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Hayden, Robert S.

  • Person

Jean McLachlan Hayden and Robert S. Hayden both graduated from Bishop's University in 1951. Ralph Henry Hayden graduated from Bishop's in 1910 and was the father of Robert S. Hayden.

Howard, Noni

  • Person
  • 1949-2012

Helen Eleanor Noni Howard was a lesbian poet, teacher, writer, publisher and therapist. She was born in Montreal, Canada in 1949, and studied at Bishop's University. She received two B.A.s (one in English Literature (1971) and the other in Comparative Religion) from Bishop's and was the editor of "The Mitre" for four or five years. Howard founded the New World Press Collective in 1974 in Vancouver, British Columbia, and was the founder/editor of "Bloodjet" and "Prisma." Her books include "The Politics of Separation" (1974), "Almost Like Dancing" (1975), "The Anthology of the First Annual Women's Poetry Festival in San Francisco" (1977), "Share My Fantasies" (1996), and "Tiger Balm" (1997). She moved to California and the First Annual Women's Poetry Festival (1977) was her brainchild. In May 2004 she was awarded an honorary degree by Frontier University (of Nova Scotia) and in June 2004, she received a B.A. in Etudes Quebecoises from the same university. In March of 2005, she was named Principal of Frontier University (its first woman Principal). Noni Howard died in October 2012. (Biography courtesy of Online Archives of California (OAC))

Anderson, Bruce

  • Canada
  • Person
  • 1931-

Bruce McKendrick Anderson was born August 14, 1931. He was educated in the English public-schooling system in Westmount, Quebec, and graduated from Bishop's University in 1951 (B.A. Hons. Phil) and from McGill in 1954 (M.Ps.Sc.). He spent a 50-year professional career in all aspects of human resource management from recruitment to retirement; introduced and administered policies and programs related to evolving government involvement in the employment retationship concerning health care, retirement provisions and the development of equitable employment systems. There was particular emphasis on the interests of women, visible minorities, persons with disabilities and aboriginals. Mr. Anderson spearheaded responses to language legislation concerning international organizations at both the provincial and federal levels. He also developed effective relationships between business strategies and appropriate human resource management policies with an emphasis on recognition and reward systems at all levels of an organization, thereby promoting positive employee relations. Mr. Anderson retired from active service in 2001.

Co·ordinated 25th, 40th 50th and 60th anniversary reunions at Bishop's for the Classes of 1950. '51 , '52 and '53.

Bruce married Kathryn Joan Stevens on Sept . 17, 1955. Their adopted son, Robin Matthew, was born on March 31, 1964. Kathryn died on Aug. 29, 1990.

Hall, C. Wayne

  • Person

Dr. C. Wayne Hall was born in Lennoxville in 1910. He graduated from Bishop's University in 1931. He served as the first Dean of Education at McGill University after a career as a one-room school inspector. He authored numerous publications and textbooks and worked with the education sector in the newly liberated Nigeria in 1960-61. He returned to the Eastern Townships in the mid 1970's and received a DCL from Bishop's in 1978.

Gallop, John

  • Canada
  • Family

John W. Gallop graduated from Bishop's University in 1957, and married Nancy (Willis) Gallop who also graduated from Bishop's in 1958.

Farnsworth, Esther

  • Person
  • 1901-2003

Esther Farnsworth graduated from Bishop's University in 1922. Born in the Eastern Townships, Esther taught in Richmond, Noranda, Knowlton and Cookshire, where she was principal of the high school there from 1942-48. Esther worked close to 30 years as a teacher and principal. Esther's principal activity was reading, and was very interested in history. She was an avid traveller and visited many countries during her life. Esther Farnsworth celebrated her 100th birthday on 6 February 2001 in the Wales Home in Richmond, Quebec, and passed away in 2003.

Fish, Nathan A.

