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Reverend Thomas Shaw Chapman was born in Melbourne, Quebec on January 10th, 1824. He was ordained a priest in Quebec City in 1849. He arrived in Dudswell Township on January 1st, 1849 as an itinerant missionary. He undertook the building of St. Paul's Anglican church in Marbleton in 1850, it being the oldest church in all of Dudswell Township. He married his cousin Jane Green Early at St. George's Church, Lennoxville on June 2nd, 1851. They had five children between 1853 and 1866. Rev. Chapman involved himself in the school system and founded the Marbleton Model School in 1870 under the auspices of the Church Society. Rev. Chapman proposed a plan of construction linking a railway system from Lime Ridge to the Quebec Central Railway, which the engineers eventually used and as a result he was assigned the directorship of the company. His wife Jane died in 1886. They are both buried in the Marbleton Anglican Cemetery.


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Augustus Hurd was born in Newport Township on July 21st 1866. He was a descendant of Col. Edmund Heard, who settled in Newport Township in 1793. Augustus died in Cookshire on August 18th, 1956. He was the son of Augustus Hurd Sr. and Eliza Ann Planche. His siblings were: John Bennett who was born on October 16th, 1850. Ella Jane (January 20th, 1853 to November 19th, 1926), she married Lorin G. Jones (July 16th, 1843 to August 13th, 1931), they had no children. Edith A. who was born on March 20th, 1857. Ellen (May 21st, 1861 to December 6th, 1953), she married Hazen A. Beecher, they had no children. Eliza Mary (May 21st, 1863 to June 25th, 1953), she married Henry Stewart Nourse, they had no children. Augustus married Sarah Hurd (b. at Maple Leaf on November 20th, 1875, d. at Cookshire on November 29th, 1960) in Sawyerville in 1892. Sarah was also a descendant of Col. Edmund Heard, and she was the daughter of Edmund Haskell Hurd who was a farmer at Maple Leaf and Eliza McCurdy. Her siblings were: Laura Abigail (b. April 26th, 1865), Mary Maria (b. November 5th, 1870), Jessie Minerva (October 4th, 1878 to April 27th, 1957), she married Joseph Riddell (September 20th, 1873 to August 27th, 1945) on June 25th, 1902. Jessie attended school at Maple Leaf and Sawyerville, and later taught in the community until her marriage to Joseph Riddell. Joseph was prominently engaged in both farming and lumber during his youth in the Sawyerville District. He was the son of James and Mary Riddell. Augustus served on the school board. He was the warden of St. Matthew's Anglican Church in Randboro. He was a farmer, lumberman, and he raised beef cattle. Augustus and Sarah's children were born in Newport Township. They're names were: (Edmund) Lionel (b. February 3rd, 1907), Frederick Karl (b. November 1st, 1910), and Arthur Haskel (b. July 14th, 1917).

Cunningham, Orin

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Orin Cunningham was the son of Henry Cunningham (May 25th, 1849 to April 22nd, 1921) and Alma Rowena Warner (November 17th, 1856 to May 2nd, 1932). Orin died in Edmonton on September 9th, 1925 at the age of 45. He was survived by his wife Jennie and their daughter Shelby. Orin was one of eight children.

Gilbert, Harold Emerson

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  • d. 1984

Harold Emerson Gilbert is the youngest son of Annie Ward and Frederick W. Gilbert who lived at Bishop's Crossing. Harold died in November 1984 in Moncton, NB. Harold is a grandson of Jesse O. Gilbert and Lodema (Bishop) and a great-grandson of Cornelius Gilbert (1778-1871) who came to Dudswell with his wife Martha Brown in 1808.

Jenkerson, Norma Annie

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  • 1916-1992

Norma Annie Bishop (January 30th, 1916 to March 20th, 1992) married Ivan Edward Jenkerson of Bishopton. She was the daughter of Rupert Merrill Bishop and Katie Cuyer MacAulay of Bishopton.

Bishop, Ross, Capt.

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Captain Ross MacAulay Bishop was the son of Rupert Merrill Bishop and Katie Cuyer MacAulay of Bishopton. He was with the first Canadian contingent, a member of the 35th Battery, R.C.A., C.A.S.F. He married Sylvia Loomis of Sherbrooke on December 4th, 1939. In 1961 he held the rank of brigadier. In 1992 they were living in Dunedin, Florida.

Smith, Charles Murdock

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  • 1878-1943

Charles Murdock Smith was born at Red Mountain, Lingwick on October 12th, 1878 to Charles Smith and Catherine Buchanan. He graduated from McGill University in 1904 and practiced medicine in Scotstown from 1904 to 1943. Dr. Smith married Margaret Malvina MacKay of Montreal (born in Gould) on August 25th, 1909. Dr. Smith died in Sweetsburg on September 7th, 1943. He is buried in Gould. Charles and Margaret’s children were: Miriam Ross Smith (1910-1915), Jean Katherine Smith Cook (b. 1913), and Robert Aylmer Smith (1917-1983).

