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Hallowell, Meredyth B.

  • Person
  • 1865-1893

Meredyth Bowen Hallowell, also known as Merry, was born the 8 April 1865, the son of John E. Hallowell and Helen Maria Clark. He served with the 53rd Sherbrooke Regiment. He died the 25 September 1893 and is buried in the Elmwood Cemetery.

Bowen, Marjorie

  • Person
  • 19th cent.

Marjorie Bowen died of Tuberculosis as a child.

Hallowell, Robert

  • Person
  • b. ca. 1801

Robert Hallowell, son of William Hallowell and Martha Henry, was born in Montreal, around 1801.

Hallowell, Helen Maria

  • Person
  • 1836-1909

Helen Maria Clarke was born the 6 May 1836, the eldest daughter of Eleazar Clarke and Miranda Haskell. She married John E. Hallowell on 15 September 1858 and together they had four children: Harry James Brooks (1859-1860), Minnie Henrietta Bethune (b. 1861), Robert Harrison (1862-1863) and Meredyth Bowen (1865-1893). She died the 28 September 1909 and is buried in the Elmwood Cemetery.

Bowen, Francis A.

  • Person
  • 1845-1935

Francis Arthur Bowen (also known as Frank) was born the 18 October 1845, a son of George F. Bowen and Eliza Wyatt. Among his business pursuits, F.A. Bowen was involved in the steel business in Chicago and later worked in mining and as a contractor in South America. He married Helen Lerned while in Chicago and together they had two sons and three daughters. Later in life, F.A. Bowen moved to London, where he died in June 1935.

Hallowell, John E.

  • Person
  • 1829-1876

John E. Hallowell was born on 10 September 1829, the son of James Hallowell and Margaret McKay. Hallowell studied law at McGill University and was appointed to the bar in 1851, was a member of the St. Francis Bar, a member of the Freemasons Victoria Lodge, and a field officer in the Sherbrooke cavalry. He married Helen Maria Clark on 15 September 1858 and together they had four children: Harry James Brooks (1859-1860), Minnie Henrietta Bethune (b. 1861), Robert Harrison (1862-1863) and Meredyth Bowen (1865-1893). John Bowen died the 23 April 1876 of consumption.

Bowen, Edward H.

  • Person
  • 1880-1923

Edward Hugh Bowen, also known as Ned, was born the 2 June 1880 in Sherbrooke. He was the youndest surviving son of Frederick W.W. Bowen and Sara Jane Hall. Ned began his military career in the 53rd Sherbrooke Battalion/Regiment. During WWI, he initially served as a Major in the 15th Battalion and 2nd Battalion CEF and later with 117th Eastern Townships Battalion, fighting overseas during WWI. He died the 2 June 1923 from the persisting effects of gas poisoning he suffered during the War. He is buried at the Elmwood Cemetery in Sherbrooke.

Hallowell, James

  • Person
  • 1876-1857

James Hallowell was the eldest son of William Hallowell and Martha Henry, and was Baptized in Christ Church, Montreal on 4 November 1796. James Bowen married Margaret McKay (d. 1831) on 20 April 1824. Together they had the following children: Eliza Ann (1825-1825), William Fletcher (1826-1827), James McLean (1828-1828), John (1829-1876), and Gustavus (1831-1831). He was a lawyer in Sherbrooke. He died the 31 March 1857 at the age of 60.

Bowen, Rose M.

  • Person
  • 1893-1954

Rose Meredyth Bowen was Minnie Hallowell Bowen's daughter. Born the 5 February 1893, in Sherbrooke, Quebec, she married Rev. Charles Revell Eardley-Wilmot on 23 April 1914. Together they had 4 children: Barbara Rose (1915-2002), Cecilia Torlesse (1917-1999), Robert Lloyd (1921-2011), and Sylvia Revell (b. 1926). She died the 1 December 1954.

Bowen, Frederick Chamberlin

  • Person
  • 1876-1923

Born in Sherbrooke the 8 July 1876, Frederick Chamberlin Bowen (also known as Lin) was the son of Frederick W.W. Bowen and Sara Jane Hall. Early in his military career, he was part of the 53rd Sherbrooke Battalion/53rd Sherbrooke Regiment and went on to serve as a Lieutentant-Colonel in the 23 Battalion C.E.F. and fought overseas during World War I. F.C. Bowen died the 22 October 1923.

