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Berwick, James D.

  • B001
  • Person
  • b. 1921

James Berwick, known as Jim, was born in 1921, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is the son of John Douglas and Ethel (Eubank) Berwick. James served in World War II as a naval radio technician and later went on to inherit and operate the Berwick Electric Company. He married Helen Steele Hammersley on 10 January 1947. Jim was involved in local politics as president of the Board of Education in Colorado Springs. Together he and Helen have three daughters and a son.

Mellor, Marianne

  • M002
  • Person
  • 19th cent.

Marianne was married to Ernest Alfred Mellor, making her Janet Douglas Mellor's sister-in-law.

Kirkpatrick, Jean

  • K002
  • Person
  • 19th cent.

Jean Kirkpatrick was born in Scotland and lived in Kirkintilloch. She is probably the daughter of John Kirkpatrick and Jean Graham.

Draper (family)

  • Family
  • 19th cent.

Calvin Draper was born on 9 March 1815 in the township of Compton. He was the son of Jonathan and Ruth Draper. Calvin died on 7 May 1874 in the township of Compton.

Rosella Quimby was born on 13 June 1812 in the township of Barnston. She was the daughter of Jonathan and Catherine Quimby. She died on 31 May 1875 in the township of Compton.

Calvin Draper and Rosella Quimby got married in February 1842. They had three daughters: Mary born on 6 April 1843, Catherine born on 5 July 1844, and Julia Elizabeth born on 16 December 1853.

Ives, Ellen M.

  • I001
  • Person
  • 1837-1903

Ellen M. Farwell was born 23 June 1837 to Alvin and Katharine Farwell, who were farmers in Compton Township. Before her marriage, she was a school teacher. On 15 February 1857, Ellen married Cornelius Ives. Cornelius was the son of Julius Ives and Laura Drew. Ellen died 7 June 1903 in Lennoxville, Quebec.

Copping (famiily)

  • C002
  • Family
  • fl. 1868-1960

John Alexander Copping (a.k.a. Jack) was born in Rawdon, Quebec in 1868, the son of John Copping and Nancy Marlin. Sarah Alice Mason was born in Rawdon, Quebec in 1873, the daughter of Edward Mason and Mary Copping. John and Alice, as she was known, were married in 1896. Shortly after their marriage, they moved from Rawdon to a farm in Compton Township. Between 1906-1908, they bought a farm at Sand Hill, in Eaton Township. They did not have any children. John died in 1949 and Alice died in 1960.

Annie Mariah Mason, Alice's sister, was born 7 December 1869, the daughter of Edward Mason and Mary Copping. She married John (Jack) Richard Copping in Montreal in 1893. Together, they had two children: Vivian and Rita. The couple lived in Montreal, and in Lennoxville for a brief time. After their separation, Annie returned to Montreal and the children when to live with an aunt and uncle. Annie died 4 December 1965.

Davis, Marjorie M.

  • D002
  • Person
  • b. 1903

Marjorie May Hall was born the 3 July 1903 in Stanstead, the daughter of Edwin Hall and Maud May. She was married to Sumner Davis.

Drew, Irene

  • D001
  • Person
  • b. 1908

Irene May was born 21 September 1908, the daughter of John V. May and Edith Ward. She married Gordon Drew. In 1948, the moved onto Irene's father's farm in Coaticook. After Gordon retired in 1973, they lived with Ella (Irene's sister) in Coaticook and later moved to Stanstead.

May, Cecil Wilson

  • M008
  • Person
  • 1903-1971

Cecil Wilson May was the son of Wilber May and Mildred Martin and was born 3 February 1903 in Baldwin's Mills. He married Loretta Almeda Markwell and they lived in Cecil's parents' farmhouse for their entire marriage.

Cecil May died 7 August 1971 when his tractor unexpectedly moved forward on an incline and ran over him.

Ayer's Cliff Water Company

  • A001
  • Corporate body
  • 1908

The Ayer's Cliff Water Company was formed in 1908 by Leon L. Clough, Aaron G. Clough, Cecil L. Brown, Henry Place, and Charles E. Standish.

Berwick, Ethel V.

  • B010
  • Person
  • 20th cent.

Ethel married John Douglas Berwick in October 1919. They had at least one child together: James "Jim" Douglas Berwick.

Berwick, Beatrice Marion

  • B009
  • Person
  • b. 1889

Beatrice Marion Berwick, known as Marion, was born in on 25 December 1889 in Farnham, Quebec. She was the daughter of F. Arthur and Janet (Douglas) Berwick, moving with her family to Colorado in 1895. Marion was a teacher at Columbia school in Colorado Springs.

Kirkpatrick, John

  • K003
  • Person
  • 1866-1957

John Kirkpatrick, known as Jake, was born in 1866, in Scotland, son of John Kirkpatrick and Maria Boyd. He was the builder of the first motor car in Kirkintillock. His wife was Jean Grant and they had six children together: John, Tom, Maria, Janet, Molly, and Jeannie. John died in 1957 at Chryston, near Glasgow at age 91.

McCrae, Margaret

  • M007
  • Person
  • b. 1884

Margaret Kirkpatrick, known as Maggie, was born in 1884 in Scotland. She is likely the daughter of Adam Kirkpatrick and Jean Graham. Early in 1916, Margaret married Sgt. John MacRae. She was a certified nurse.

Her husband, John McRae, was born 20 March 1884, in Braham, Ross-shire, Scotland, and was the son of Duncan and Mina MacRae. He enlisted in the Army (Canadian Infantry) the 16 November 1914, and became Company Sergeant Major in the Manitoba Regiment, 27 Battalion. (S.N. 71338) John died the 15 September 1916 in the battle for Vimy. He was posthumously awarded the Military Medal and bar.