Hereford Branch Railroad (Hereford, Que.)

  • Corporate body
  • 1887

In 1887 the Hereford Branch Railroad was incorporated; the petitioners and provisional directors were John McIntosh (Compton, merchant), W.M. Sawyer (merchant), Cyrus A. Bailey (farmer), Rufus H. Pope (farmer), Alden Learned (inn-keeper), F. Paquette (Hereford, merchant), George Van Dyke (McIndoe's Fall, NH, lumberman). It was constructed to connect the Atlantic and Northwest Railway with the Boston, Concord and Montreal Railway. Eventually the name was amended to Hereford Railway Company. The first work on the Railway commenced on December 26th, 1887. During the following summer there were 1200 men employed, 800-900 were foreigners, largely Italians, a few Swedes and Greeks. On January 6th, 1889 the last rails were laid which completed the line from Cookshire to the boundry line (USA) connecting there with the Upper Coos Railway.

Neill, Ira

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Ira Neill was the son of Robert Neill (d. January 26th, 1926 in Seattle) and his wife, Susie Neill (d. October 25th, 1935 at Vancouver, B.C.).

Blacksmith Shop (Bulwer, Que.)

  • Corporate body
  • 1882

The blacksmith shop was operated by Edward John Parker (1838-1904), starting in 1882. His son, Rutherford (Rufus) Benjamin Hayes Parker (1879-1935) succeeded him about 1900 and continued until 1935. Curtis Ross operated the shop for several years and purchased the shop in 1947 and continued in the shop for several more years. The shop, since demolished, was located next to the Parker home on the third property west of the railroad tracks on the south side of the road through Bulwer.

Rand, Willard

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  • b. 1836

Willard Rand was a dealer in fire-arms and ammunition, firearms repairs, and a general mechanic. He was born in Newport on May 8th, 1836. He was the son of Artemus D. Rand. Willard was married in Eaton on January 8th, 1866 to Dorothy M. Hall, the daughter of the late John Hall.

Sawyer, William

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  • b. 1815

William Sawyer was born in Sawyerille on November 26th, 1815. He owned the Sawyervile Grist Mill. William was the grandson of Josiah Sawyer. Sawyerville was named after Josiah.

Bailey, Helen

  • Person
  • 1879-1967

Helen Learned (August 31st, 1879 to January 22nd, 1967) was married to Edward Arthur Bailey (July 10th, 1882 to June 20th, 1950). They had no children. Helen's great-grandfather, Ebenezer Learned Sr. (June 26th, 1775 to June 1842) was one of the first settlers in the Township of Eaton settling on the farm just south of the fair grounds in Cookshire. He was a commissioner of the court. Ebenezer married Theodota Smith (1773 to May 22nd, 1846 or 1848) in 1799. Ebenezer and Theodota had seven children together: Royal (1801 to November 22nd, 1821), Alden (March 31st, 1803 to February 25th, 1882), Polly (b. November 25th, 1805), Flava (b. September 27th, 1807), Marina (August 8th, 1809 to October 18th, 1821), William (b. July 6th, 1812), Israel (b. April 2nd, 1814). Helen's grandfather was William Learned (July 16th, 1812 to May 7th, 1874). William married Margaret Keenan (March 15th, 1821 to February 28th, 1894) on July 27th, 1841. William and Margaret had three sons, one of them being Helen's father, William Henry (May 14th, 1845 to October 2nd, 1910). William Henry married Alwilda E. Fisher (June 7th, 1853 to December 30th, 1936) in July 1876. William was employed by the Cookshire Mill Company as a confidential clerk and store manager. Helen’s husband Edward Bailey's parents were Charles Cleveland (May 12th, 1851 to December 14th, 1922) and Ella Maria Pope (1860-1911). Edward's grandparents were Cyrus Alexander and Emily French. His great-grandparents were Ward Bailey Esq. and Sarah Rogers. His great-great-grandparents were Orsamus Bailey and Margaret Whitman.


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Effie May Joyce was born on October 2nd, 1884 in Brookbury. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Cook. Effie May married Curtis Allan Joyce on September 19th, 1906. They spent 36 years on the Joyce family farm, a short distance from the Cook homestead. Curtis Allan was born in Brookbury on April 17th, 1878, and he died on August 17th, 1963. Effie died on July 30th, 1981. Effie and Curtis had three children: Florence (who married Samuel Shirley), Leslie, and Gordon.