Clarke, Miranda

  • Person
  • 1812-1910

Miranda Haskell was born the 14 June 1812 in Lennoxville to Benjamin Haskell and Rebecca Willard. She married Eleazar Clarke on the 14 June 1835 in Lennoxville. Together they had eight children: Helen Maria (1836-1909), Edward Henry (b. 1837), Sarah Louisa (1839-1902), Henrietta (b. 1842), Isabella (b. 1845), Francis Rebecca (b. 1848), Ernest Frederick (1855-1855), and Carrie Ernestine (1858-1936). Miranda H. Clarke died the 10 January 1910.

Bowen, Edward

  • Person
  • 1780-1866

Edward Bowen was born on 1 December 1780 at Kinsale, Ireland. He came to Lower Canada in 1797 to study law. He become the first king's councel in 1809 and occupied many other prominent offices. Bowen was appointed the first Chief Justice of the Superior Court of Lower Canada in 1849. He was also the second chancellor of Bishop's University from 1856 to 1858. He married Eliza Davidson (1782-1859) the 27 October 1807 at the Felton family home, "Belmont." Together they had 16 children: Edward Henry (1808-1849), Isabella Cassan (b. 1810), George Frederick (1811-1898), William Hamilton (1812-1829), Eliza Cecilia (1813-1850), Lucy Irwin (b. 1815), Charles Marshall (1818-1820), Ann Emilie (1819-1889), Charlotte Louisa Caldwell (b. 1820), Francis Nathaniel Burton (b.1822), Mary Sophia (1824-1883), Alicia Catherine Aubigny (1825-1913/1914), George Mountain (b. 1826), Noel Hill (1828-1872), Louisa Aylmer (1830-1877), and Charles William (1832-1832). Edward Bowen died on 11 April 1866.

Bowen, Lloyd H.

  • Person
  • 1903-1995

Lloyd H. Bowen was born to Alfred Cecil Hale Bowen and Minnie Hallowell in Sherbrooke on 3 November 1903. He attended the Sherbrooke High School and the University of Bishop's College before working as a bookkeeper and traveling salesman. Lloyd married Helen Jane Dingle in Toronto on 8 July 1944. Together they had one child: Sally Jane (b. 1946). He died on 9 January 1995.

Clarke, Eleazar

  • Person
  • 1811-1889

Eleazar Clarke (spelled also "Clark") was born in 1811 in Stanstead to Eleazar Clark and Sarah Brown, who were originally from New Hampshire and settled in Stanstead in 1810. Eleazar Clark married Miranda Haskell (1812-1910) on 14 June 1835 in Lennoxville. Together they had eight children: Helen Maria (1836-1909), Edward Henry (b. 1837), Sarah Louisa (1839-1902), Henrietta (b. 1842), Isabella (b. 1845), Francis Rebecca (b. 1848), Ernest Frederick (1855-1855), and Carrie Ernestine (1858-1936). During his professional career, Clark was the High Constable of the District of St. Francis, Justice of the Peace and Inspector of Weights and Measures, a prominent businessman, as well as served as counselor for Sherbrooke for a number of years and was elected mayor in 1876 and 1877. In particular, he was well-regarded for his work in catching counterfeiters. Clark was also a member of the Freemasons Victoria Lodge. He was Minnie Hallowell Bowen's grandfather. He died the 28 June 1889 and is buried at the St. Peter Cemetery in Sherbrooke.

Bowen, Minnie Hallowell, 1861-1942

Minnie Hallowell Bowen was born in Sherbrooke on 4 February 1861. She was the daughter of John Hallowell, a lawyer, and Helen Maria Clark. On September 10th, 1890, she married Cecil H. Bowen, son of George Frederick Bowen, and had two children, Lloyd H. and Rose Meredyth. Minnie Hallowell Bowen was active in various philanthropic, patriotic, religious, and literary organizations such as the Women's Auxiliary Missionary Society, the Sherbrooke Patriotic Association, the Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire, the Women's Conservative Association, the Canadian Authors' Association, and the Sherbrooke Choral Society. She published six books and booklets of poetry; she also wrote literary texts that were published in newspapers and periodicals. She used a few pen names: the Drum-Major, Jane of Brompton Road, and possibly Rapier. She died in Quebec City in 1942 and was buried in the Elmwood Cemetery in Sherbrooke.


