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Townshippers' Association (Sherbrooke, Que.)

Townshippers' Association, previously known as the English-speaking Townshippers' Association, was founded in 1979. As early as 1973, members of the English-speaking community wished to have an association to represent them, a desire that led to the founding of the Eastern Townships Social Action Group and later the Eastern Townships Citizens' Association. These organizations never, however, had wide support from the community. Townshippers' Association promotes the interests of the English-speaking community of the Eastern Townships; seeks to strengthen the cultural identity of the English-speaking community; encourages the full participation of the English-speaking community in the community at large; and collects monies, by way of donations, dues, or otherwise, to fund projects. The Association is managed by its Board of Directors and Executive Committee, assisted by regular staff. Over the years, various permanent committees have been created to work on dossiers such as education, employment, and health and social services. The Association is funded primarily by the Secretary of State.

Eastern Townships Heritage Foundation (Lennoxville, Que.)

In 1976, a group of English-speaking citizens concerned by the loss of the archives and the architectural heritage of the Eastern Townships created the Eastern Townships Heritage Foundation, at first called the Eastern Townships Local Studies Foundation. The Foundation's mandate was to seek out, record, and preserve rapidly vanishing resources of a cultural and historical nature. The goals were to gather together the resources available to support local and regional studies; obtain the support and co-operation of all organizations and institutions working on local studies; create and sustain an awareness on local history; and fund research projects. Because many members of the Foundation were employed by Bishop's University and Champlain Regional College these two institutions gave constant support. The Foundation, a non-profit organization, which had its head office in Lennoxville, was incorporated on 14 February 1977. It was managed by its 20-member Board of Directors, 10 of whom represented local historical societies; and by the Executive Committee, consisting of the President, two Vice-Presidents, the Secretary and the Treasurer. In 1978, the Foundation created the following committees: Liaison, Acquisitions, Research, Education, and Finances. In 1977 and 1979, the Foundation contributed to a major project called Landscapes of the Past: taped interviews were carried out with senior citizens on lifestyles in the Eastern Townships during the first half of the 20th century; and contacts were made from photographs owned by individuals or organizations in the region. From 1980, however, the Foundation's activities lost momentum and in 1984 it was disbanded. The Eastern Townships Research Centre, created in 1982, took over the promotion of research on the Eastern Townships region.

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