  • Family

Almer I. Harvey (October 16th, 1847 to September 3rd, 1927) was married to Hannah Amelia Osgood (November 22nd, 1848 to January 6th, 1929). Almer was the son of John Harvey and Clarinda Tory and was born at Newport Township. He lived for 72 years on the farm where he was born and he was the last remaining one out of a family of nine. Hannah was born in Quincy, Mass., and moved with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Abner Osgood to Eaton Corner in 1860. Almer and Hannah were married on June 28th, 1870. They had six children together. Almer and Hannah are buried in Eaton Cemetery.

Rand, Newell

  • Person
  • 1850-1922

Newell Clement Rand (April 21st, 1850 to November 2nd, 1922) was a farmer in Randboro. He was the son of Marshall Spring Rand and Mary M. Hurd. Newell married Laura E. Adeline McCurdy (August 31st, 1947 to December 30th, 1913) in Lennoxville on November 19th, 1873. Laura was the daughter of George McCurdy and Laura Haskell. Newell and Laura had four children: May M. (b. March 9th, 1879), Alonzo G. (b. September 19th, 1883), Edna S. E. (b. November 30th, 1885), Marshall N. W. (b. August 22nd, 1888). Newell and Laura are buried in Maple Leaf Cemetery, Randboro. Newell was married a second time to Flora Arabella Rand (June 3rd, 1855 to March 5th, 1935) the daughter of Gardner S. D. Rand and Celestia Annette Williams.

Scott, John

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  • 1854-1920

John Scott (1854 - June 8th, 1920) was married to Isabella McMaster (1855 - July 15th, 1942). John Scott came with a large group of Scottish people from Glasgow, Scotland, with the Glasgow Lumber Company. They settled on the Salmon River. Mr. Scott named the settlement Scotstown in honour of the Scottish group who came with him.

McAulay, Roderick

  • Person
  • 1842-1911

Roderick McAulay (1842-1911) was married to Mary Ann Cowan. They had at least five children together: Henry William (b. September 29th, 1865), George (b. January 5th, 1867), Donald (b. August 31st, 1869), Ann or Sophie (b. June 5th, 1872), Charles J. (b. March 16th, 1880).

Willard, Stewart

  • Person
  • 1858-1915

Stewart Willard (April 29th, 1858 to September 6th, 1915) was married to Flora Nettie Hurd. Stewart was the son of Lockhart Hall Willard and Margaret McClary. Flora Nettie (November 4th, 1872 to December 27th, 1954) was the daughter of John Bennett Hurd and Emma J. Austin. Stewart and Flora had six children: Burton Stewart, Keith Lockhart, Merle Emma, Ivy Hurd, and Clark Austin. Stewart and Flora are buried in Maple Leaf Cemetery.

Riddell, Albert

  • Person
  • 1875-1934

Albert Riddell (August 30th, 1875 to November 12th, 1934) was the son of James Riddell and Mary Jane Doherty who had a family of 13 children. Albert first married Mary Rand (March 9th, 1879 to June 6th, 1928) in December 1902. Mary was the daughter of Newell and Laura Rand. Albert farmed in North River then moved to Sawyerville around 1920. Albert married for the second time to Annie McCafferty (1889-1956) in September 1932. Albert is buried in Maple Leaf cemetery.


  • Family

Artemas D. Rand came to Newport as a small boy. His mother was Hannah Willard. Artemas died in 1877 at the age of 83. Gardner Stillman Rand was Artemas Rand's son. Gardner was born in Newport Township on May 8th, 1830. He was a farmer and a mill owner. Gardner sub-divided part of his large farm in the period of 1870-1885 to form the village of Randville, Quebec. A few years afterwards when a post office was established in the village store, it was found that elsewhere in Canada there was already a Randville Post Office and consequently the name Randboro was officially adopted as the name of the town. Gardner built a dam in the gorge of the south branch of the Eaton River that ran through part of his farm. With water power from this pond to drive a turbine he then built a multi-purpose mill (sawmill, shingle and clapboard mill, and grist mill). This installation was washed completely away in a cloudburst flood on July 2nd, 1907. Gardner held offices of councilor, as well as school commissioner. Gardner was married to Celestia Annett, daughter of Russell Williams and Alice Hinckley of Eaton. Celestia died on October 13th, 1918. Together they had seven children: Flora A., Corrilla F., Hollis G., Alice Adella, Luna M., Lucia A., and Myrtie. Gardner and Celestia are buried in Maple Leaf Cemetery, one mile east of the village of Randboro.