  • Person
  • d.1926

Nathan A. Fish graduated from Bishop's University in 1919. After graduating in Arts at Bishop's, Mr. Fish entered the department of pharmacy at McGill, where he proved to be a brilliant scholar, especially in research, in which work he was engaged when he died. He was the founder and first president of the McGill Pharmaceutical Society and was a charter member of several fraternities. He died in Montreal on October 28, 1926. (Source, The Mitre, 1926).

Dickson, C. Wynne

  • Person

C. Wynne Dickson received a B.A. in Education from Bishop's University in 1932. He was a teacher in Noranda, Quebec 1933-1937; Principal Montreal North School 1937-1940; Inspector Department of Educaiton Quebec 1940-1945; Supervisor R.D.A. Protestant Central School Board Richmond Quebec 1945-(?). Mr. Dickson died on April 17, 1998 in Melbourne, Quebec.

Desmarais, John

  • Person

John Desmarais graduated with a B.A. from Bishop's University in 1958

Davies, Sidney J.

  • Person

Sidney J. Davies graduated from Bishop's University, Faculty of Divinity, in 1938

Christie, William Douglas McLaren

  • Person
  • 1910-2000

William Douglas McLaren Christie (1910-2000) was born in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. He graduated from Bishop's University in 1934. He was ordained deacon in 1935 by Phillip Carrington and was subsequently appointed to the mission of Bury, Quebec; ordained priest 1936; other missions included Montague and Franktown, Vankleek; Rector to St. Paul's Renfrew, 1943-1946; Rector All Saints Westboro 1946-1958; Rural Dean of Ottawa 1952-1958; Rector Trinity Church, Cornwall, and Archdeacon of Cornwall 1958-1967; Diocesan Archdeacon and Director of Programs, Diocese of Ottawa, 1967-1972; appointed to Saint Bartholomew's Church, New Edinburgh 1972; retired June 1979. He was the Vice-Chairman of the Plenary Committee of Camp Pontiac 1947-1956 and Chairman from 1956-1961; Director of Boys Camps for approximately 10 years; member of the Diocesan Executive Committee, delegate Provincial and General Synods from the Diocese of Ottawa and a member of the Executive Council of General Synod; Chaplain of the Governor General's Footguards, 5th Canadian Guards 1947-1958 and lifetime member of and Chaplain of the Governor General's Footguards; Chaplain of Government House 1967-1980.

Burns, Robin B.

  • Person

Robin B. Burns was Professor of History at Bishop's from 1976 to 1997. Prior to coming to Bishop's he taught for 30 years at Sir George Williams University focussing on Canadian, Irish-Canadian, AngloQuebec and Eastern Townships history. A scholar and a researcher, Robin Burns was one of Canada's foremost experts on the life of Thomas D'Arcy McGee, the subject of his doctoral thesis. At Bishop's he was the founder of the Eastern Townships Research Centre, and was also a supporter of local historical societies throughout Quebec and gave many lectures and presentations. He died in 1998 in his 54th year.

Brown, Howard

  • Person
  • 1920-2001

Howard Fuller Brown was born 24 July 1920 in Arkona, Ontario. He was a Canadian pianist, harpsichordist, and music educator. He was active as a concert pianist and recitalist in Atlantic Canada during the mid-twentieth century, appearing as a soloist with many important Canadian symphony orchestras. He also performed on numerous broadcasts with CBC Radio. A graduate of The Royal Conservatory of Music in 1939, the University of Toronto in 1943 and B. Mus. in 1946, and the University of Michigan in 1954, Brown studied under such teachers as Harry Dean, Lubka Kolessa, Boris Roubakine, Leo Smith, Arnold Walter, and Healey Willan. He later studied in England in 1957 through a grant from the Royal Society of Canada with harpsichordist Valda Aveling and pianist Harold Craxton. Brown served as the chair of the piano faculty at both Maritime Conservatory of Music (1949-1950) and Mount Allison University (1950-1953) before becoming the head of the music department at the latter university from 1953-1967. He was then head of the music department at Bishop's University from 1967 to 1983, and where he was made a professor emeritus upon his retirement in 1984. He received a D.C.L. honourary degree also from Bishop's in 2001 and passed away in the same year.

