East Angus around 1884 and built the hotel in 1891. In 1896, Bryant sold the hotel to Lockhart R. Willard.

Stanstead County Teachers Association (Stanstead, Que.)

The Stanstead County Teachers Association was probably organized in 1942. The Association's mandate was to support the activities of the Provincial Association of Protestant Teachers, to maintain friendly relations and promote better understanding among the teachers of the district, to advance the interests of education in the district and elsewhere and to assist in the professional improvement of its members. The Association was run by an executive committee and members included teachers from Ayer's Cliff, North Hatley, Coaticook, Beebe, Magog and Stanstead. The Stanstead County Teachers Association was dissolved in 1966 when four local teachers associations merged to form the Eastern Townships Association of Teachers.

Independent Order of Foresters, Court Bury, No. 3609 (Bury, Que.)

The Independent Order of Foresters, Court Bury, No. 3609 held its first meeting on the 25 March 1902 in Bury, Quebec. Members had to undergo and pass physical examinations prior to being admitted to the Order and were required to pay monthly dues. Members of the Bury Court came from broad employment backgrounds, such as physicians, book keepers, labourers and farmers. The Independent Order of Foresters was first incorporated in Ontario in 1881 and, essentially, was to act as a health and life insurance company for its members. The objectives of the Independent Order of Foresters were to unite fraternally all persons of sound body and mental health and good moral character, under the age of 55; to give moral and material aid to its members and their dependents; to educate the members socially, morally, and intellectually; to establish a fund for the relief of sick and distressed members; to create a benefit fund for death benefits for widows and dependents of members; and to secure for its members free medical attendance, a sick benefit, a funeral benefit, a pension plan for members over the age of 70, and disability benefits.

Thomas, Mary Ann Baker, b. 1874

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Mary Ann was a daugher of John and Jane Baker. Mary Ann, a.k.a. Mamie, and her twin sister were born in Blanchard, Wisconsin in 1874. Around 1894, Mamie married Howard Thomas, a banker in Blanchard and in 1895, they had a son, Foster Keith. Mary Ann Baker may be related to the Baldwins through Mary Jeanette Baker, wife of John Percival Baldwin.

Ferrin, Kate E., b. 1875?

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Kate E. Ferrin was the born in about 1875 in Holland, Vermont, the daughter of Elvyn A. Ferrin and Antha Kidder. Kate's father, Elvyn, was Lill Ferrin Baldwin's brother, making Kate Lill's niece. She has a sister named Edith. Kate attended Derby Academy.

Dilley, Cora Lovell, b. 1893

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Cora Lovell was born in 1893 to Hazen I. Lovell and Adelaide May. She grew up in the Coaticook area and attended school with Ruth May as well as being cousins. In October 1912, along with her parents and siblings (Martin, Artemissa or 'Artie', Alta, John and Allen) moved to Glendale, California. As a young woman, Cora worked as a telephone operator and, possibly, as a secretary in an office. Around 1916, she married Paul Dilley and they had two children together: Pauline and John.

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