  • Family

Lewis Leander Bowker was born in Vermont on October 28th, 1821. Lewis was the son of Lyman Bowker and Betsy Merriman. Lyman and Betsy are buried in Grove Hill Cemetery. They came to Canada and settled in Compton County on lot 3, range 7 in 1836. Lewis was a farmer, he married Lucy Minerva Hurd on October 21st, 1845. Lucy was the daughter of Edmund Hurd. Lewis and Lucy had four children: Edmund Hurd (b. June 23rd, 1849), Lyman James (b. July 5th, 1853), Luvia Amanda (b. September 2nd, 1855), Herbert Rice (b. December 1st, 1857). Lewis died on February 16th, 1905. Lucy died on August 4th, 1897. They are buried in Grove Hill Cemetery. Lewis and Lucy's son Lyman James Bowker (July 5th, 1853 to March 22nd, 1924) married Clarinda (Clara) L. Harvey (April 9th, 1853 to November 6th, 1919). Clarinda was the daughter of John Harvey and his wife, Clarinda Tory. Lyman and Clara had two children: Elwin and Lucie (Walter Sherman). Lyman and Clara are buried in Grove Hill Cemetery.

Hurd, John

  • Person
  • 1850-1907

John Hurd (October 16th, 1850 to July 4th, 1907) was the son of Augustus John Hurd and Eliza Planche. John married Emma J. Austin (May 21st,1853 to September 22nd, 1939). Emma was the daughter of Hezekiah L. Austin and Sarah E. Harlow. John and Emma had one child, Flora.

Watt, Emma

  • Person
  • 1894-1993

Emma Watt was born on June 30th, 1894 and died in 1993. Her parents were James and Elizabeth Miller. She was a member of the Sawyerville Womens Institute. She taught dramatics, foreign languages, and worked as a secretary. Emma was a musician playing violin in the Montreal Women's Orchestra.

Austin, Byron

  • Person
  • d. 1934

Byron Austin married Cora Sunbury in 1885. He died in 1934.

Heard, Edmund

  • Person
  • 1803-1868

Edmund Heard was born in November 1803 and died in April 1868). He was married to a Spalding (1801-1869). They had one child, May Etta (1846-1932) who was married to a Worthey.


  • Family

Sarah Fallon (d. June 16th, 1904 aged 72 years) came from Ireland in 1830 with her parents Owen (d. July 6th, 1872 aged 65 years) and Mary Gray Fallon (1806 to April 17th, 1898). Mr. and Mrs. Fallon eventually bought the property beside the Maple Leaf Cemetery. Sarah was one of nine siblings. Sarah, also called Sally, married Russell Sunbury (March 25th, 1831 to February 4th, 1915). At the age of 21, Russell started on the farm where he remained the rest of his life. Sarah and Russell had three children: Ella (Gerry Young), Kate (Charles Planche), and Cora (Byron Austin) who remained on the Sunbury home farm all her life. Ella and Kate moved to the United States.


  • Family

John Burns (December 3rd, 1862 to May 30th, 1945) and Naomi Miller Burns (June 1868 to February 17th, 1955). John and Naomi were married on January 4th, 1887. John came to Island Brook with his parents in 1873. Naomi's parents arrived in Island Brook in January 1868. Naomi was the first child born east of Island Brook. John was appointed Justice of the Peace in 1910, a position he held for 40 years.


  • Family

Ezekiel Elliott Bowen was a blacksmith and farmer. He was born in Compton on June 19th, 1842. Ezekiel lived in Ascot, Moe's River, and Island Brook. Ezekiel married Susan (daughter of Lyndolph Caswell of Johnville) at Huntingville on March 26th, 1863. Ezekiel held the office of school commissioner, and financial secretary of the I.O.F.. Ezekiel and Susan had three children. Their first son was Maurice W. (b. May 4th, 1871) who married Jennie I. Chandler of Bartlett, NH on January 1st, 1896. Their second son was Henry L. (b. July 2nd, 1872). Henry married Lizzie M. Tracey of Bartlett, NH on May 22nd, 1895. Their daughter was Inez E. B. (b. June 17th, 1876). Ezekiel’s brother Anthony Frederick Bowen was a farmer. He was born in Ascot on June 14th, 1847. He moved to his farm in Learned Plain in 1878. Before farming he was a teacher and a photographer. He held various municipal offices including office of secretary of the Patrons of Industry of Compton County in 1895. He was married in Newport on December 31st, 1867 to Marion (daughter of Silas Harvey). They had five children: Archibald R. (b. June 10th, 1874), Ernest I.S. (b. October 20th, 1881), Beatrice M. (b. November 24th, 1869), Viviane A. (b. March 10th, 1871), Mehitable E. (b. July 11th, 1877). Beatrice married H. C. Bailey on June 18th, 1890. Ezekiel and Anthony's father, Israel Bowen died at Island Brook on December 18th, 1887, aged 77 years. Their mother, Mehitable Elliott was born in Lennoxville on August 30th, 1802, and died at Island Brook in September 1889.


  • Family

Cyrus W. Warner and Belinda Heath are listed in the Sandhill Cemetery records as the parents of Chester William Warner (October 27th, 1813 to November 26th, 1882) and of Caroline Warner (d. December 23rd, 1866). Caroline was married to Ebenezer Eastman.

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