Kirkpatrick, Mary

  • K002
  • Person
  • 19th cent.

Mary Kirkpatrick was born in Scotland around the 1860s, daughter of John Kirkpatrick and Maria Boyd.

Brainerd, Lavina Merry

  • B008
  • Family
  • 19th cent.

Lavina Merry Chamberlain came to Canada in 1873 at the age of 9 to live with her Aunt, Clara Mack. Later she moved to Rock Island to be closer to Stanstead College where she graduated from and became a teacher. She married Israel Wright Brainerd on April 3 1885 and soon after they moved to Boston, Massachusetts.

David, Polly and Ebenezer Hovey and their family along with Joseph Ives and Isaac Rexford were the first members of this family to settle in Quebec. They moved to Hatley in 1794 from Charlotte, Vermont.

Kirkpatrick, David

  • K001
  • Person
  • 1841-1918

David Kirkpatrick was born the 6 October 1841 in Scotland. He is a cousin to Lizzy Douglas and uncle to Janet Douglas Mellor. David died the 26 February 1918 and was buried in Cowansville.

Baldwin, Mead

  • B007
  • Person

Mead Baldwin is the oldest son and the third of five children of Elvyn Baldwin and Jane Ross. He married Joyce Hamilton. He is a minister in the United Church of Canada.

Baker, Malcolm Clapp

  • B006
  • Person
  • 1849-1931

Born in 1849 to William Stevens Baker and Harriet Eliza Clapp in Dunham, Quebec, Malcolm Clapp Baker was a prominent Canadian veterinary surgeon and professor. Malcolm's earliest education took place at the Dunham Academy. In about 1879, he graduated from the Montreal Verterinary College. Malcolm spent fourteen years as a professor of anatomy at Ontario Veterinary College. He later taught at McGill University in the Comparative Medicine in Veterinary Science Program.

Malcolm Clapp Baker married Mary Lovell (also at times spelled "Lowell") in about 1890. Malcolm died in 1931.

Stevens, Walter Sanford

  • S002
  • Person
  • 19th cent.

Walter Sanford Stevens was the brother-in-law of Malcolm Clapp Baker. He married Malcolm's sister, Mary Peckham Baker.

Baker (family)

  • B005
  • Family
  • 19th cent.

Heading the Baker family were William Stevens Baker and Harriet Eliza Clapp Baker. William, a native of Dunham, and Harriet, an American born in the state of Vermont, had eight children together. Seven of these these eight children are represented in the fonds. They include (from eldest to youngest): Frederick Stevens Baker, Amelia Baker Stevens, Malcolm Clapp Baker, Mary Peckham Stevens, Emma Louise Baker, Harriet Baker, and Abigail Baker. Please see the biographical sketches accompanying the individual files for further information.

Also included in this fonds are distant relations, including J.C. Moore, A.H. Baker, Frances, and Stewart. Several of Malcolm Clapp Baker's brother-in-laws are also represented in the fonds.

Moore, J. C.

  • M006
  • Person
  • 19th cent.

J.C. Moore was the cousin of Malcolm Clapp Baker.

Todd, Susan Minerva

  • T002
  • Person
  • 1835-1895

Susan Minerva Luther was born January 2, 1835. She was the daughter of Giles and Mary (Todd) Luther. She married Alonzo Todd 29 January 1862. Together they had five children Eva Lucinda, Arabella, Mary Jane "Jennie", Ernest, and Etta Fidelia. Susan died 21 November 1895. Barbara Ann (Stephen) Todd is the daughter of James Stephen and Margaret Wattie. She married Hebert E. Todd 24 June 1904. She died 6 September 1950. Neil Taylor is related to Edgar Irwin and Etta (Todd) Taylor.

Steinhous, Margaret

  • S001
  • Person
  • 1835-1910

Margaret Kirkpatrick was born 12 August 1835 in Scotland. She is the daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Kirkpatrick. She married George William Steinhous. Margaret died in 1910.

Mellor, Frederick C.

  • M005
  • Person
  • ca. 1888-1916

Frederick C. Mellor was born c.1888 and was a native of Eastern Passage, Dartmouth Nova Scotia. He was the son of Thomas C. and Mary Mellor of St. Luke's Rectory, Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. Frederick enlisted in the Canadian Army on September 2 1914. He was placed in the Royal Newfoundland Regiment 1st Battalion. Upon becoming a Lieutenant in October 16, 1915, he was placed in the British Expeditionary Force March 23, 1916. Frederick was killed in action at Beaumont Hamel, July 1, 1916. (Service number: 91 Age: 28)

Kathleen married John E.J. Marshall June 26, 1924. Her father was Rev. T.C. Mellor. She had a sister Mrs. R.M. Wood (Boston), and a brother William E. Mellor (Toronto).

Baldwin, Eugene Arthur

  • B004
  • Person
  • 1853-1916

Born 14 May 1853 in Barnston, Eugene Arthur Baldwin was the son of John Percival Baldwin and Mary Jeanette Baker. He marred Lennie Adele Wilcox 25 December 1872. They had three children together: Percival Arthur, Pardon Wilcox and Blanche Jeanett.

Eugene died 30 November 1916 in Stanstead County.


Toth, Rev. Kalman

  • T001
  • Person
  • fl. 1975-1978

Reverend Kalman Toth was minister at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church from 1975 to 1978.

Campbell, Rev. Donald

  • C001
  • Person
  • fl. 1968-1975

Reverend Donald Campbell was minister at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church from 1968 to 1975.

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