Weir, Ivy

  • W005
  • Person
  • 1929-2014

Ivy Weir-Pankovitch was born in 1929 to Edward J. Weir and Luella Crosby/Crosbie in the Eastern Townships, where she spent most of her life. She graduated Brookbury High School in 1946 and later married Don Pankovitch with whom she had five children: David, Peter, Jane, Eve and Steven Pankovitch. In 1969, she began a career in journalism as women's editor and feature writer for the Sherbrooke Record, then operated by Conrad Black, Peter White and David Radler. She commenced divorce procedures against her husband in the same year and later decided to return to school to study nursing. Ivy Weir worked as a nurse in the intensive care unit of the Sherbrooke Hospital all the while continuing to write for the Record. Her pieces focused on topics such as national politics, the elderly, regional affairs and healthcare. A devout Catholic, she nonetheless introduced a motion to dispense with the prayer that started council meetings after being elected as a town councilor. Ivy Weir died on 17 April 2014 at La Maison Aube-Lumière in Sherbrooke.


  • Family
  • 20th century

Alethea Maud Mount was the daughter of Reverend Hector P. and Sarah Maud Mount. She married George Halliday (b. October 22nd, 1889) of Newport Township on August 1st, 1936 in the Bishop Carmichael Memorial Church (Foster, Quebec). George was the son of Robert Halliday (October 27th, 1843 to March 17th, 1924) and Henrietta Hitchcock (May 11th, 1853 to March 10th, 1934). George lived on the farm in Newport Township purchased by his father in 1872. He obtained his Bachelor of Agricultural degree in 1913. He farmed with his father (until his father's death in 1924), then continued until 1942 when he moved into the village of Sawyerville. George Halliday died on October 31st, 1973 at the Sherbrooke Protestant Hospital. Alethea died in the Whitby General Hospital, Ontario on May 19th, 1993 in her 90th year. George and Alethea are buried in Eaton Cemetery. Dr. Ernest (Ernie) Charles Halliday (August 11th, 1878 to September 2nd, 1941) was the son of Robert and Henrietta Halliday.

Frasier, Thornton and Company (Cookshire, Que.)

  • Corporate body
  • 1903-1969

The Frasier, Thornton and Company was formed in 1903 in Digby, Nova Scotia. Within a year after being formed, it moved its head offices to Cookshire, Quebec, which at the time was located at a junction of the Canadian Pacific Railway and the Central Railway. In 1904, the factory was nearly destroyed by fire, including most of the machinery, and stock. Despite this fire, the company experienced explosive growth during its first decade of existence. On January 27th, 1912, the company was incorporated under the Companies Act of the Dominion of Canada. During the peak of its activity, the company was said to be Canada's largest manufacturer and distributor of patent medicines. After many years of declining growth, the company was sold to a consortium of local businessmen in 1965, and then folded a few years later in 1969.


  • Family

Samuel Farnsworth (1751-1831) and Anna Wasson (1751-1842) came to Eaton Township in 1799 and settled on lot 14 in the 8th range. Thomas Farnsworth was one of their sons. Thomas married Mary Ann Sage French (d. March 12th, 1890 at age 68). John Avery Farnsworth was one of their sons. Orrin Cecil Farnsworth is the son of John Avery. Orrin was born on April 4th, 1858 and died on November 1st, 1939. He married Margaret Ruth Edwards (June 3rd, 1860 to March 27th, 1948) at St. Sylvester. John Farnsworth is the son of Orrin and Margaret. He was born on September 29th, 1897, and died on February 9th, 1971. He married Marcia Hazel Bina Swenson (b. May 13th, 1901) on February 27th, 1924.