Brewer, John Samuel

  • Person

John Samuel Brewer (1873-1956) graduated from Bishop's College with an L.S.T. in 1898.

Bassett, John

  • Person

John Bassett was born in Omagh, County Tyrone, Ireland on February 7, 1886. He was educated at the Royal University of Ireland and came to Canada in 1909. He joined the staff of the Montreal Gazette. At the onset of World War I, John joined the Army and attained the rank of Major; The Belgian Government decorated him. At the end of the war he returned to the Gazette and became its Director at the age of 27, made Vice-president at age 23 and President at age 51; In 1956 he became Chairman of the Board. He was the Gazette's "Parliamentary Correspondent" from 1911-1926 (with the except of 1914-1918;) He was also the owner and President of "The Sherbrooke Daily Record." John married Margaret Avery of Ottawa in 1914; They had on son, John White Hughes Bassett born August 25, 1915. In politics he was a strong and active Conservative, and was also President of the Gazette Printing Company. John Bassett was a trustee of Bishop's University from 1939 until 1958, and 11th Chancellor of the University from 1950 until 1958. Throughout his tenure as Chancellor, he was the University's principal counsellor in financial matters and in relations with the Union Nationale government. He died on February 12, 1959. In that same year, a new Library building was officially opened and named the John Bassett Memorial Library in his honour,

Hornyansky, Nicholas (1896-1965)

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  • Person
  • 1896-1965

Nicholas Hornyansky was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1896. He studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest. Later he studied in Vienna, Munich, Amsterdam, Paris and Antwerp.
He is a contributing member of the American Colour Print Society, Philadelphia, and the Southern Print-makers Society of Mt. Airy, Ga.
His work is represented in many museums, notably among which are Budapest Municipal Museum, Antwerp Museum of Fine Arts, Ottawa National Gallery, Royal Ontario Museum, and Central Public Library, New York City.
Mr. Hornyansky has received many rewards for his work. One award was made by the Society of Canadian Painter-Etchers and Engravers when a print of his was selected “The Print of the Year” 1940.
Hornyansky has held one man shows in many cities in Europe, Canada, and the United States. He has contributed to the exhibitions of the Royal Canadian Academy, Ontario Society of Arts, Ottawa National Gallery, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, California Print-makers, American Academy of Design and the New York World Fair 1939. He died in 1965.

Source: World Affairs, January 1942.

Baskerville, W.H.

  • Person

W.H. Baskerville graduated from Bishop's University in 1939.

Banks, Margaret Amelia

  • Person
  • 1928-2010

Dr. Margaret Banks received a B.A. (Honours History) from Bishop's University in 1949. She was also that year's recipient of the Lieutenant Governor's Medal for History and the Governor General's Medal for Highest Standing in the Graduating Year. She went on to earn an M.A. and a Ph.D. at the University of Toronto, and she spent most of her career as Law Librarian at The University of Western Ontario. Margaret Banks died on 29 April 2010. Her will stipulated that the two medals she earned at Bishop's were to be given back to Bishop's. She was the first woman to receive the GG medal for highest standing in the academic year. Also left to Bishop's, a scrapbook compiled by Margaret's father, Thomas Banks,
containing photographs, newspaper clippings, and personal mementos of Margaret's three years at Bishop's (1946/47 - 1948/49).

Argue, Douglas

  • Person

Douglas Argue graduated from Bishop's University in 1929.

Ansell, Alan Leslie

  • Person

Alan L. Ansell is recognized by Continental Who’s Who for his expertise in Athletic Equipment SafetyFitting and Usage as well Athletic Event Management. Alan has consulted, and distributed in the United States and Canada. He exhibits his proven record of success with his long list of career history including Commissioner - Quebec Women’s Ice Hockey League, Assistant Football Coach- Bishop University and Champlain Regional College, Head Coach for Women’s Ice Hockey, Equipment Manager, Public Service Manager and Coordinator Athletic Facilities. He holds a DEC in Social Sciences, Champlain Regional College, Lennoxville, Quebec (Bishop's University campus) and a certificate for the Athletic Equipment
Managers Association (AEMA). His published works include Preparation and Selection of Hockey Sticks in the AEMA Journal Vol. 1 & 3, Fitting Ice Hockey Equipment from Beginners to Pros in the AEMA Certification Manual and Football Quebec Play Safe Guide. He is affiliated with organizations such as WHOBA , AEMA, and NOCSAE. Alan L. Ansell retired from Bishop's University in 2007 from the position of Co-ordinator of Athletic Facilities.