  • Family
  • 19th century

The principle donor, Waymer Stanley Laberee (October 8th, 1907 to October 5th, 1983) graduated with a BA from Bishop's University in 1934. He then served in WWII in the RCASC, and later farmed in Bulwer, Quebec. He married Marion Edith Richardson (April 18th, 1913 to August 31st, 2006) on June 26th, 1935. They had six children: Edward Francis (1936-2003), Waymer Gordon (1939), Marion Joan (1940), David Avery (1944), Brian Rufus (1949), John William (1952). Waymer Stanley was the son of Avery Wakefield Laberee (1878-1956), farmer of Bulwer and Ada Victoria Shorten (1882-1972). They had three children: Kathleen Shorten Laberee, Waymer Stanley and Roberta Mary. Avery's father was Benjamin Rice Laberee (1834-1892) who was married to Mary Jane Wakefield (1840-1925). Benjamin was the son of Rufus Jr. (1805-1858) and Emma Rice (1809-1887). Rufus Jr. was the son of Rufus Laberee Esq. Rufus Laberee Esq., the son of Peter Laberee who came to the Township of Eaton in 1797 where he settled on lots 13 and 14 in the 5th range of that Township, which today (2010) is the present home of Laberee descendants, Dean Taylor and his brother Dennis Taylor in Birchton. Rufus Laberee (1764-1842) was married to Olive Farwell (1769-1814) and they came to the townships the following year with their five children. Five more of their children were born in the Township of Eaton. Henry James Laberee (1862-1943), and his wife Alice Hatton Thomas (1866-1943). Henry was the son of Henry Edwin Laberee and Mary Colburn French. Alice was the daughter of a prosperous farmer in Birchton. Henry conducted a clothier business at age 17. In 1887, he was established as a jeweller with C.C. Bailey. In 1893, Henry moved his family to Sawyerville, Quebec. He was Secretary-Treasurer of Sawyerville for 13 years. He was a jeweller and Mrs. Laberee, an optician. In 1908 he sold his business in Sawyerville and moved to Lennoxville where he became engaged as a jeweller and optician. They had two sons: Harold Thomas b. 1890, Carl Gordon (1896 - d. November 28th, 1918) and is buried in England.

Sherbrooke Protestant Hospital (Sherbrooke, Que.)

  • Corporate body
  • 1896-1972

The first Sherbrooke Protestant Hospital on Park St. opened its doors on June 27th, 1896. It offered what could only loosely be termed a formal training to its nurses. In hindsight, the arrangement was probably less progressive than it appeared on the surface, bearing more in common with bonded service than education. On top of their duties tending to patients and assuaging the needs of doctors, the first two students, Jean Sherrifs and Blanche Thorpe, were occasionally sent by streetcar into the city to solicit funds for the hospital. In 1972, the Sherbrooke Hospital bid its last class of graduates farewell, but the experiences gained by those who trained there continued to live on, in cherished personal memories, in lifelong friendships, and in the understanding that alumnae have shared a berth in one of the most remarkable passages in the evolution of Canadian nursing.


  • Family
  • 20th century

Honourable Charles D. French, was the Union Nationale MLA for Compton County from 1946-1954. Mr. French, a native of Scotstown was born on January 26th, 1884. His parents were C. W. B. French and Katharine McIver. He was educated at the Scotstown High School. Mr. French married Miss Emily MacAuley on January 1st, 1914. Emily MacAuley was the second daughter of Col. M. B. and Mrs. MacAuley of Scotstown. Charles and Emily had two children: a son, Donald (C.D.), and a daughter, Enid (Mrs. Maveety). Their home in Cookshire was considered one of Compton's leading farms where he bred prize Belgian horses, Ayrshire and Hereford cattle. Mr. French was first elected to the Provincial Legislature at a by-election in 1946, he was then re-elected in a provincial general election in the summer of 1948. In December 1948, he became the Quebec Minister of Mines. Following several months of serious illness Mr. French died on May 3rd, 1954. His wife, Emily died in Montreal on January 9th, 1960 at age 72. They are both buried in the Cookshire Protestant Cemetery.

Hodkisson, Katie

  • Person
  • 1900-1994

Katie Hodkisson was the daughter of Irvine Annesley (June 17th, 1867 to February 6th, 1930) and Margaret Reid. She was the sister of Randolph (April 1st, 1903 to August 26th, 1977) and Ruel (April 27th, 1907 to October 10th, 1980). Katie was born at Maple Grove, in 1900. She passed away at Nanaimo, B.C. on February 22nd , 1994 in her 94th year. She was a long time resident of Victoria and during her later years, Nanimo. She was predeceased by her husband Harry Hodkisson in 1964.