Voyer, Monique (1928- )

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  • Person
  • 1928-

Monique Voyer was born in 1928 in the Eastern Townships. She studied at the Montréal School of Fine Arts and the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, and completed several advanced courses in prints and multiple techniques. She was a college professor from 1972 to 1993. She is a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts. Source:

Monique Voyer est née en 1928 dans les Cantons de l’Est. Elle fait ses études à l’École des beaux-arts de Montréal et à l’École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris, en plus d’effectuer plusieurs stages de perfectionnement en estampes et techniques multiples. Elle fut professeure au collégial de 1972 à 1993. Elle est membre de l’Académie royale des arts du Canada Source :

Anderson, Allan James

  • Person
  • 1907-1990

Allan James Anderson was born in Brockville, Ontario in 1907. He attended Bishop's University and was granted his B.A. (in Theology) in 1932. He then moved to the Diocese of Ontario where he was ordained as Deacon in the same year, and then as priest in 1933. Except for a wartime stint in the army's Chaplaincy Service, he served the whole of his career in this Diocese as Curate of St. George's Cathedral, as parish priest, as prison chaplain and as secretary of Synod. He was made an Archdeacon in 1969. In 1970 he took a short leave to study archival work at Carleton University's summer school. He then spent considerable time organizing and cataloguing the Diocesan collection. He died in Kingston in 1990.

MacDonald, Thoreau (1901-1989 )

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  • Person
  • 1901-1989

"Thoreau MacDonald, illustrator, designer, painter (born at Toronto, 21 April 1901; died at Toronto 30 May 1989) was self-taught but worked with his father, J.E. H. MacDonald (1873-1932). Colour blindness forced him to work mainly in black and white. His illustrations, particularly for the Ryerson Press and magazine Canadian Forum, typified a whole period of Canadian Illustration in the 1920s and 1930s. Certain technical mannerisms characterized his work; skies are a series of parallel horizontal lines; clouds are simplified ameboid shapes and trees look like skeletons of conch shells; and his animals recall the art of the ancient Near East, appearing full face or usually, in profile. In general, his subjects recalled his father’s but favoured Ontario farmland. He was one of the first artists in Canada to study factories and construction, but his work is most memorable for his delight in nature."
Source: Thoreau MacDonald the Canadian Encyclopedia

Bassett, Fred W.

  • (b. 1872)

Alfred ou Fred W. Bassett est originaire d’Eustis, fils de Mary Howse. Aventurier, il occupa des métiers variés tels que barbier, vendeur, détective et mineur. Il était cependant photographe avant tout, tenant même un studio de 1895 à 1905. Il partit pour le Yukon en 1905 et personne n’entendit plus jamais parler de lui.

MacDermot, Terence William Leighton

  • 1896-1966

Diplomat and educator, Terence William Leighton MacDermot was born in Jamaica 1896; Rhodes Scholar (Oxford, M.A., B.A.); 1944 joined Department of External Affairs; 1946 with the United Nations, Special Organizational duties; 1950-1954 Canadian High Commissioner to South Africa; 1954-1957 Ambassador to Greece and Israel; High Commissioner to Australia until 1961; 1961 joined the staff of Bishop's University as Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Political Science; died in Sherbrooke, 1966.

Mackey, George T.

  • NA

George T. Mackey graduated with a B.A. from Bishop's University in 1937.

Mackey, George T.

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George T. Mackey graduated with a B.A. from Bishop's University in 1937.

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