Laxson, Annie Jane

  • Person
  • 1883-1979

Annie Jane Gordon was born in Danville on February 2nd, 1883. She was the adopted daughter of Lorin Gordon and his wife, Ella Willey. Annie Jane married Frank B. Laxson on August 27th, 1902 and they had five children together: Gordon (d. 1926), Ruth, Raymond, Harriet, and Eva (d. September 16th, 1964). While living in the Danville area, she was an avid member of the United Church, her special joys in life were her talent to do fancy work and embroidery. Annie died on November 30th, 1979.


  • Family

Reverend Thomas Shaw Chapman was born in Melbourne, Quebec on January 10th, 1824. He was ordained a priest in Quebec City in 1849. He arrived in Dudswell Township on January 1st, 1849 as an itinerant missionary. He undertook the building of St. Paul's Anglican church in Marbleton in 1850, it being the oldest church in all of Dudswell Township. He married his cousin Jane Green Early at St. George's Church, Lennoxville on June 2nd, 1851. They had five children between 1853 and 1866. Rev. Chapman involved himself in the school system and founded the Marbleton Model School in 1870 under the auspices of the Church Society. Rev. Chapman proposed a plan of construction linking a railway system from Lime Ridge to the Quebec Central Railway, which the engineers eventually used and as a result he was assigned the directorship of the company. His wife Jane died in 1886. They are both buried in the Marbleton Anglican Cemetery.


  • Family

Augustus Hurd was born in Newport Township on July 21st 1866. He was a descendant of Col. Edmund Heard, who settled in Newport Township in 1793. Augustus died in Cookshire on August 18th, 1956. He was the son of Augustus Hurd Sr. and Eliza Ann Planche. His siblings were: John Bennett who was born on October 16th, 1850. Ella Jane (January 20th, 1853 to November 19th, 1926), she married Lorin G. Jones (July 16th, 1843 to August 13th, 1931), they had no children. Edith A. who was born on March 20th, 1857. Ellen (May 21st, 1861 to December 6th, 1953), she married Hazen A. Beecher, they had no children. Eliza Mary (May 21st, 1863 to June 25th, 1953), she married Henry Stewart Nourse, they had no children. Augustus married Sarah Hurd (b. at Maple Leaf on November 20th, 1875, d. at Cookshire on November 29th, 1960) in Sawyerville in 1892. Sarah was also a descendant of Col. Edmund Heard, and she was the daughter of Edmund Haskell Hurd who was a farmer at Maple Leaf and Eliza McCurdy. Her siblings were: Laura Abigail (b. April 26th, 1865), Mary Maria (b. November 5th, 1870), Jessie Minerva (October 4th, 1878 to April 27th, 1957), she married Joseph Riddell (September 20th, 1873 to August 27th, 1945) on June 25th, 1902. Jessie attended school at Maple Leaf and Sawyerville, and later taught in the community until her marriage to Joseph Riddell. Joseph was prominently engaged in both farming and lumber during his youth in the Sawyerville District. He was the son of James and Mary Riddell. Augustus served on the school board. He was the warden of St. Matthew's Anglican Church in Randboro. He was a farmer, lumberman, and he raised beef cattle. Augustus and Sarah's children were born in Newport Township. They're names were: (Edmund) Lionel (b. February 3rd, 1907), Frederick Karl (b. November 1st, 1910), and Arthur Haskel (b. July 14th, 1917).

Cunningham, Orin

  • Person

Orin Cunningham was the son of Henry Cunningham (May 25th, 1849 to April 22nd, 1921) and Alma Rowena Warner (November 17th, 1856 to May 2nd, 1932). Orin died in Edmonton on September 9th, 1925 at the age of 45. He was survived by his wife Jennie and their daughter Shelby. Orin was one of eight children.

Gilbert, Harold Emerson

  • Person
  • d. 1984

Harold Emerson Gilbert is the youngest son of Annie Ward and Frederick W. Gilbert who lived at Bishop's Crossing. Harold died in November 1984 in Moncton, NB. Harold is a grandson of Jesse O. Gilbert and Lodema (Bishop) and a great-grandson of Cornelius Gilbert (1778-1871) who came to Dudswell with his wife Martha Brown in 1808.

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